HDMS Triton (F358)

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HDMS Triton.jpg
HDMS Triton (F358)
Name: Triton
Owner: Royal Danish Navy
Builder: Svendborg Shipyard Ltd
Laid down: 7 August 1989
Launched: 16 March 1990
Commissioned: 2 December 1991
General characteristics
Class & type: Thetis-class frigate
Displacement: 3,500 tons
Complement: 61

1 x 76-mm 62-cal. OTO Melara Super Rapid DP 7 x 12.7 mm heavy machine guns 4 x 7.62 mm light machine guns

1 x depth charge rack and MU90 Advanced Lightweight Torpedo for anti-submarine warfare
Aircraft carried: 1 × Westland Lynx Mk90B. From approx. 2016: MH-60R
Notes: Int'l Call Sign: OUEV

HDMS Triton is a Thetis-class frigate belonging to the Royal Danish Navy. It is being used to exercise the Danish sovereignty over the waters around Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

HDMS Triton in Kejser Franz Josef Fjord, Greenland