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Trikuta is a three peaked mountain. It appears in Hindu mythology, and is claimed to be the Sri Pada mountain in Sri Lanka.[citation needed]

Significance to history and Hinduism[edit]

Trikuta is one of the twenty mountains surrounding Maha-Meru. The height is said in the Bhagavata Purana to be 10,000 yojanas, and the three peaks are iron, silver and gold. The mountain is believed to be (according to Hindu mythology) the second home of the divine goddess Durga. She was created with the power of the three goddesses to end evil, hence, the mountain is called Trikuta.[citation needed]

Hill also known as Trikuta in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, famous for the Vaishno-Devi temple

Trikuta in Jammu[edit]

Another Trikuta is located in Jammu division. Trikuta, the triple peak, is where the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi can be found.[1]


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