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Hall of Femmes is a project, based in Sweden, aiming to highlight the work of women in art direction and design. The designers Samira Bouabana and Angela Tillman Sperandio founded the project in 2009 and the intention was to revise the design history by talking about and paying tribute to the women who were involved in it. The business includes the Hall of Femmes book series where seven female pioneers in graphic design are portrayed. The project also includes seminars, screenings, talks, exhibitions and podcasts.[1] Hall of Femmes also wants to inspire to a more equal industry and contribute to the future of the design scene. The business is widely established both in Sweden and internationally, and has been written up in magazines like the New York Times Magazine [2] as well as Creative Review [3] and Vanity Fair.[4]

In May 2013 Hall of Femmes organized Design Talks,[5] a two-day conference at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, where top names in the world of design, fashion, art, communication and architecture were invited to talk. Amongst the international speakers were Ruth Ansel, Barbara Kruger, Janet Froelich and Cindy Gallop.

In 2013, Hall of Femmes received the Bengt Hanser Award, presented by the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies.[6]


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