Han Yin (Han dynasty)

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Han Yin
Traditional Chinese 韓胤
Simplified Chinese 韩胤

Han Yin (died 197) was an advisor to the warlord Yuan Shu during the late Eastern Han dynasty. He appeared in both Chen Shou's historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms and Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

After Yuan Shu's general Ji Ling presented the proposal of marriage between Yuan Shu's son and Lü Bu's daughter with the intention of keeping her hostage and taking control of Lü Bu's forces, Han Yin was sent as an agent by Yuan Shu to persuade Lü Bu. However it was interfered with by Chen Gui and Chen Deng, who had secretly sided with Liu Bei and Cao Cao. Lü Bu was told of the ruse and immediately imprisoned Han Yin. When Lü Bu killed a second emissary sent by Yuan Shu, Han Yin was sent to Xuchang and executed by Cao Cao.

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