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HP 20b
Hp20b business calculator.jpg
HP 20b
Type Financial
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Introduced 2008
Discontinued 2014[1][2][3][4][5]
Latest firmware 2010-04-05
Successor HP 30b
Cost USD 15 - 40
Entry mode RPN, Algebraic, Chain
Display type LCD Seven-segment display dot-matrix display
Display size 12+3 digits and 8 characters
Processor 30 MHz Atmel AT91SAM7L128 (ARM7TDMI core)
Memory register 50 pairs of statistical data + 10 registers
Power supply 2x CR 2032 batteries (1 required, 1 optional)
Power consumption 0.25 mW
Weight 113.2 g
Dimensions 14.92 x 7.70 x 1.6 cm

The HP 20b Business Consultant (F2219A) is a financial calculator published in 2008 by Hewlett-Packard. Its function is similar to HP 10bII and includes scientific and statistical functions.

Hardware Specification[edit]

The HP 20b uses a 2 lines display with the first line an 8 character scrolling display and 11 indicators and the second line for 12+3 digit display. It also uses 2 CR2032 batteries, an Atmel AT91SAM7L128 30 MHz processor. The processor's serial interface is accessible from under the battery cover to allow the firmware to be updated using a special cable from HP.


The HP 20b contains functions similar to the HP 10bII, with financial functions including: TVM, IRR, NPV, NUS ("Net Uniform Series"[6]), amortization, depreciation, bonds, yield and accrued interest, interest conversion, list-based cashflow analysis, cashflows, break-even analysis.

Math/Statistics functions include: list-base, 1 and 2 variable statistics, mean, standard deviation, population deviation, standard error, forecasting, correlations and covariance, +, -, X, ÷, %, 1/x, +/-, scientific notation, n!, combinations, permutations, rounding, random numbers, LOG, LN, 10x, PL, square root, trigonometry, probability.[7]

For input modes, it supports RPN, Chain and Algebraic input.

It also included several added features include: date calculation, display format and language preferences, memory functions, editing, scroll keys.


Many users claim that they dislike the model because it lacks the feedback when pressing the keys, and the menus make things complicated.[8]

Examination approval[edit]

The HP 20b is approved by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority and can be used in Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination of 2009 or later.[9]

The HP 20b is approved by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and can be used for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification exam.[10]

HP 20b with overlay for WP 34s

Repurposing as the WP 34S[edit]

Along with the HP 30b, the HP 20b calculator is particularly conducive to repurposing, since both the hardware and software are made public by HP. Several projects have been started around reusing this calculator for other purposes. The most advanced is the WP 34S, a programmable scientific calculator that combines the functionality of the HP-42S and HP-16C and includes many other novel features and functions.[11][12] The WP 31S is a stripped-down non-programmable version of the WP 34S, designed to be easier to use.


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