Hakavik Power Station

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Hakavik Power Station
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Hakavik Power Station
Hakavik Power Station is located in Norway
Hakavik Power Station
Location of Hakavik Power Station in Norway
Official name Hakavik kraftverk
Country Norway
Coordinates 59°37′29″N 9°57′13″E / 59.62472°N 9.95361°E / 59.62472; 9.95361Coordinates: 59°37′29″N 9°57′13″E / 59.62472°N 9.95361°E / 59.62472; 9.95361
Status Operational
Commission date 1922; 95 years ago (1922)
Pumped-storage power station
Penstocks 2
Hydraulic head 389 m
Generating units 2 × 3.5 MW
Power generation
Make and model Pelton wheel
Units decommissioned 2 × 3.5 MW
Nameplate capacity 7 MW
Capacity factor 34.2%
Annual output 21 GW·h
Instruments control room

Hakavik Power Station is a 7 MW hydroelectric power plant at Øvre Eiker in Buskerud, Norway, located 25 metres above sea level.

The power station was inaugurated in 1922. It generates only railway traction current, single phase 55 kV at 16 2/3 hertz. The station is the starting point of a powerline to Sande and another to Sundhaugen Switching Station, where a 55 kV-line to Asker and another one to Neslandsvatn over Nordagutu and Skollenberg departs.[1][2] The only other power station in Norway to do this is Kjofossen Power Station.

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