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Telekinesys Research Ltd.
Founded1998; 21 years ago (1998)
Area served
SubsidiariesTrinigy (defunct)

Havok (legally Telekinesys Research Ltd.) is an Irish software company founded in 1998 by Hugh Reynolds and Steven Collins, based in Dublin, Ireland and owned by Microsoft. They have partnership with Activision, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda Softworks and Ubisoft.

Its cross-platform technology is available for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, GameCube, and PCs. Havok’s technology has been used in more than 150 game titles, including Half-Life 2, Halo 2, Dark Souls, Mafia III, Tony Hawk's Project 8, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Age of Empires III, Vanquish, Lost Planet 2, Fallout 3 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Havok products have also been used to drive special effects in movies such as Poseidon, The Matrix, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Havok provides the dynamics driving for Autodesk 3ds Max.

Intel announced the acquisition of Havok in a press release on September 14, 2007.[1] On October 2, 2015 Intel sold Havok to Microsoft for an undisclosed amount.[2]

History and awards[edit]


Havok was founded in 1998 by Hugh Reynolds and Steven Collins of the computer science department in Trinity College, Dublin. Research and Development is carried out in Dublin, Germany, San Francisco and India.


  • US National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences Award, 2008 - (Technical Emmy[3])
  • Red Herring 100 - 2006 Winner
  • Best Choice of Computex - 2006 Winner
  • OnHollywood - 2006 Winner
  • Develop Industry Excellence Awards[4] - 2006 Nominee - Best Tools Provider, 2005 Winner - Best Tools Provider, 2004 Nominee - Best Tools Provider
  • Game Developer Frontline Award[5] - 2006 Finalist - Middleware, 2003 Winner - Best Game Component, 2002 Winner - Best Game Component
  • FileFront - "Most Advanced Technology" of 2004
  • Computer Graphics World - CGW 2003 Innovation Award

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