Halit Cıngıllıoglu

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Halit Cıngıllıoglu
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Born in 1954, Dr Halit Cingillioglu is married and has two children. The Cingillioglu family is one of the most prominent and best known families in Turkey; its roots originate from Kayseri, a central Anatolian town that is well known for its successful entrepreneurs in industrial and commercial activities. The Cingillioglu family is one of them with their companies originating from the early 1900s. The family established the first private electricity distribution business in Turkey (still owned by the family). The Cingillioglu family has companies in different sectors including energy production, distribution, banking, insurance, leasing, factoring and real estate.

Apart from his interests in family businesses, Dr Cingillioglu is the founder and principal shareholder of C Group, a Turkish conglomerate consisting of banking and financial services companies in Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic.

Born into a family of banking business, Dr Cıngıllıoğlu has been in the banking/finance business throughout his career. Aside his current director position at HCBG Holding BV (of which he is the 100% shareholder), he has been active in the financial sector since the early 1970s, occupying various executive and chair positions in several banks, brokerage houses, leasing, factoring and insurance companies, including his former member position at the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

He is the principal shareholder of Demir-Halk Bank (Nederland) NV in The Netherlands, a bank that Dr Cingillioglu has an ongoing partnership with the Turkish state; his partner in this bank is with 30% stake Turkiye Halk Bankasi A.S. (Halkbank), the top 6th bank in Turkey in terms of asset size. This bank’s majority owner is the Turkish state while 48.9% of its shares are publicly listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Apart from his partnership with Halkbank, through C Group's partnerships in different countries, Dr Cıngıllıoğlu is partner with Bank Hapoalim (the largest bank in Israel) via Bank Pozitif and with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) via Demir Kyrgyz International Bank. More information on these partnerships can be reached through: www.dhbbank.com, www.bankpozitif.com.tr, www.demirbank.kg.

Dr Cingillioglu holds PhD and MBA degrees in finance from universities in the USA, both from Kennedy Western University. From his prior education, he also holds degrees from schools in Turkey, France and Switzerland. He has also been awarded with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in finance by the Senate of Erciyes University in Turkey. Aside his native Turkish language, he speaks French and English fluently.

Based on his contributions to the society and the development of business environment in Turkey Dr Cıngıllıoğlu holds a State High Service Medal, a highest level of recognition and respect by the Turkish state and awarded by the President of Turkey. He is Honorary Consul of The Republic of Turkey in Bruges, Belgium.

Dr Cingillioglu is also one of the best known names world-wide in the field of art. He has been involved in collecting artworks since his childhood and is known as a major art collector. According to ART news magazine he is listed among the top ten collectors worldwide in the impressionist, modern, post-war and contemporary art fields. As a worldwide expert in art, he is a member of the Advisory Council of Sotheby's where the company benefits from his experience and knowledge in art.

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