HDMS Thetis (F357)

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THETIS Souda Bay.jpg
HDMS Thetis dockside in Souda Bay, Crete. January 2008
Career (Denmark)
Name: Thetis
Laid down: 10 October 1988
Launched: 14 July 1989
In service: 1 July 1991
Status: in active service, as of 2015
General characteristics
Class and type: Thetis-class patrol frigate
Type: Off Shore Patrol Frigates
Displacement: 3,500 tons full load
Length: 112.3 m (368 ft 5 in)
Beam: 14.4 m (47 ft 3 in)
Height: 37.0 m (121 ft 5 in)
Draft: 6.0 m (19 ft 8 in)
Installed power: 3 Detroit Diesel GM 16V 7163-7305 à 460
1 Detroit Diesel 6L-71N 1063-7005 à 120 Kw (EMG)
Propulsion: 3 × MAN B&W Diesel 12v28/32A-D à 2940 kW (3990 hk), single shaft
1 Brunvoll azimuth thruster (800 kW)
1 electrical Brunvoll bow thruster (600 kW)
Speed: >21.8 knots (40.4 km/h; 25.1 mph)
Range: 8.700 nautical miles (16.112 km; 10.012 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph)
Endurance: 60 days
Boats and landing
craft carried:
2 7m RHIBs
Complement: 52 + aircrew and transients (accommodation for up to 101 in total)
Sensors and
processing systems:
1 Terma Scanter Mil 009 navigational radar
1 Furuno FR-1505 DA surface search radar
1 Plessey AWS-6 air search radar
1 SaabTech Vectronics 9LV 200 Mk 3 fire control system
1 SaabTech CTS-36 hull-mounted sonar
Thales TMS 2640 Salmon variable depth sonar
FLIR Systems AN/AAQ-22 SAFIRE thermal imager
Electronic warfare
and decoys:
1 Thales Defense Ltd Cutlass radar warning receiver
1 Thales Defense Scorpion radar jammer
2 Sea Gnat launchers (for chaff and flares)
Armament: 1 76-mm 62-cal. OTO Melara Super Rapid DP
7 12.7 mm heavy machine guns
4 7.62 mm light machine guns
1 depth charge rack and MU90 Advanced Lightweight Torpedo for anti-submarine warfare
Aircraft carried: 1 Westland Lynx Mk.90B helicopter.From approx. 2016: MH-60R
Aviation facilities: Aft helicopter deck and hangar

HDMS Thetis is a Thetis-class ocean patrol vessel belonging to the Royal Danish Navy.

In mid-1990s the ship served as a platform for seismic operations in the waters near Greenland. In 2002 she took over the role from her sister ship Hvidbjørnen as a platform for Commander Danish Task Group. The role was handed over to Absalon in September 2007. From February - April 2008 Thetis served as a protection vessel for the World Food Programme chartered ships, carrying food aid, off the Horn of Africa. In 2009 the ship served as staff ship for the NATO Mine Countermeasure Group 1.

HDMS Thetis (F357) dockside in Odense Harbour. December 2006

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