Halcali Mix

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Halcali Mix
Remix album by Halcali
Released March 16, 2005
Genre J-pop, Japanese hip hop
Label For Life
Halcali chronology
Ongaku no Susume
(2004)Ongaku no Susume2004
Halcali Mix
Cyborg Oretachi
(2007)Cyborg Oretachi2007

Halcali Mix (ハルカリミックス) is the first remix album by Halcali. The title is a play on the words Halcali and Mix in order to also make the word Remix because of the katakana lack of differentiation between roman L and R characters. Therefore, the title is sometimes referred to as Halcali Remix or Halcalimix.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "タンデム (MUTABLE CHROMOSOME REMIX)" (Tandem)
    • Remixed by Yuka Honda (本田ゆか)
  2. "エレクトリック先生 (electric body sensei mix)" (Electric Sensei, Electric Teacher)
    • Remixed by Takkyu Isshino (石野卓球)
  3. "ストロベリーチップス (fascinate mix)" (Strawberry Chips)
    • Remixed by Yasuyuki Okamura (岡村靖幸)
  4. "ギリギリ・サーフライダー (HALF RIDER remix)" (Girigiri Surfrider, A Surfrider at the Last Moment)
    • Remixed by Halfby
  5. "二福星 (FORCE OF NATURE Remix)" (Nifukusei, Two Lucky Stars)
    • Remixed by Force of Nature
  6. "マーチングマーチ (K・U・D・O Remix)" (Marching March)
    • Remixed by K・U・D・O
  7. "愛" (Ai, Love)
    • from Magokoro Covers (Produced by Kohei Japan (Mellow Yellow))
  8. "Peek-A-Boo (DJ Mitsu the Beats remix)"
    • Remixed by DJ Mitsu the Beats
  9. "スタイリースタイリー (Hiroshi Kawanabe Remix)" (Stylee Stylee)
    • Remixed by Hiroshi Kawanabe of Tokyo No.1 Soul Set
  10. "Baby Blue! (Baby Blue Is Good Mix)"
    • Remixed by Your Song Is Good
  11. "Halcali Beat Edition"
    • (Bonus Track) Edited by Halfby