Hathersage Road (Sheffield)

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Stone marking the entrance to the Peak District on Hathersage Road.

Hathersage Road is a road in Sheffield South Yorkshire, England. It leads south-west from the suburb of Whirlow to the border between Hathersage and Sheffield, before becoming Sheffield Road at the point called Surprise View. The road begins at a bridge on the Limb Brook, the former boundary between Yorkshire and Derbyshire. There the road changes name from Ecclesall Road South to Hathersage Road.

The street is home to a variety of pubs and shops.

The road passes Whirlow Woods and Whirlow Hall, the Dore Moor pub, Fox House hotel (at the top of Padley Gorge, crosses the Burbage Brook and ends at a tight curve at Surprise View where the traveller will be greeted with a stunning view of Hope Valley. The junction with Cross Lane and Long Line is deemed dangerous and a speed camera was installed.[1] Near Fox House, the road bends tightly whilst passing over Padley Gorge and is overshadowed by Toad's Mouth; a stone hanging over the road not dissimilar to the shape of a toad.

The road forms part of the A625. Until 2000 the entire course of Hathersage Road was numbered A625. Hathersage Road is now only numbered A625 as far as the junction with Stony Ridge Road where the A625 proceeds towers Calver. Between Hathersage and Stony Ridge Road junction, Hathersage Road is numbered A6187.


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