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Hari Punja, OF, OBE (born 1936) is an Indo-Fijian businessman and Chairman of Hari Punja Group of Companies. Hari Punja and Sons Limited is a very diversified (and probably the largest) company in Fiji.[1]

Hari Punja was born in Cuvu, Sigatoka, Fiji and received his education in Fiji and Australia. He trained as a chemical engineer. Punja joined the business in 1960. He has served as a mayor of Lautoka[2] and on a number of prestigious boards such as Fiji Broadcasting Commission and Fiji Sugar Corporation.[2] He served as a Senator[2] from 1996 to 1999.

Punja has been married to Tara for about fifty years and has five children: Rohit, Ajai, Sanjay, Deepa, Leena.


Punja has been bestowed with many credentials and honors. Some of these include:


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