Havel of Markvartice

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Havel of Markvartice (also Gallus of Lämberg, Havel of Lemberk, or, in Czech, Havel z Lemberka;[1] fl. 1230–1280) was a prominent Bohemian nobleman, the Lord of Lemberk. He married Zdislava Berka when she was 17 years old.[2] Zdislava was canonized a saint in 1995.


The Markvartici - also known as the Marquards—were a prominent Bohemian family who governed during the time of the Přemyslids. They included the following noble families: Lämberg (Lemberk), Michalovici, Waldstein, Velešin, and Wartenberg.

Havel founded the towns of Gabel (Jablonné v Podještědí) and Bystrzyca Kłodzka, as well as a convent at Český Dub. Havel, along with a relative named Jaroslav, was also instrumental in founding the town of Turnov in 1272.


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