The Worst (Sarcófago album)

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The Worst
Sarcofago - The Worst.jpg
Studio album by Sarcófago
Released December 1997
Recorded Between December 1995 and February 1996 at Drama & Polifonia Studios
Genre Death metal
Length 41:36
Label Cogumelo
Sarcófago chronology
Decade of Decay
The Worst

The Worst is the fourth and final studio album by the Brazilian extreme metal band Sarcófago. Unlike early Sarcófago releases, this album is more death metal oriented. Wagner Lamounier appears on the album cover.

The Worst sees the band slowing down in relation to the speed-oriented Hate, and having a better grasp of drum programming. Minelli and Lamounier saw this record as a "summation" of their career.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The End (Intro)"   1:16
2. "The Worst"   6:32
3. "Army of the Damned (The Prozac's Generation)"   4:35
4. "God Bless the Whores"   7:27
5. "Plunged in Blood"   4:38
6. "Satanic Lust"   3:38
7. "The Necrofiliac"   6:15
8. "Shave Your Head"   3:33
9. "Purification Process"   3:39


  • Wagner Lamounier - guitars, vocals
  • Gerald Minelli - bass and backing vocals
  • Eugênio "Dead Zone" - electronic drums, also all keyboards


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