Ongaku no Susume

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Ongaku no Susume
Studio album by Halcali
Released November 24, 2004
Genre J-pop, Japanese hip hop
Label For Life
Halcali chronology
Halcali Bacon
(2003)Halcali Bacon2003
Ongaku no Susume
Halcali Mix
(2005)Halcali Mix2005

Ongaku no Susume (音樂ノススメ, Recommended Music) is the second album released by Japanese band Halcali.

The original jacket was redesigned and re-released to celebrate the album passing the 100,000 sales mark.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]


  1. Introduction
  2. "フワフワ・ブランニュー" (Fuwa Fuwa Brand New, Fluffy and Brand New)
  3. "マーチングマーチ" (Marching March)
  4. "ストロベリーチップス" (Strawberry Chips)
  5. "晴れ時ドキ" (Hare Tokidoki, Sunny, Sometimes...)
  6. Oboroge Copy View
  7. History
  8. "芝生 feat.谷川俊太郎" (Shibafu feat.Tanikawa Shuntaro, The Lawn)
  9. "若草DANCE feat.宇多丸 (RHYMESTER)" (Wakakusa Dance feat. Utamaru (Rhymester), Fresh Grass Dance)
  10. Baby Blue!
  11. "伝説の2人" (Densetsu no Futari, The Legendary Duo)
  12. "コンティニュード" (Continued, To Be Continued)