Halcali Mix

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Halcali Mix
Remix album by Halcali
Released March 16, 2005
Genre J-pop, Japanese hip hop
Label For Life
Halcali chronology
Ongaku no Susume
Halcali Mix
Cyborg Oretachi

Halcali Mix (ハルカリミックス?) is the first remix album by Halcali. The title is a play on the words Halcali and Mix in order to also make the word Remix because of the katakana lack of differentiation between roman L and R characters. Therefore, the title is sometimes referred to as Halcali Remix or Halcalimix.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "タンデム (MUTABLE CHROMOSOME REMIX)" (Tandem?)
    • Remixed by Yuka Honda (本田ゆか)
  2. "エレクトリック先生 (electric body sensei mix)" (Electric Sensei Electric Teacher?)
    • Remixed by Takkyu Isshino (石野卓球)
  3. "ストロベリーチップス (fascinate mix)" (Strawberry Chips?)
    • Remixed by Yasuyuki Okamura (岡村靖幸)
  4. "ギリギリ・サーフライダー (HALF RIDER remix)" (Girigiri Surfrider A Surfrider at the Last Moment?)
    • Remixed by Halfby
  5. "二福星 (FORCE OF NATURE Remix)" (Nifukusei Two Lucky Stars?)
    • Remixed by Force of Nature
  6. "マーチングマーチ (K・U・D・O Remix)" (Marching March?)
    • Remixed by K・U・D・O
  7. "愛" (Ai Love?)
    • from Magokoro Covers (Produced by Kohei Japan (Mellow Yellow))
  8. "Peek-A-Boo (DJ Mitsu the Beats remix)"
    • Remixed by DJ Mitsu the Beats
  9. "スタイリースタイリー (Hiroshi Kawanabe Remix)" (Stylee Stylee?)
    • Remixed by Hiroshi Kawanabe of Tokyo No.1 Soul Set
  10. "Baby Blue! (Baby Blue Is Good Mix)"
    • Remixed by Your Song Is Good
  11. "Halcali Beat Edition"
    • (Bonus Track) Edited by Halfby