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Hasselbrack-Stein DSCN0857 small.JPG
Summit obelisk on the Hasselbrack.
Highest point
Elevation116 m above sea level (NN) (381 ft)
ListingHighest elevation in Hamburg
Coordinates53°25′54″N 9°51′54″E / 53.431667°N 9.865°E / 53.431667; 9.865Coordinates: 53°25′54″N 9°51′54″E / 53.431667°N 9.865°E / 53.431667; 9.865
Hasselbrack is located in Hamburg
Hasselbrack is located in Germany
Hasselbrack (Germany)
Parent rangeHarburg Hills

The Hasselbrack, at 116.2 m above NN,[1] is the highest point in the state of Hamburg, Germany.

It is located on the southern border of the city state with Lower Saxony in the "Black Hills" (Schwarze Berge), a northern outlier of the Harburg Hills in the quarter of Neugraben-Fischbek. It lies within the Rosengarten State Forest close to the Daerstorf Heath (Daerstorfer Heide) between the settlement of Waldfrieden in the north (which belongs to Fischbek), Neu Wulmstorf-Tempelberg in the west and Rosengarten-Alvesen in the east. On the "summit" of the Hasselbrack there is a trigonometric point, that is located in the wood just a few metres from the footpath and which marks the highest point. On 16 July 2011 a wooden summit cross was erected here, replaced in 2013 by a summit obelisk .


  1. ^ Height of the hill according to the Geological State Office of Hamburg