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HMT Lincoln City was an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) trawler in the service of the British Royal Navy during World War II.[1] She was bombed during an air raid and sank on 21 February 1941 at the Faroe Islands.

Construction and Ownership[edit]

Smiths Dock Company built the ship as the fishing vessel Pembroke Castle in 1933. The ship was of 398 tons and was equipped with a 1x3 cylinder triple expansion engine. The ship began her life with the Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Compmnay, Ltd., and served as a fishing boat for the company from 1933 until 1939. In April 1938, her name was changed to Lincoln City.[2]

Requisition by the Admiralty[edit]

During World War II, the Royal Navy requisitioned hundreds of civilian ships for war service in various roles, with many ending up as minesweepers or anti-submarine warfare trawlers. The Royal Navy requisitioned Lincoln City in 1939, equipping her with a single 4-inch (102-mm) gun. Commissioned as HMT Lincoln City, she was put under the command of Skr. Frederick William White Burnett of the Royal Navy Reserve. He served aboard Lincoln City from 1 December 1939 until 18 March 1940, at which point T/S. Lt. Francis Albert Seward took over until Lincoln City was sunk.[3]


In 1941, Lincoln City was stationed in Tórshavn, located in the Faroe Islands, a constituency of Denmark. The British occupation of the Faroe Islands had been ongoing since April 1940 in order to prevent a German invasion of the strategically important location. During a German air raid on 21 February 1941, Lincoln City shot down a German bomber but was sunk, killing all eight crewmen on board.[4]