Hari Niwas Palace

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Hari Niwas Palace
Hari Niwas,Jammu.JPG
General information
LocationJammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India

The Hari Niwas Palace is a palace in Jammu, India. It overlooks the Tawi river on one side and on the other side the Trikuta hills. The palace was built by the Hari Singh, the last maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir (1895 - 1961) in the early 20th century, who moved here in 1925 from the older Mubarak Mandi Palace. Here he spent the last days of his stay in Kashmir, before moving to Bombay (now Mumbai).[1] The building is an art-deco structure. The descendants of the maharaja converted the palace into a heritage hotel in 1990. On the grounds of the estate lies also the Amar Mahal Palace museum.


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