Hardeland hydroelectric power station

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Hardeland Hydroelectric Power Station
Hardeland kraftverk.JPG
Hardeland hydroelectric power station is located in Norway
Hardeland hydroelectric power station
Location of Hardeland hydroelectric power station
Official nameHardeland kraftverk
Coordinates59°39′27″N 6°05′48″E / 59.65750°N 6.09667°E / 59.65750; 6.09667Coordinates: 59°39′27″N 6°05′48″E / 59.65750°N 6.09667°E / 59.65750; 6.09667
Owner(s)Haugaland Kraft
Pumped-storage power station
Generating units3 × 14 MW
Power generation
Make and modelPelton wheel
Nameplate capacity42 MW
Capacity factor33.4%
Annual net output123 GW·h

Hardeland hydroelectric power station is a power plant in Etne in western Norway. The site is owned and operated by Haugaland Kraft.

The station uses water from two sets of reservoirs. Hardeland H is a 400 m vertical fall from Løkjelsvatnet, while Hardeland K uses Grindheimsvatnet, Ilsvatnet, Basurde-/Krokavatnet and Hjørnås via a 305 m fall from the Hjørnås lake.

Hardeland is connected to the grid with a 22 kV line to Litledalen.[1] The site uses three pelton wheels with 14 MW generators, and average yearly output is 123 GWh.[2]

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