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A half pint has two common meanings: half of a pint (a unit of volume) or an expression for a short person or small child.

Half-pint or Half Pint may also refer to:

  • Half Pint, stage name of Jamaican reggae singer Lindon Roberts (born 1961)
  • Half-Pint, stage name of Cassandra Jackson, a female rapper in Son of Bazerk, a hip-hop band
  • Don "Half Pint" Santos, former member of the American R&B group IMx
  • Half-Pint, nickname of Gene Rye (1906-1980), Major League baseball player
  • Half-Pint, nickname of character Le Van Hawke portrayed by actor Roland Harrah III
  • Half-Pint, nickname of character Laura Ingalls Wilder portrayed by actor Melissa Gilbert
  • "Half-Pint", an episode of the TV series Airwolf

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