Harshnath Temple

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Harshnath Temple
Harshnath Temple is located in Rajasthan
Harshnath Temple

Location of Harshnath temple in Rajasthan
Harshnath Temple is located in India
Harshnath Temple
Harshnath Temple (India)
Geographic coordinates27°30′00″N 75°10′21″E / 27.499914°N 75.172443°E / 27.499914; 75.172443Coordinates: 27°30′00″N 75°10′21″E / 27.499914°N 75.172443°E / 27.499914; 75.172443
Elevation900 m (2,953 ft)

Harshnath Temple (Sanskrit: हर्षनाथ् Harṣanātha) is an ancient Hindu temple situated in the Sikar district of the Indian state Rajasthan. It is located 14 km from district headquarters Sikar.[1]


This Shiva temple, according to an inscription dated 973 CE, was built by the Shiv ascetic Bhavarakta, during the reign of Chahamana king Vigraharaja II. It is surrounded by various shrines which lie in ruins.[2]

The original temple was later destroyed by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1679. In 1718 Rao Shivsingh constructed a new temple adjacent to the old temple using the ruins of the old temple.[citation needed]

Exactly same type of temple also situated at Harsh Village, Bilara Harsh Deval Temple, Dist Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Harsh Deval Temple at Bilara was also built in 10th century.


The temple and its surrounding shrines are now in ruins. The main temple faces east. Its pillars are intricately carved. On the inside west wall is carved a figure of standing Parvati [labelled Vikata] in panchagnitap along with her female attendants.[2]

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