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Havré JPG05.jpg
The Haine river in Havré
Country Belgium, France
Basin features
Main source Hainaut, Belgium
River mouth Scheldt
50°26′17″N 3°35′39″E / 50.43806°N 3.59417°E / 50.43806; 3.59417 (Scheldt-Haine)Coordinates: 50°26′17″N 3°35′39″E / 50.43806°N 3.59417°E / 50.43806; 3.59417 (Scheldt-Haine)
Progression ScheldtNorth Sea

The Haine (French: Haine, Dutch: Hene, German: Henne) is a river in southern Belgium (Hainaut) and northern France (Nord), right tributary of the river Scheldt. The Haine gave its name to the County of Hainaut, and the present province of Hainaut. Its source is in Anderlues, Belgium. As the western end of the sillon industriel, Wallonia's industrial backbone, it flows through the heavily industrialized Borinage region, notably the towns La Louvière, Mons and Saint-Ghislain. A few kilometres after crossing the border to France, the Haine flows into the Scheldt in Condé-sur-l'Escaut.