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Havoc, Havok, or Havock may refer to:





  • Jimmy Havoc, ring name of British professional wrestler Jim Mcahren (born 1984)
  • June Havoc (1912–2010), Canadian-born American actress, dancer, writer and theater director born Ellen Hovick
  • Mikey Havoc (born 1970), New Zealand media personality (real name Michael Roberts)
  • Davey Havok (born 1975), American rock vocalist (real name David Paden Marchand)
  • Jessicka Havok (born 1986), American professional wrestler (real name Jessica Cricks)
  • Havoc (musician) (born 1974), member of East Coast rap group Mobb Deep
  • Havoc, American rapper, member of West Coast rap group South Central Cartel
  • Havoc Pennington (born c. 1976), American computer engineer and entrepreneur
  • Johnny Devine (born 1974), Canadian professional wrestler under the ring name Havok (real name John Parsonage)

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