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Five ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Eclair:

  • The first Eclair was a French "barque latine", launched on 5 July 1771, re-classed as a corvette in 1783.[1] Between 22 June and 24 September 1792 she sailed to Malta, Tunis, and the Îles d'Hyères while under the command of lieutenant de vaisseau Basterot de La Barrière.[2] She was under the command of lieutenant de vaisseau Roubaud when HMS Leda and HMS Illustrious captured her on 16 June 1793, south of Marseilles.[3] The Royal Navy took her into service as a 22-gun post-ship. She became a powder hulk in April 1797 and was sold in 1806.
  • The second Eclair was a 3-gun gunvessel captured from the French in 1795. She was converted to a schooner before sailing to the West Indies in 1796. She was renamed Safety in 1802 and hulked. Safety was listed as a guardship in the West Indies in 1808 and as prison ship in 1810. She then reappeared as a receiving hulk at Tortola in 1841. She was finally broken up in 1879.
  • The third HMS Eclair (1801) was a 10-gun schooner. Under the command of enseigne de vaiseau Sougé she sailed to Basse-Terre. Garland, a tender to Daphne, captured her in the anchorage at Grande-Anse, les Saintes in 1801.[4] Eclair was renamed Pickle in 1809 and sold in 1818.
  • The fourth HMS Eclair (1807) was an 18-gun Cruizer-class brig-sloop launched in 1807 and broken up in 1831.
  • The fifth Eclair, was originally the 6-gun sloop HMS Infernal. Infernal was renamed Eclair in 1844 but then renamed Rosamund in 1846; Rosamund became a floating factory in 1863 and was finally broken up in 1865.


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