Headon Warren and West High Down SSSI

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Coordinates: 50°39′58″N 1°33′47″W / 50.666°N 1.563°W / 50.666; -1.563

Headon Warren And West High Down
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Area of Search Isle of Wight
Grid reference SZ316852
Interest Biological and Geological
Area 276.3 hectare
Notification 1951

Headon Warren and West High Down is a 276.3 hectare Site of special scientific interest (SSSI) located at the westernmost end of the Isle of Wight. The SSSI encompasses Headon Warren, a heather clad down to the north, the chalk downs of West High Down and Tennyson Down to the south, and the Needles, the Needles Battery and Alum Bay to the west.[1]

The site was notified in 1951 by the Nature Conservancy Council (NCC), for both its biological and geological features, and that designation is now maintained by Natural England as successor body to the NCC. Most of the land within the SSSI is owned and managed by the National Trust.[1]


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