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International standardIEEE 1901
Developed byPanasonic Corporation
IndustryHVAC, Building Automation, Energy Management, Smart Home, Industrial, Public infrastructure, IoT,

HD-PLC (short for High Definition Power Line Communication) is one of the wired communication technologies. It adopts high frequency band (2 MHz~28 MHz) over mediums like powerlines, phone lines, twisted-pair, and coaxial cables. It is the IEEE 1901-based standard. [1]

Specification and features[edit]

There are essentially two different types of HD-PLC: HD-PLC Complete and HD-PLC Multi-hop. They are incompatible.

HD-PLC Complete[edit]


This is for high speed applications such as TV, AV, and surveillance camera.

The major technical features include:

  • IEEE 1901 full compliant
  • QoS by the priority control
  • CSMA/CA and DVTP(Dynamic Virtual Token Passing) supported
  • Concurrent multi-AV stream, VoIP, and file transfer and file transfer supported using IP packet classification
  • Multi-network access at priority CSMA/CA with network synchronization

HD-PLC Multi-hop[edit]


This is for long-distance applications such as smart meter, building network, factory, energy management, and IoT devices.

The major technical features include:

  • ITU-T G.9905 multihop technology

Common features[edit]


  • Uplinking/downlinking through 432 of 26 MHz (between 1.8 MHz and 28 MHz) bandwidth subcarriers with Wavelet OFDM
  • Maximum 240 Mbit/s PHY rate
  • Multilevel modulation for each subcarrier which suits the properties of the power line transmission channel and allows for the best transmission speed
  • Subcarrier masking with the arbitrary number which can comply with the rules in each country
  • Forward error correction (FEC) which enables effective frame transmission
  • Channel estimation launch system with change detector for cycle and transmission channel
  • HD-PLC network bridging compatible to Ethernet address system
  • Advanced encryption with 128 bit AES

4th-generation HD-PLC (HD-PLC Quatro Core technology)[edit]


We now come to communication speed issues like high-definition video images (4K/8K) or in some cases multi hop technology is not enough to reach an isolated and distant PLC terminal. HD-PLC Quatro Core has been designed to solve these problems. This technology is an improvement on the conventional HD-PLC in both communication distance and speed. It achieves to double conventional HD-PLC's communication distance by adopting a communication band of 1/2 or 1/4 of conventional HD-PLC band and achieves to offer a maximum physical line transmission rate of 1 Gbit/s by using an expanded communication band 2 or 4 times the conventional HD-PLC band.

This evolution of the standard therefore offers either an extended range in a larger building, at the cost of a lower data rate, or a higher data rate, but achievable over shorter distances than in the previous version of the standard.

Use cases[edit]

There are a few strengths of using HD-PLC technology on existing wires. [6]

 1. Expectable higher speed performance

 2. Cost reduction on network construction by existed infrastructure

 3. Support the area where the radio waves is difficult to be reached

 4. Wire saving by sharing power lines and communication lines

Typical use case include:

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