Hate (Sarcófago album)

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Sarcofago Hate.jpg
Studio album by Sarcófago
Released March, 1994
Recorded March, 1994 on Dramma & Polifonia Studios, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Genre Death metal
Length 34:14
Label Cogumelo
Sarcófago chronology
Crush, Kill, Destroy
(1992)Crush, Kill, Destroy1992
The Worst
(1997)The Worst1997
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Spirit of Metal 8.5/10 stars[1]

Hate is the third studio album by Brazilian extreme metal band Sarcófago, released in 1994 through Cogumelo Records. It has a more stripped-down approach than their previous record,[2] The Laws of Scourge (1991).

Hate is also notable for its controversial use of a drum machine,[3] which was used because there were no drummers who could play as fast as the band wished.[4] The band was trying to be the fastest band in the world.[2] Lamounier claimed to have no qualms about using this device, on the basis that most death metal drummers use trigger pads for recording purposes, which in the end produces the same homogenized sound as that of a drum machine.[2]

The song "Satanic Terrorism" is about the 'Inner Circle' church burnings in Norway at the beginning of the 90s; Sarcófago was accused of supporting these acts, but Lamounier claims that the song only describes the acts.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro: Song for My Death" 2:30
2. "Pact of Cum" 3:54
3. "The God's Faeces" 3:41
4. "Satanic Terrorism" 2:06
5. "Orgy of Flies" 4:35
6. "Hate" 2:24
7. "The Phantom" 4:50
8. "Rhabdovirus (The Pitbull's Curse)" 3:03
9. "Anal Vomit" 5:20
10. "The Beggar's Uprising" 1:51

Line up[edit]

  • Wagner Lamounier - guitars, vocals
  • Gerald Minelli - bass & backing vocals
  • Eugênio "Dead Zone" - electronic and live drums, all keyboards


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