Halse Rogers Arnott

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Dr Halse Rogers Arnott
Born 1879
Newcastle, New South Wales
Died 1961(aged:82)
Sydney, New South Wales
Nationality Australian
Education Newington College
University of Sydney
Occupation Medical practitioner
Company director
Title Chairman
Arnott's Biscuits Holdings
Successor Geoffrey H. Arnott
Spouse(s) Alice (née Johns)
Parent(s) William Arnott (1827-1901) and his second wife Margaret (1865-1902)

Halse Rogers Arnott (1879 – May, 1961)[1] was an Australian medical practitioner, company director and chairman of Arnott's.[2]

Family and early life[edit]

Arnott was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, the youngest son of William Arnott (1827-1901) who was the founder of Arnott's Biscuits and his second wife, Margaret McLean Fleming (1865-1902). His full siblings were: William Arnott; Janet Dunman Arnott; Colonel John McLean Arnott, CMG; Colonel Arthur Smith Arnott; Margaret Fleming Arnott; Robert Fleming Arnott; George Marshall Arnott; Florence Joanna Arnott; and Victoria M Arnott.[3] He was educated at Newington College from 1893.[4] Arnott served with General Sir Redvers Buller's Scouts in South Africa during the Second Boer War.[5]

Marriage and family[edit]

Arnott married Alice Johns in 1903 in Canterbury, New South Wales and they had five children: Campbell William Rogers Arnott (1905-1987); Phyllis Rogers Arnott (1907-2002); Malcolm Rogers Arnott (1911-1976); Keith MacKenzie Rogers Arnott (1912-1998); Dorothy Rogers Arnott (1915-1992).[6] The family first lived in Hunters Hill in the 1870s stone mansion Bulwarra, later purchased by Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton.[7] In the 1930s, Arnott built a home in Burns Road Wahroonga. Throughout their married life the Arnotts maintained weekenders in Springwood, in the Blue Mountains, including Homedale.[8]

Medical and business career[edit]

Arnott matriculated at 35 and studied arts at the University of Sydney before graduating as a Bachelor of Medicine and Chemistry in 1925.[9] He later studied for College membership in Edinburgh. Arnott was involved in the management of Arnott's from the time of his father's death in 1901 and served as Chairman from 1947 until 1961.[10] On his death he was succeeded as Chairman by Geoffrey H. Arnott.


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