Habits of the Heart

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Habits of the Heart
Idle Warship - Habits of the Heart (Wiki).jpg
Studio album by Idle Warship
Released November 1, 2011
Recorded 2011
Genre Electronic dance, hip hop, electrohop
Length 40:00
Label Blacksmith Music/Element 9
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Habits of the Heart is the debut album by Idle Warship, a collaboration between hip-hop artist Talib Kweli and singer Res, released on November 1, 2011.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
ACRN 7/10 stars[2]
Colorado Daily (Very favorable)[3]

Habits of the Heart received general acclaim from music critics. Ross Lockhart described the album as being "chock full of craziness" with a "unique blend" of genres and a "high energy" that "never relents". Lockhart lent particular praise to Res, writing that though "Kweli makes a few quality appearances...she steals the show", describing her vocals as "sultry and powerful." Furthermore, Lockhart favorably described the song's "hooks" as "ridiculously catchy" and the vocals "pure listening pleasure". However, he noted that the album "can get a bit fluffy" going on to write that "these tracks wouldn't seem out of place on the soundtrack to an EA sports video game" [2] Meanwhile, Colorado Daily writer Ashley Dean called the album "phenomenal", citing their "organic" blend of "hip-hop, soul, funk, rock and electro influences" as "an achievement that's especially satisfying". Dean also highlighted "Enemy", describing it as "an intense, Latin-flavored funk number", "Kayta", "Are You In" and "Covered in Fantasy".[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s)[4] Length
1. "Enemy" S.Ballard, T.Greene, F.Samadzada Farhot 3:19
2. "The Floor" K.Ross, T.Greene, F.Samadzada Farhot 4:00
3. "God Bless My Soul" S.Ballard, T.Greene, S.Mckie, C.Whitfield S.Mckie & C.Whitfield 3:10
4. "Are You In" (featuring Kay Cola) S.Ballard, T.Greene, K.Cole, K.Rahman DJ Khalil 3:11
5. "System Addict" (featuring Jean Grae & Jay Knocka) S.Ballard, T.Greene, T.Ibrahim, J.Wallace, K.Rahman DJ Khalil 3:35
6. "Laser Beams" S.Ballard, T.Greene, K.Rahman, P.Injeti, E.Alcok, L.Rodrigues DJ Khalil 3:23
7. "Covered in Fantasy" (featuring Chester French & John Forté) S.Ballard, T.Greene, J.Forte, M.Drummy, C.Bashford, D.A. Wallach Maxwell Drummy 5:00
8. "Rat Race" K.Ross, T.Greene, F.Samadzada Farhot 3:55
9. "Katya" (featuring Michelle Williams) T.Greene, K.Ross, M.Williams, F.Samadzada Farhot 3:39
10. "Beautifully Bad" T.Greene, C.Bashford, A.Fennell, D.Shippy, F.Samadzada Farhot 3:36
11. "Driving Me Insane" S.Ballard, T.Greene, K.Ross Farhot 3:16
iTunes deluxe edition bonus tracks[5]
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
12. "Burning Desire" T.Greene, C.Bashford, N.Guiland, D.Shippy, S.Allen, M.Landon M-Phazes 5:07

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