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Church of St. Denis, Hautcharage

Hautcharage (Luxembourgish: Uewerkäerjeng, German: Oberkerschen) is a small town in the commune of Bascharage, in south-western Luxembourg.


Neighbouring towns include Clemency, Fingig, Hivange, Schouweiler, Bascharage and Linger.

The small river Mierbaach, which rises at the Boufferdenger Muer, flows through Hautcharage.


The church in Hautcharage was built in the 18th century in Baroque style.


Hautcharage used to be home to a football club, Jeunesse Hautcharage, which won the Luxembourg Cup in 1971. As a result, Hautcharage qualified for the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup; in the first round, Hautcharage drew Chelsea, and lost 21-0 on aggregate, which remains a European record defeat. In 1997, the club merged with neighbours Union Sportive Bascharage, forming UN Käerjeng 97, which is based in Bascharage.

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