Haleem Brohi

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Haleem Brohi
Died Hyderabad, Sindh
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Writer, Journalist

Haleem Brohi (5 August 1935 - 28 July 2010, Hyderabad)[1] was a prominent Pakistani author and journalist, active in the Sindhi language. He is considered the second greatest satirist is Sindhi literature after Ali Mohammad Brohi.[1]

Education and family[edit]

Brohi was the son of Aziz Brohi,[1] a police officer.[2] He graduate from the University of Sindh in 1956 and completed his LLB in 1960.[2] He was married with four daughters.


In his early career, he practiced law and also served at Sindh University in various capacities.[1] He retired from Sindh University as chief accountant in 1980.[1]

Literary career[edit]

Brohi started writing in 1967. He published more than ten books.[2] Amongst them were, in English: Solo Decayed, Nothing In Particular, Nothing In Earnest[2] and in Sindh: Haleem Show, Orah ["Inferno"] (1975) and Hitler ji Kahani (1972), all in the early to mid-1970s.[1]

Brohi was also instrumental in creating a Latin alphabet for the Sindhi language,[1][2] and was a regular contributor to a popular Sindhi daily.[which?]


Brohi died of a heart stroke at a local hospital. He was buried in the Cantonment graveyard in Hyderabad.


In 2009, Brohi was awarded the Shah Latif Award by Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah.[1]


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