Høre Stave Church

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Høre Stave Church
Høre Stave Church

Høre Stave Church (Høre Stavkyrkje) is a stave church located at Ryfoss in the municipality of Vang in Oppland county, Norway.[1]


The church was built ca. 1179. It is dated through a runic inscription to 1180, and through dendrochronology of the wood after 1178/1179. It is the second church on this location, the previous church was a post church (a church with earth-bound posts standing directly on the ground). There are a number of graves under the church, including those of children. It was rebuilt around 1820. In 1857 the old rooftop was taken down and a new tower was built on a reinforced construction over the ceiling. Renovation of the church was completed in 1979. Excavation uncovered artifacts including 357 coins. The oldest of the coins dates back to a period 1042–1047.[2][3]

A runic inscription upon the pulpit reads: "Þá, um þat sumar [létu] þeir brœðr Erlingr ok Auðun hôggva till kirkju þessar, er Erlingr ja[rl fe]ll í Niðarósi" Which translates: The brothers Erling and Audun had the timber for this church felled, the summer that Erling Jarl fell in Nidaros. This refers to the Battle of Kalvskinnet in 1179. There are also several other runic inscriptions, and items with runic inscriptions in the church.


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