Haifa Bay Central Bus Station

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HaMifratz Central Bus Station
Inside of HaMifratz Central Bus Station

Haifa Bay Central Bus Station (Hebrew: מרכזית המפרץ‎‎, Merkazit HaMifratz), known also as HaMifratz Central Bus Station is the main bus station of the Haifa Bay (Mifratz Haifa) district. It is located adjacent to Lev HaMifratz Mall and Lev HaMifratz Railway Station. It opened in 2002.


HaMifratz Central Bus Station serves local Egged bus lines within the city of Haifa and all suburban. Egged, Nateev Express and Superbus all operate intercity bus routes. All bus routes from the north and the Galilee which formerly terminated at the old Bat Galim Central Bus Station now terminate at HaMifratz station.

A large public transport complex at Lev Hamifratz which will serve as an integrated transit hub that includes a new central bus station for intercity lines and a train station housed within the same building is currently under construction at the site and is expected to open by 2018. It will replace the existing train station hall inside the mall. The new train station will also be connected to a new passenger platform serving the Jezreel Valley railway. A terminal for a proposed aerial tramway connecting the station with the Technion University on Mount Carmel and points in between is being considered for construction in the future as part of the complex.

Bus Routes[edit]

The bus routes originating or passing at HaMifratz bus station as of March 2016 are listed below.

Metronit BRT[edit]

Line Route Operator
1 Krayot CBS - Carmel Beach CBS Dan North [1]
2 Kiryat Ata - Bat Galim CBS Dan North [2]
3 Krayot CBS - Hadar HaCarmel Dan North [3]

Local Routes[edit]

Line Route Operator
7 HaMifratz CBS - Nesher Egged
16 HaMifratz CBS - Bat Galim via Neve Sha'anan Egged
70, 71, 78, 79 HaMifratz CBS - Nesher Egged
101, 115, 132, 133, 146 HaMifratz CBS - Carmel Beach CBS Egged
123 Kiryat Ata Junction - Carmel Hospital Egged
131 HaMifratz CBS - Carmel Hospital Egged
136 Kiryat Ata Junction - Bat Galim via Carmel Tunnels Egged
141 HaMifratz CBS - Haifa University Egged
142 HaMifratz CBS - Technion Egged

Intercity Routes[edit]

Line Route Operator
72, 72א HaMifratz CBS - Kfar Hasidim via Nesher Egged
73א HaMifratz CBS - El Khawaled via Kfar Hasidim, Nesher Egged
75 HaMifratz CBS - Ramat Tiv'on Superbus
165, 167 HaMifratz CBS - Shfar'am Nateev Express
166 HaMifratz CBS - I'billin Nateev Express
168, 170 HaMifratz CBS - Tamra Nateev Express
169 HaMifratz CBS - Deir Hanna Nateev Express
180, 181 HaMifratz CBS - Yokneam Illit Superbus
188 HaMifratz CBS - Yokne'am Illit Superbus
248 HaMifratz CBS - Umm al-Fahm Superbus
251 HaMifratz CBS - Akko CBS Nateev Express
255 HaMifratz CBS - Kabul Nateev Express
261, 262, 264 HaMifratz CBS - Carmiel Egged
265 HaMifratz CBS - Carmiel Nateev Express
271, 272 HaMifratz CBS - Nahariya Bus & Railway Station Nateev Express
300, 301, 302 HaMifratz CBS - Afula CBS Superbus
331, 339 HaMifratz CBS - Nazareth G.B. Tours/Nazareth Tours
332, 338 HaMifratz CBS - Nazareth Illit via Nesher & Migdal HaEmek G.B. Tours/Nazareth Tours
342 HaMifratz CBS - Nazareth Illit via Krayot Nazareth Tours
361 HaMifratz CBS - Safed CBS Nateev Express
430, 434 HaMifratz CBS - Tiberias CBS Egged
432 HaMifratz CBS - Gesher Superbus
435 HaMifratz CBS - Golani Junction Egged
500, 505 HaMifratz CBS - Kiryat Shmona CBS Egged
503 HaMifratz CBS - Katzrin Egged
509 HaMifratz CBS - Hatzor HaGlilit Bus Terminal Egged
909 HaMifratz CBS - Tel Aviv New CBS Egged
960 HaMifratz CBS - Jerusalem CBS Egged
993 HaMifratz CBS - Eilat CBS Egged
995 HaMifratz CBS - Be'er Sheva CBS Egged


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