Hassan Nisar

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Hassan Nisar
حسن نثار
Born 5 July 1951
Occupation Journalist
Nationality Pakistani
Subject Politics Economist

Hassan Nisar (Urdu: حسن نثار ‎) is a Pakistani journalist, columnist and an analyst.[1] He is known for his talk show Choraha (Crossroads) in ARY, Pakistan.[2][3]


Nisar started his career as a journalist from Dhanak Magazine in 1972. Later he became the Editor of Dhanak. He composed poetry, movie songs and edited a magazine Monthly Zanjeer in 1980, he appeared on TV talk shows in Urdu, including Meray Mutabiq and Choraha on Geo News. He is also a regular member on a TV show Report Card hosted by Geo TV anchor Ayesha Bakhsh. His commentaries in print and electronic media focus on contemporary Pakistan and its political history.


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