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The following is a list of episodes for the British ITV period police drama Heartbeat. The programme first aired on Friday 10 April 1992 and 18 series have so far been aired. The first series aired on a Friday.

372 episodes of Heartbeat have aired, which includes 9 Christmas episodes.

Series 11 (2001-2002)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers
1 "Sweet Sixteen" Paul Walker Jane Hollowood 28 October 2001 12.03

Ashfordly Police Station is targeted in a series of violent attacks ahead of an inspection, putting one of the officer's lives at risk and causing a panicked Craddock to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Tricia finds herself in trouble with a horde of angry parents when she prescribes a contraceptive pill to a 16-year-old girl. Elsewhere, Vernon and David fall out when strange events occur at the cottage, until they discover they have a new house guest, whilst Bellamy moves in with a depressed Mike after Jackie's departure.

Guest cast: Stephen Hoyle, Amanda Fairclough, Tracey Briggs, Lisa Marie Boucher, Vicki Lee Taylor, Sharon Muircroft, Tony Turner, Billy Fane, Gilian Cally
2 "She's Leaving Home" Noreen Kershaw Johnny Byrne 4 November 2001 11.67

Tricia turns to Mike for support as she faces disciplinary action for supplying the contraceptive pill to teenage girls, and a reporter fishing for dirt on the controversial story causes further trouble for the village doctor, while Carl Lomax escapes from custody after he is charged for the attack on Ashfordly Police Station, and goes on the run with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Vernon plans to bring the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to Aidensfield when he purchases some second hand slot machines, which prove to be quite a success in the Aidensfield Arms.

Guest cast: Stephen Hoyle, Colin Waite, Peter Gunn, Bill Moores, Vicki Lee Taylor, John Lloyd Fillingham, Tony Turner, Sharon Muircroft, Gilian Cally
3 "Russian Roulette" Jonas Grimas Brian Finch 11 November 2001 11.61

An MI5 agent arrives in Aidensfield and shows more than just a passing interest in the activities of Vernon and his new business partner, a shady Russian businessman with a past grievance with the entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Tricia treats a manic depressive who deals with his demons by walking onto railway lines, whilst Mike decides to sit his sergeants exam when he comes across an old friend whose career has been a lot more ambitious than his.

Guest cast: Dicken Ashworth, Polly Pleasence, Stanley Townsend, Jonty Stephens, Mark Letheren
4 "Legacies" Gerry Mill Peter Gibbs 18 November 2001 11.79

A probationary constable called Tom Nicholson is transferred to Ashfordly station after an embarrassing incident in Scarborough, as the team spring into action when Lord Ashfordly's priceless African artefacts are stolen shortly before an African chieftain arrives in Aidensfield claiming the stolen artefacts belong to his tribe. Meanwhile, David takes charge of the taxi firm whilst Vernon is pre-occupied with yet another disastrous scheme, and deals with sick children, snakes - and shoplifting OAP's!

Guest cast: Stuart Farrell, Roger Griffiths, Tom Goodman-Hill, Madaleine Moffatt

First Appearance of Ryan Early as PC Tom Nicholson
5 "Home Sweet Home" Gerry Poulson John Flanagan 25 November 2001 12.16

A series of crimes lead to a local nursing home, and Blaketon is asked to investigate the owner of the home by the son of a former patient when his mother and a number of residents die after leaving the owner everything in their will. Meanwhile, David gets a job clearing the houses of deceased people, but a mix-up with door numbers lead to him emptying the wrong house. Elsewhere, Tom causes a traffic jam when Craddock allows him to prove himself, whilst Tricia makes a confession to Gina about her feelings for Mike, and Ventress is driven mad when he is forced to spend time with his wife's aunt on her birthday.

Guest cast: Fiona MacPherson, Mona Bruce, David Sandford, Eric Potts, Tilly Tremayne, Bridget Turner, Jim Whelan, Gabrielle Blunt, Alan Granville, Tony Monroe
6 "Old Masters" Noreen Kershaw Douglas Watkinson 2 December 2001 11.85

Ashfordly Hall opens its doors to the public as Vernon takes charge of a touring business, but all hell breaks loose when an 80-year-old art thief takes the opportunity to bow out on one last job. However, he's not the only one seeking Lord Ashfordly's Constable sketches, which lands both him and one of the Ashfordly officers in danger. Meanwhile, Ventress tries to salvage his reputation when a photo of him sleeping on the job is printed in the Ashfordly Gazette.

Guest cast: Fiona Victory, Freddie Jones, Alastair Sims, Josh Moran
7 "The Rivals" Paul Walker Jane McNulty 9 December 2001 12.05

Ventress and Tom investigate a series of accidents at a carpet factory and must determine whether it was the result of negligence or sabotage, when a prodigal son returns to claim his inheritance and the vengeful former manager refuses to be dismissed without a fight. Meanwhile, Vernon spots a way to make money by organising a beauty pageant with the local WI, but councillor Joyce Jowett will stop at nothing to halt the event.

Guest cast: Sally Walsh, David Fenwick, Clare Clifford, Shaun Scott, Diane Fletcher
8 "Home to Roost" Diana Patrick Jayne Hollison 16 December 2001 11.07

A group of hippies colonise a row of derelict cottages, and the short-tempered landlord takes the law into his own hands, leaving a pregnant girl injured and her boyfriend hospitalised. As they attempt to resolve issues, the officers come under fire from Tricia after Tom's intervention causes trouble, and an undercover journalist desperate to hit the headlines seizes the opportunity to take advantage of the chaotic events. Meanwhile, Vernon's pottery enterprise takes a turn for the worst, leaving a reluctant David with the task of getting to grips with a potter's wheel.

Guest cast: Chelsey Seeley, Chantelle Seeley, Malcolm Tierney, Oliver Williams, Amber Edlin, James Mair, Colin Meredith, Emily Aston, Andrew Westfield, Jim Whelan
9 "Uninvited Guests" Paul Walker Douglas Watkinson 23 December 2001 10.64

With Christmas around the corner, the villagers are in no mood for festivity when a salmonella epidemic grips Aidensfield and a hostage situation occurs involving the manager of a building society and her son, leaving both the police and the local hospital under increasing pressure. To make matters worse, Tricia finds evidence to suggest the epidemic originated at the Aidensfield Arms, setting off alarm bells for Blaketon and Gina. Meanwhile, Vernon expands Bernie's funeral empire by turning an isolated field into a pet cemetery, much to his brother's discomfort, and discovers there's a big demand for his new service.

Guest cast: Joseph Aston, Simon Lenagan, Gareth Farr, Olive Pendleton, Veronica Roberts, Christopher Wilkinson, Tim Smith

First Appearance of Sarah Tansey as Jenny Latimer
10 "No Hiding Place" Jonas Grimas Brian Finch 30 December 2001 11.00

It's Christmas, and whilst Mike tries to reunite a blind women with her lost dog, Tricia receives a visit from an old friend, a beautiful actress trying to evade the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Vernon's promise to provide a Christmas tree for the villagers doesn't go according to plan when David has a small mishap with the Christmas lights.

Guest cast: Ciarán Griffiths, Sophia Myles, Kate McLoughlin, Ben de Sausmarez, Anne O'Brien, Gabrielle Cowburn, Jerome J. Wright
11 "A Gentlemen's Sport" Noreen Kershaw Paul Quiney 6 January 2002 8.94

Blaketon is starstruck when a cricketing legend checks in at the pub, but looks set to have his illusions shattered when Mike investigates an armed robbery at a jewellers when the robber is the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Meanwhile, David inadvertently prompts a petrol crisis when he is left holding the fort at Bernie's garage.

Guest cast: Clive Mantle, Jonathan Ryland, Geoffrey Banks, Will Norris, Kerry Wotton, Stan Rowe
12 "Closing the Book" Diana Patrick Johnny Byrne 13 January 2002 9.18

When an elderly man dies, Mike finds plans for a number of serious crimes amongst his possessions. As a number of them have already been committed, the team try to prevent the biggest of them all - a professional armed raid on the Ashfordly Bank. With the chance of promotion on the horizons, Craddock is unsure if he wants to accept and abandon his loyal team. A visit from his estranged wife presents the sergeant with another dilemma. Meanwhile, Vernon launches "Scripps Roaming Holidays", his latest venture involving wide-eyed tourists, gypsies caravans and erratic horses.

Guest cast: Stuart McGugan, Denis Lill, Martin Marquez, Caroline Clegg, Josephine Tewson, Amy Stratton, Scott Maslen

Final Appearance of Philip Franks as Sgt Raymond Craddock
13 "The Leopard's Spots" Roger Bamford Peter Gibbs 20 January 2002 10.28

The new sergeant, Dennis Merton, arrives at Ashfordly Police Station under a cloud after his demotion from CID. As Shiner asks for the team's assistance in a stakeout operation, Ventress' shady past comes back to haunt him when he arrests a reformed criminal's son for driving without a licence. Meanwhile, Vernon appoints himself as manager of a naive trainee boxer after Tricia encourages an out-of-condition David to join the gym.

Guest cast: Kate Rutter, Frankie Hough, Robert Swann, James Weaver, Andy Linden, Neil Jackson, David Robertson

First Appearance of Duncan Bell as Sgt Dennis Merton
14 "From Ancient Grudge" Noreen Kershaw Andrew McCulloch 27 January 2002 10.62

Mike and Ventress are convinced something ghastly is afoot when a long-buried farming feud becomes linked to a series of violent crimes, and both sides are united in their reluctance to involve the constabulary. Meanwhile, Joyce Jowett poses a threat to another of Vernon's madcap schemes when he tries to open up a cinema in the village.

Guest cast: Margaret Ashcroft, Ray Ashcroft, Patrick Baladi, Tom Lister, Peter Vaughan, Phil Nice, Berwick Kaler, Richard Riddle
15 "The Great Ming Mystery" Paul Walker Jane Hollowood 3 February 2002 11.15

Blaketon is hired to find a priceless stolen Ming belonging to a senile Colonel whilst Merton and the team are pre-occupied with the arrival of a mysterious V.I.P. Tricia suspects the Colonel's money-driven son as he is intent on whisking his father off to a retirement home and taking over his estate, whilst Gina starts acting like Aidensfield's answer to Mata Hari when Blaketon becomes wary of a guest at the pub.

Guest cast: Leslie Grantham, Chris Tune, Heather Bleasdale, Simon Chandler, Randal Herley, Anita Wood
16 "Second Chances" Diana Patrick Douglas Watkinson 10 February 2002 10.62

Merton cross swords with an old adversary who sheds some light on the circumstances surrounding his demotion from CID when a man who has been presumed dead for 20 years returns to Aidensfield and seems to have not aged a day. Meanwhile, Vernon and David enter the world of vineyards when they befriend a young Frenchman who thinks their cottage is the perfect place for wine-making. Elsewhere, Blaketon organises a treasure hunt to raise money for a local playground and inadvertently acts as cupid for Mike and Tricia.

Guest cast: Peter Armitage, Glynis Brooks, Oliver Chopping, Christine Roberts, Nicky Henson, Pauline Jefferson, Charles McCurdy, Robin Polley
17 "Sympathy for the Devil" Roger Bamford Jeff Dodds 17 February 2002 9.92

Mike befriends a desperate women called Sue, who seems to be running scared, when her unruly daughter causes mischief in the village. With a ruthless reporter intent on making life difficult, Mike finds himself with mixed feelings when he looks into Sue's dark past, with heartbreaking consequences. Meanwhile, Vernon pushes Bernie too far when he decides there's money to be made from goat's milk.

Guest cast: Keri Arnold, June Barrie, Rachel Shelley, Anthony Allen, Jack Marsden
18 "Coming of Age" Gerry Mill Andrew McCulloch 24 February 2002 10.93

The villagers plan a surprise party for Tom's 21st birthday, but the celebrations are delayed as the team pursue two dangerous criminals. After Bellamy's life is placed in mortal peril, Tom plays the hero, saving his colleague's life but putting his own at risk. With one officer in a critical condition and another locked in a hostage stand-off, Merton takes a big risk, setting in motion a heartbreaking chain of events that leaves everyone in devastation. Meanwhile, Vernon steps in as the agent of a brass band and can't resist blowing his own trumpet after hiring them out to Lord Ashfordly to play for a group of American war veterans.

Guest cast: Tanya Myers, Eamon Boland, Tom Clarke Hill, Rob Spendlove, Michelle Hardwick, Matthew Dunster

Final Appearance of Ryan Early as PC Tom Nicholsson
19 "Love Hurts" Bren Simson John Flanagan 3 March 2002 10.32

As the officers mourn Tom's loss, Merton is suspended after his new girlfriend makes an allegation of theft against him. As Ventress gets his feet under the table as acting sergeant, Mike risks being suspended himself by teaming up with Blaketon in a private investigation to clear his sergeant's name. Meanwhile, Vernon is concerned by Bernie's frequent visits to the surgery, until he discovers his brother has fallen in love with receptionist Jenny.

Guest cast: Glenn Cunningham, Jan Francis, Norman Mills, Emma Ashton, James Snell
20 "Windows of Opportunity" Paul Walker Douglas Watkinson 10 March 2002 9.05

Blaketon and Joyce Jowett become rivals in the election for parish councillor, with both doing their utmost to outdo and discredit each other. David becomes caught in the middle of their battle when they both ask him to help raise support from villagers. Meanwhile, the officers are on the trail of a burglar who only steals objects of sentimental value from people's homes, and Tricia's health takes a turn for the worst when she and Jenny organise a fitness class for the local women.

Guest cast: Ewan Hooper, Angela Crow, Tony Mooney, Cherith Mellor, Craig Heaney, Simon Cassidy
21 "The Shoot" Noreen Kershaw Brian Finch 17 March 2002 9.40

Trouble brews with the locals when a shady businessman with a wandering eye and his antagonistic wife join Lord Ashfordly for a shooting party at Ashfordly Hall. Meanwhile, Vernon's latest tourist enterprise looks set to end in disaster when David tears through Aidensfield like a tornado in a US Army Halftrack whilst taking Gina and Jenny for a spin.

Guest cast: Robert Glenister, David Calder, Celia Imrie, Robert Lawrenson, Rachel Leskovac
22 "Class Act" Roger Bamford Peter Gibbs 31 March 2002 9.95

Merton and his men deal with a protective father who turns to crime to make his young daughter happy, and puts a schoolteacher in serious danger when a schoolgirl crush escalates out of control. Meanwhile, Vernon is driven mad when David inherits a ventriloquist's dummy, and decides the show must go on when the dummy comes with a list of bookings. Elsewhere, Gina takes a shine to a charismatic guest at the pub.

Guest cast: Tim Scott-Walker, Geraldine Griffiths, Stacey Sampson, Peter Wight
23 "Caught in the Headlights" Jonas Grimas Peter Gibbs 7 April 2002 11.89

After attending one of Lord Ashfordly's dinner parties with a handsome businessman, Gina awakes the next morning in her car in the grounds of Ashfordly Hall to find that she is the prime suspect in a hit-and-run accident. Meanwhile, Vernon is asked to act as a chauffeur for two wayward teenage girls by their protective father. However, he soon gets tired of hanging around discos, and makes a grave error when he asks David to take over.

Guest cast: Sean Chapman, John Sackville, Amanda Walker, Rebecca Atkinson, Roger Davidson
24 "Love's Sweet Dream" Gerry Mill Jane Hollowood 14 April 2002 10.40

As Mike finally contemplates a future with her, Tricia puts her own life in danger when she tries to save a mother and son from a serious case of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, Vernon teams up with an old flame for his next big scheme - catering for funerals. However, his new venture soon sees him come into conflict with Gina and Blaketon, and he gets the shock of his life when he discovers that he may have a long-lost daughter. Elsewhere, Merton's latest crime prevention initiative, doesn't go down to well with Bellamy and Ventress.

Guest cast: Richard Lintern, Poppy Miller, Travis Yates, Samantha Montgomery, Gillian Kerrod

Series 12 (2002–2003)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers
1 "Skeletons and Cupboards" Noreen Kershaw John Flanagan 6 October 2002 10.73

When the team investigate a murder at a quarry, Ventress faces a few awkward questions about his murky past when the prime suspect turns out to be a major criminal whom he certified as dead 15 years previously. Meanwhile, Vernon surprises everyone by getting a "real" job at a department store after Blaketon issues him with a few home truths about his lifestyle. However, the entrepreneurial side of him re-awakens when the store is threatened with closure. Elsewhere, Tricia returns to work following her heart attack, and Mike's constant fussing makes it difficult for the village doctor to regain her confidence.

Guest cast: Terence Harvey, Alma Varley, Peter Chapman, Alan Parnaby, Tom Charnock, Robert Maxfield, Gordon Langford Rowe, Vin Welch, Rosie Cavaliero
2 "A Girl's Best Friend" Albert Barber Gillian Richmond 13 October 2002 10.48

Mike and Bellamy uncover a heartbreaking tale of domestic abuse and family tragedy when they investigate a spate of unusual burglaries and learn that money can't buy a person happiness. Meanwhile, Vernon experiments with hypnotism when he tries to put an end to Gina's arachnophobia, but it soon backfires and has a very strange after-effect on David, while Merton and Jenny discover a mutual love of jazz.

Guest cast: Paul Shelley, Emma Lowndes, Catherine Carter, Susan Wooldridge, Paul Ready, Robert Goodale, Jane Hogarth
3 "A Dog's Life" Gerry Mill Susan Wilkins 20 October 2002 10.51

Merton predicts an uneventful few days when the County Sheepdog Trials take place at Ashfordly Hall, but he is proven wrong when the prestigious event brings out the worst in one particular influential candidate, who hatches a plan to eliminate his rivals. Meanwhile, Vernon tries to impress Lord Ashfordly by organising the toilet facilities for the sheepdog trials, but he soon discovers the job entails more than putting up a tent or two.

Guest cast: Kenneth Anderson, John Harding, Paul Slack, Anna Bolt
4 "Where There's Muck" Judith Dine Douglas Watkins 3 November 2002 9.85

Merton and Mike are left to pick up the pieces when a bankrupt farmer heads into Aidensfield to air his grievances in a memorable way when he is abandoned by everyone closest. Meanwhile, David's Auntie Beth's horseradish sauce becomes the subject of Vernon's latest get-rich-quick scheme, whilst Blaketon's warnings fall on deaf ear when Gina begins a whirlwind romance with a dangerous criminal.

Guest cast: Ray Gatenby, Phillip Joseph, Paul Foster, John Kirk, Justine Adams, Robert Cameron
5 "Harmony" Noreen Kershaw Peter Gibbs 10 November 2002 11.80

Merton's singer-songwriter cousin arrives in Aidensfield with the aim of settling down after an eventful career, but her aspiring daughter disrupts her peaceful retirement when she falls pregnant. Meanwhile, Bellamy pursues a dangerous armed robber whom he single-handedly captured when the villain escapes whilst being transferred to Manchester, and David finds himself fending off the advances of a grieving daughter when an old man dies in his taxi.

Guest cast: Richard Burke, Lulu, Anna Niland, Judith Williams, Leigh Lawson, Mark J. Pepper
6 "No Man's Land" Paul Walker Peter Gibbs 17 November 2002 12.10

Mike may live to regret ignoring a belligerent landowner's complaints when he takes the law into his own hands to deal with a group of ramblers who assume his land is a tourist spot. Meanwhile, Vernon undergoes a complete personality change when he receives a bang on the head following a minor car accident in Ventress' car, turning him from a money-driven disaster area to a pillar of the community. Whilst his many creditors are delighted by this radical change, David is left pining for the return of "the real Mr Vernon".

Guest cast: Lloyd McGuire, Judy Flynn, David Robb, Kellie Moynihan, Briony McRoberts, Mark Fountain, Nick Ward
7 "Dirty Len" Albert Barber Jane Hollowood 24 November 2002 11.21

The team fear a killer is on the loose when a labourer known as "Dirty Len" dies of strychnine poisoning. A tragic chain of events are set in motion when Ventress establishes a connection to another suspicious death that took place on the same farm years previously. Meanwhile, David is led on a wild goose chase by his lurcher Alfred when he provides transport for a party of pensioner's day out in Whitby, whilst a local vet becomes caught in the middle of Jenny and Merton's rocky relationship.

Guest cast: Laura Bradd, Clare Clifford, Jack Smethurst, Avril Elgar, Patrick Godfrey, Molly Shevlin, Noel Fitzpatrick
8 "Growing Apart" Jonas Grimas Candy Denman 1 December 2002 11.38

A spate of tractor thefts has Mike and Bellamy running round in circles, but as Merton comes to suspect it's all an elaborate insurance fraud, matters take a turn for the worse. The robbers target Steve Calthrop's farm, and the loss of such a valuable piece of equipment proves to be the straw that breaks the camel's back, prompting a volatile domestic dispute and putting Tricia in mortal danger. Meanwhile, Vernon sets himself up in the landscape gardening trade. As usual, it's David who ends up doing all the work, which Vernon may live to regret when his hapless house mate tries to impress him by purchasing a Greek statue on the cheap.

Guest cast: Arthur Cox, Adam Kotz, Jonathan Owen, Abigail Fisher, Lisa Millett, Edward Hogg
9 "Many Splendoured Thing" Roger Bamford Susan Watkins 8 December 2002 11.75

There's much excitement in Aidensfield as Lord Ashfordly returns with a new wife in tow and throws a spectacular Christmas party to celebrate his marriage, and the villagers are pleasantly surprised when they discover how glamorous and charming she is. However, all is not well for the newly-weds as a series of violent hijackings leaves them shaken. Merton assigns Mike to act as a personal bodyguard for his Lordship's new lady, but the intrepid officer's suspicions are soon aroused by the blushing bride's decidedly odd behaviour. Meanwhile, Vernon's Christmas tree delivery service suffers a blow when David crashes the van, and the pair inadvertently jeopardise the future of Bernie's garage when Joyce Jowett requires their funeral service for her sister.

Guest cast: Lia Williams, Jasper Britton, Dean Bardini, Derek Hicks, Matthew Noble
10 "Horses for Courses" Noreen Kershaw John Flanagan 15 December 2002 10.80

Mike joins forces with Scotland Yard when a gang of thieves turn up in Aidensfield, apparently plotting to steal a valuable horse from local trainer Kieron Doyle. When Tricia becomes linked with Kieron, the heroic copper doggedly pursues his quarry to the detriment of his relationship with the village doctor, leading to a tragic outcome with repercussions for everyone in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Vernon is delighted when his long-lost sister Georgina arrives in Aidensfield. The female Scripps immediately sets hearts racing, especially with Lord Ashfordly. Vernon's attempt to take advantage of his sister's expensive lifestyle lands him in trouble when he discovers she hasn't been entirely honest regarding her recent divorce.

Guest cast: James Aubrey, David Crellin, Conor Mullen, Tricia George, Cliff Lockwood

Final Appearance of Clare Calbraith as Dr Tricia Summerbee
11 "Sins of the Father" Terry Dydden-Jones Brian Finch 22 December 2002 11.58

As the villagers mourn the passing of Tricia, a grief-stricken Mike loses his temper with an underage drinker in the pub, but it's the bobby who gets assaulted. The incident leads to the uncovering of a blackmail plot when the hooligan walks free from all charges thanks to his secret relationship with a local magistrate. Meanwhile, Vernon is delighted when an old flame pays him a visit asking him to help sell a priceless engagement ring, but his joy is short lived when her menacing husband turns out to be hot on her heels, bringing chaos in his wake. Elsewhere, Jenny is surprised by the rapid changeover at the surgery when Tricia's replacement, the elderly James Alway, turns up a day early.

Guest cast: John Kindersley, T. J. Sorrell, Sue Jenkins, Francis Matthews, William Gaunt, James Barron, Alan David, Terence Hillyer

First Appearance of Francis Matthews as Dr James Alway
12 "Bread and Circuses" Jonas Grimas Niel McKay 29 December 2002 9.86

Bellamy falls in love with a mugging victim, and the unlikely pair become the talk of the village as they go on a series of dates, but Bellamy learns a harsh lesson on reality when he discovers his new girlfriend is leading a double life, whilst Merton and the rest of the team attempt to track down porcelain figures stolen during a crime spree in Whitby. Meanwhile, Vernon persuades Lord Ashfordly to open up a wildlife park on his land with the assistance of a small circus, but they get more than they bargained for when a whole circus turns up and all the animals escape and run wild throughout Aidensfield.

Guest cast: Ann Bell, Robert Lang, Hannah Yelland, Francis Matthews, Gerard Bentall, Richard Sinnott, Nicola King
13 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" Noreen Kershaw Peter Gibbs 5 January 2003 11.77

Blaketon is back in Aidensfield following his time away and immediately finds himself embroiled into a dangerous investigation when Lord Ashfordly calls on his P.I. services when explosives go missing from the local quarry ahead of a Defence Minister's official visit, causing tensions to boil over and putting the former sergeant in mortal peril when he crosses swords with a deadly new foe. Meanwhile, Vernon, Bernie, David and Dr Alway become bell ringers at the local church, but they soon upset a local man when their practice sessions interfere with the sale of his cottage.

Guest cast: Nick Miles, Michael Atkinson, Donna Lythgoe, John Labanowski, Colin Farrell (II), John Flanagan (II)
14 "Out of the Blue" Paul Walker Jane Hollowood 12 January 2003 12.84

Vernon and David are involved in a serious car accident whilst driving a tanker filled with a mysterious substance, which pollutes the local reservoir and leaves everyone in Aidensfield struck down with a mysterious bug. Luckily, the staff of nearby St Aidan Royal Free Hospital are on hand to offer assistance, but with Vernon apparently suffering with bouts of amnesia, tension boils over as the local authorities remain unaware of the truth behind the threat, and things escalate when David receives a threatening phonecall than puts both his and Vernon's lives in danger.

Guest cast: Linda Armstrong, Martin Troakes, David Birrell, Michelle Hardwick, Amy Robbins, Zoie Kennedy, Robert Daws, Ken Bones, Colin Prockter, Ian Carmichael

Final Appearance of Francis Matthews as Dr James Alway
15 "The High Life" Bob Tomson Susan Watkins 9 March 2003 10.87

Jenny is delighted when her younger brother Steve pays a visit, but her excitement soon turns to despair when she notices what the local vicar is growing in his greenhouse after she secures Steve a job. Although she agrees to keep quiet, her troublesome sibling seeks to exploit the situation for his own gain, threatening his put-upon sister's relationship with Merton. Meanwhile, a gang of Mods begin causing havoc in the village and gain an unlikely new recruit - David!

Guest cast: Kate Holderness, Maureen O'Brien, Andrew Newton, Robert East, Jessica Harris, Thom Fell, Martin Buchan
16 "Hung for a Sheep" Gerry Mill John Flanagan 16 March 2003 11.36

As Mike begins his first assignment as a CID officer, his replacement, northerner Steve Crane, rides into Aidensfield to take on the role of village bobby, but Ventress thinks the youngster is too eager to prove his worth as he investigates a spate of farm break-ins, whilst Mike grows disillusioned with CID work when he takes on a surveillance operation involving the girlfriend of an armed robber. Meanwhile, Vernon tries to impress the new village doctor, Liz Merrick, with his community spirit when she attempts to prove herself to the late Tricia Summerbee's regular patients who are against the idea of a new doctor taking over.

Guest cast: Geoffrey Hinsliff, Eilis Hetherington, Mark Spalding, Andy Williams, Jon Oxendale, Paul Hawkyard, Beatrice Kelly

First Appearance of James Carlton as PC Steve Crane and Aislin McGuckin as Dr Liz Merrick
17 "The Third Man" Noreen Kershaw Candy Denman 23 March 2003 10.74

Mike's informant tells him that two local hoodlums are planning to raid a shipment of gold bullion from Haworth Point: prompting Shiner to set up an ambush to catch the would-be thieves, but a mix-up with the exact location leaves Mike trying to regain the respect of his CID superior by going it alone to investigate further. Meanwhile, Steve is tasked with protecting Gina's wayward niece Susie from her aggressive boyfriend, who has escaped from a young offenders after stabbing a prison guard. Elsewhere, Vernon and David take on the job of redecorating Liz Merrick's waiting room, but she is far from pleased with the results when David is left to use his initiative, whilst a local busybody takes a shine to Bernie, whilst Bellamy gains a new admirer.

Guest cast: Martin Walsh, Beatrice Kelley, Mark Strattong, Ted Holden, John Cording, Geoff McGivern

First Appearance of Christine Bottomley as Susie Ward
18 "Missing in Action" Jonas Grimas Peter Gibbs 30 March 2003 11.04

In celebration of her forthcoming wedding, a bride-to-be embarks on her hen night at Whitby Funfair, where a clairvoyant gives her information linked to the death of her father, who went missing in action in the 1940s, prompting her to postpone the wedding until his body has been found. When she is found injured on the moors a few days later, Merton and the team investigate and find themselves incurring the wrath of the Ministry of Defence. Meanwhile, a bogus police officer begins causing havoc in Ashfordly. As Mike tries to lure the imposter into a trap, he is left with a dilemma when the troublemaker catches Bellamy filling in for Gina after hours at the pub.

Guest cast: Robert Hands, Craig Heaney, Ruth Platt, Philip Fox, William Chubb, Marc Finn, Val Tagger
19 "Caped Crusaders" Terry Dyddgen-Jones Brian Finch 6 April 2003 11.29

The Ashfordly team has two unlikely new recruits in the shape of two young boys dressed as Batman and Robin, who have spotted criminal activity on a derelict farm, whilst Mike is busy pursuing a criminal gang who have flooded Aidensfield and neighbouring villages with counterfeit money. Meanwhile, Liz faces an unsettling reunion with a former patient with a very personal vendetta when she begins receiving disturbing late night phone-calls. Elsewhere, Vernon is delighted when he inherits his late aunt Aggie's house.

Guest cast: Jake Mitchell, Margaret Tyzack, Sonny Flood, Francis Lee, Chris Hoyle, Mark Leadbetter, Steven Pacey
20 "Moving Target" Bob Tomson Susan Wilkins 13 April 2003 10.99

The residents of Aidensfield are terrorised by a ruthless marksman with a sniper, who begins his reign of terror by murdering Liz's ex-boyfriend, a newly arrived doctor she dumped after he refused to tell his wife about their affair. While she attempts to comfort the victim's bereaved spouse, Bellamy is the next target, but luckily escapes with a flesh wound. Merton and DI Shiner fear the target is the police force itself when they discover the assailant is using an Army-issue weapon. As the team race to prevent another innocent killing, Mike receives a life-changing job offer that will shape his career in the force. Meanwhile, a newcomer in a Bentley limousine makes a big impression on Gina and David for two very different reasons.

Guest cast: Malcolm Stoddard, Peter Ivatts, Colin Parry, Alexander Hanson, Jessica Turner

Final Appearance of Jason Durr as DC Mike Bradley
21 "Lily of the Valley" Judith Dine Peter Gibbs 20 April 2003 9.24

Steve, Liz and Gina try to help a feisty old lady called Lily, whose farm becomes the target of vandals and petty thieves. However, she is not grateful for their interference. Undeterred, Gina sends her niece Susie to help out, and she proves more than a match for Lily's feisty spirit. When vandalism escalates into arson, Steve suspects the culprit's motive is more complicated than mere mindless violence. Meanwhile, David finds himself behind bars when he joins Jenny, Blaketon and a number of other villagers in protest against the high number of lorries rumbling through the village on their way to Jim Pinder's quarry, whilst Vernon becomes public enemy number 1 when he becomes Pinder's chauffeur.

Guest cast: Ian Ashpitel, Ian Talbot, Stuart Mawdsley, Garfield Morgan, Mark Prentice, Jean Alexander

Final Appearance of Christine Bottomley as Susie Ward
22 "House Rules" Gerry Mill John Flanagan 27 April 2003 10.06

Steve Crane's eccentric mother Babs arrives in Aidensfield, having burnt her bridges with her screenwriter boyfriend and grown tired of the London arts scene. She proves to be a big hit with the locals, especially with Blaketon and Vernon, who finally has an amazing change of fortune after purchasing one of her paintings, but she is soon causing all manner of chaos when a spate of burglaries provide her with the ideal opportunity to put her self-defence skills into practice, leaving Merton both exasperated and impressed. Meanwhile, history repeats itself once again for Gina when she begins dating a guest at the pub who immediately gets on the wrong side of an overprotective and suspicious Blaketon.

Guest cast: Simon Merrells, Jerome Willis, Nicky Rafferty, Anita Carey, Roderic Culver, Andrew Sheridan, Peter Foster
23 "Mackerel Sky" Jonas Grimas Niel McKay 4 May 2003 9.31

A dying ex-con kidnaps Jenny in a plan to force old nemesis Merton into giving him the identity of the informant responsible for his 8-year prison sentence, but things don't go according to plan when the sergeant discovers the man in question has long since died, worsening the fragile criminal's state of mind and putting Jenny in even greater danger. With Merton pre-occupied, Steve and the rest of the team are left to investigate a spate of sports car thefts. Meanwhile, Vernon is enjoying his new-found wealth and influence as he invites himself to join Blaketon at a charity function held by Sir Nigel in aid of an old people's home. After befriending Nigel, he tries to impress by suggesting to organise a charity antique sale. As ever, events don't quite go to plan and all hopes for an MBE are dashed, whilst old passions are rekindled between Gina and Bellamy.

Guest cast: Peter Alexander, Belinda Allerston, Paul Brennen, Neil Stacy, Steve Evets, Geoffrey Wilkinson
24 "Absent Friends" Bob Tomson Jane Hollowood 11 May 2003 9.86

Merton organises a search of the moors after a farming couple are reported missing, leaving Jenny and Liz to look after their bemused children, whilst Gina and Bellamy take over at the farm. Meanwhile, Vernon decides to treat his nearest and dearest following his windfall, and takes a reluctant Bernie to a posh country hotel.

Guest cast: Thomas Mason, Loveday Smith, Rosie Foster, Jack Chissick, Robert Lawrenson, Cally Lawrence
223 (25) "Music of the Spheres" Noreen Kershaw Susan Wilkins 18 May 2003 9.65

Lord Ashfordly's sister Patricia returns to Aidensfield with a renowned Polish musician and his daughter, intending to stage a concert at the village hall, but disaster strikes when one of the violinist's expensive instruments is stolen, and whilst investigating the theft, Steve falls in love with the musician's daughter, which doesn't go down to well with her father. Meanwhile, Vernon and Bernie's shady Liverpudlian cousins, Big and Little Jim, show up in Aidensfield and try to take advantage of their cousin's wealth by persuading him to make a hefty investment. Gina rumbles their scheme, but faces a tough job in persuading Vernon that his cousins are out to fleece him. Elsewhere, Merton is delighted when Jenny finally accepts his marriage proposal.

Guest cast: Jonathan Aris, Katrine De Candole, Matt Connor, Carol Royle, Paul Herzberg, Chris Darwin, Steve Fletcher, David Williams

Series 13 (2003–2004)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers (millions)
1 "Speed" Paul Walker John Flanagan 7 September 2003 10.45

Merton is put under pressure when a group of youths commit a number of serious offences in the village and they are suspected of drug-dealing when Liz hands in amphetamines found stashed in a local boy's bedroom. She refuses to reveal who passed on the drugs due to patient confidentiality rules, but Merton heads for the surgery regardless, pretending to see Jenny, who promptly calls off the wedding when she discovers her fiancé used the visit to sneak a look at the patient list. As Merton becomes concerned with saving his relationship, Steve tries to gain the trust of a young biker and his girlfriend in his efforts to nail the bullying ringleader. Meanwhile, David and Bernie are losing their patience with Vernon's airs and graces as he continues to enjoy his newfound wealth, especially when he employs a distinguished chauffeur who is used to skivvying for royalty. With an image to maintain, Vernon begins searching for a new house: His interest in one particular house lands him in trouble when some bronze figures are stolen immediately after his viewing, whilst Bellamy treats Gina to a holiday in the Highlands.

Guest cast: Rupert Frazer, Jamie Davis, Katharine Rogers, Frank J. Lauder, Emily Hayes, Annette McLaughlin
2 "Dog Days" Jonas Grimas Brian Finch 14 September 2003 7.91

Steve investigates a fire at a textile warehouse and it soon emerges that the owner's wife has spent time behind bars for fraud, and her husband isn't too forthcoming when questioned, leading Merton to suspect the blaze was the outcome of a bitter feud between husband and wife. Meanwhile, Vernon moves into his new mansion, but has trouble keeping up with his well-to-do neighbours. Meanwhile, Vernon moves into his new mansion, but David isn't too keen on joining him. Trying to impress his neighbours, Vernon ends up going into business with a silver-tongued housewife involving horse-drawn hearses. However, he finds himself forced to choose between his new friend and surrogate son David. Elsewhere, tension boils over between Jenny and Merton following recent events.

Guest cast: Susie Trayling, Simon Slater, Laura Medforth, Jim Marsh, Beatrice Kelly, Polly Hemingway, Kate Buffery
3 "Mother's Little Helpers" Andrew Morgan Peter Gibbs 21 September 2003 10.54

Liz faces a tough time when one of her patients develops a heavy drinking problem after being left to look after her two mischievous young sons whilst her husband is working abroad, and the doctor's efforts to help leads to trouble with Steve when she is caught drink-driving. Meanwhile, Vernon learns the true value of friendship when a gambling addict kidnaps David and demands a ransom from the wealthy entrepreneur, whilst Bellamy and Gina return from their holiday with exciting news - they're having a baby!

Guest cast: Jonathan Bradd, Tom Bowles, Andrew McGuire, Andrew Thorpe, Vanessa Knox-Mawer, Wayne Foskett, Gillian Kerrod, Martin Riley, Janet Dibley
4 "Fool for Love" Paul Walker Susan Wilkins 5 October 2003 9.54

It's Merton and Jenny's big day, although the event doesn't go according to plan when a former CID colleague of Merton's asks the team to track down an ageing bank robber known as "Ronnie the dog man". Things begin to go wrong when Jenny's disgraced brother Steve returns, claiming to be a changed man and desperate to make amends. Meanwhile, Vernon promises Jenny that he will catch a fresh wild salmon for the wedding, only for Bernie to be more successful than him, whilst Bellamy turns to Blaketon when Gina becomes paranoid that he only wants to marry her because she is pregnant.

Guest cast: Siobhan Finneran, Jonathan Barlow, Geoffrey Chater, Terence Rigby, Dave Law, Emily Wright, Miles Moss, Thom Fell, David Williams
5 "A Family Affair" Frank W. Smith Candy Denman 12 October 2003 10.17

With Merton on honeymoon, acting Sergeant Ventress goes in search of a bogus waterboard official who has been robbing the elderly, but ends up investigating a suspicious death linked to one of the burglary victims. Meanwhile, Blaketon restages a pre-war darts tournament between the Aidensfield Arms and rival pub, the White Lion, to reclaim a silver trophy that the Aidensfield Arms originally won. David is upset when Blaketon rejects him as a team-member and joins the White Lion darts team instead, and Gina faces a few obstacles in her impending marriage to Bellamy.

Guest cast: Shaughan Seymour, Madaleine Moffatt, Joe Tucker, Andrew McCulloch, Christine Kavanagh, Hope Johnstone, Mary Wimbush
6 "The Holiday's Over" Jonas Grimas Neil McKay 19 October 2003 10.76

Merton and Jenny's honeymoon is cut short when Jenny's health takes a turn for the worse, and Merton receives another blow when he returns to Ashfordly station to find Ventress has let standards slip in his absence, which has incurred the wraith of a constabulary inspector whose car has been stolen. With the reputation of the station at stake and a flash car to find, the team have a lot on their plate when a crooked travel agent cashes in on local holiday-makers absence. Vernon's fortune comes crashing down when he makes a decides to become a "Name", and invests all his money on the voyage of the ill fated Torrey Canyon, whilst organising a Bentley rally at Ashfordly Hall. Gina isn't happy at the thought of having to give up the licence to run Aidensfield Arms to marry PC Phil Bellamy.

Guest cast: Stephen Casey, Michael Garner, Stephen MacKenna, Nanette Ryder, Nicholas Hutchinson, Katie Hollinshead, Barbara Rafferty
7 "Waifs and Strays" Andrew Morgan Richard Monks 26 October 2003 10.84

Steve and Liz help a young women fight a custody battle for her orphaned siblings following the death of their father. Blaketon feels a sense of responsibility towards the family as he was good friends with the patriarch. The case proves very personal for Steve as he is reminded of his own uproaring childhood. However, not all goes to plan when one of the parentless children become linked to a series of break-ins. Meanwhile, Vernon bounces back after losing his fortune by opening up a caravan park, but the campers are not impressed when he leaves David in charge of the entertainment.

Guest cast: Paddy Douglas, Andy Abrahams, Kate Crossley, Alexander Delamere, Sue Parkinson, Jill Johnson, Freda Dowie, Catherine Douglas, Robin Bowerman
8 "Brought to Book" Noreen Kershaw John Flanagan 2 November 2003 10.73

Blaketon asks Steve to accompany a group of delinquents on an outdoor adventure course on the moors, but trouble is not far behind when two cousins manipulate their way onto the trip with an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Vernon's latest venture sees him unsuccessfully trying to persuade Lord Ashfordly to rent out Ashfordly Hall to a religious sect looking for somewhere to hold their meditation convention. Elsewhere, Steve's mother Babs returns to Aidensfield and makes it clear she is back for good by getting a job as assistant librarian to Joyce Jowett.

Guest cast: David Allman, Richard Riddle, Tanya Myers, Berwick Kaler, Greg Haiste, Anita Carey, John O'Neill
9 "State of Mind" Judith Dine Candy Denman 9 November 2003 10.53

An elderly man reports an unusual break-in, during which the uninvited visitor left a mysterious statue on the kitchen table. It soon emerges that it is just the first in a series of unexplained events, as a police phone box arrives and then disappears from his garden, cement is delivered to his house for no apparent reason and a fire is started in his garage. Acting Sergeant Nokes advises Steve to dismiss it as it is not technically a police matter, but the officer's curiosity causes him investigate further. Meanwhile, Vernon is called up for jury service, but soon finds it's not as much fun as he hoped, whilst David is left to hold the fort back in Aidensfield in his absence. Elsewhere, Gina goes back to Liverpool as her dilemma about her imminent wedding continues.

Guest cast: Jeff Merchant, Joe Mills, Trevor Ray, Hywel Simons, Bill Thomas, Hugh Walters, Emily Wright, William Wright
10 "Down to Earth" Jonas Grimas Jane Hollowood 22 February 2004 11.12

Vernon is left fighting for his life when he buys a batch of soil for his new compost-producing venture, and Liz finds herself under increasing pressure when a lot of villagers wind up dead, whilst Steve is pre-occupied when the seductive Sergeant Nokes tries to seduce him. Meanwhile, Gina's absence is having a profound effect on Bellamy.

Guest cast: Cherith Mellor, Jim McManus, Will Knightley, Brian Pettifer, Alan Ready
11 "Mountains and Molehills" Adrian Bean Susan Wilkins 29 February 2004 10.63

A dysfuctional family causes all manner of personal troubles for the officers of Ashfordly when Bellamy accidentally runs down a local boy whilst chasing joyriders, his father demands compensation and his sister, a maid at Ashfordly Hall, falls pregnant, claiming Steve Crane is the father! Meanwhile, David is hired by Lord Ashfordly to rid the land of Ashfordly Hall of moles.

Guest cast: Ted Robbins, Hugh Walters, Crispin Layfield, Scott Kay, Katie Hodgson, Karen Henthorn, Daniel Hanbridge, Tony Christian, Ben Elliot, Adam Smethurst
12 "The Dear Departed" Andrew Morgan Brian Finch 7 March 2004 10.50

Blaketon is one of many suspects under suspicion when a hardened criminal, who claimed to be wrongly convicted of murdering a local factory owner, is killed after returning to Aidensfield to confront the past. Meanwhile, a recently widowed woman arrives in Aidensfield wanting to bury her late husband in the family grave, but the dead man's brother refuses to co-operate because of an old feud. Vernon and David attempt to broker peace and find themselves held at gunpoint as a shocking case of fraud comes to light.

Guest cast: Brian Protheroe, Amanda Harris, Steven Elder, Martin Glyn Murray, Colin Farrell, Andrew McGuire, Robert Lonsdale, Barry Jackson, Howard Gay, Giles Thomas, David Hounslow
13 "Dangerous Whispers" Judith Dine John Flanagan 14 March 2004 10.25

Gina makes a surprise return to Aidensfield and Bellamy's delight sees him take his eye off the ball when he encounters a key informant who proves to be quite useful, causing catastrophic consequences for his career when the informant disappears before he can give the police a tip-off about an imminent armed robbery performed by a highly-dangerous London gang. Meanwhile, Lord Ashfordly hires a new land manager called Ben Norton, who faces opposition from protesting villagers when he makes plans to tear down the cottages tied to the estate. Liz joins the protest alongside Jenny, causing sparks to fly between her and the newcomer, whilst Vernon buys a miniature railway from Lord Elisby's bankrupt estate in his latest scheme to impress the local royalty.

Guest cast: Jack Deam, Sam Townend, David Roper, Derek Hicks, Annette Bentley, Eamonn Riley, David Whittington

First Appearance of Richard Lintern as Ben Norton
14 "Scent of a Kill" Gerry Mill Peter Gibbs 21 March 2004 9.98

Merton is reluctant to involve his team when one of Liz's patients becomes convinced her husband is trying to kill her - until she is nearly killed by a runaway tractor. Meanwhile, Vernon's pest control solution jeopardises Aidensfield's chances of winning the "Best Kept Village" award, leaving him to contend with a furious Blaketon's wraith. Elsewhere, Steve is smitten with Gina's cousin Diana when she turns up to help Gina with the wedding preparations, whilst Bellamy neglects his police work to plan the wedding and faces a dilemma when trying to find a best man.

Guest cast: Jeff Rawle, Paul Kynman, Joanne Rowden, Gillian Wright, Trevor Ray
15 "Daniel" Adrian Bean Jane Hollowood 28 March 2004 10.70

A heartbreaking chain of events are set in motion when Gina goes into premature labour after she is caught in the crossfire of a brawl in the Aidensfield Arms. Sgt Merton is delighted when his team seize the chance to bring a major drugs dealer to justice, but one of the officers oversteps the mark when they develop a personal grudge against the LSD dealer.

Guest cast: Karl Haynes, Steve Ramsden, Caroline Strong, Will Tacey, Joanne Mitchell, Richard Heffer
16 "One Thing Leads to Another" Andrew Morgan Candy Denman 4 April 2004 10.33

Jenny falls victim to con-men who have devised an elaborate loan and savings racket to fleece unwitting villagers. Meanwhile, Vernon, Bernie and David put their artistic prowess to the test by entering a poetry competition run by the Ashfordly Gazette, and their competitive spirit soon causes friction between the trio, whilst Blaketon fears Gina and Bellamy's grief is pushing them apart rather than bringing them together.

Guest cast: Kevin Quarmby, Rebecca Charles, Paul Copley, Jimmy Reddington, Vanessa Rosenthal
17 "No Hard Feelings" Judith Dine Susan Wilkins 11 April 2004 8.87

Bellamy's fiery temper boils over in dramatic style against a snobbish nobility and a charmer with an eye for Gina when the team pursue a sniper who has been improving his skills at clay-pigeon shoots. Meanwhile, Vernon decides to venture into the bed-and-breakfast market - but his cooking skills leave a lot to be desired.

Guest cast: James Bradshaw, Hermione Gulliford, Mark Dexter, Miranda Raison, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ian Sharp
18 "Difficult Times" Gerry Mill Neil McKay 18 April 2004 10.42

Merton's police work finally has consequences for his marriage when he is forced to investigate Liz's professional competence when one of her patients, a former Formula 1 driver, dies of an insulin overdose. Meanwhile, Vernon meets his match in a charismatic wheeler-dealer, and the pair embarks on a mission to make Aidensfield sparkle with a new brand of cleaning products.

Guest cast: Julian Sims, Danny McGrath, Julie Higginson, Jo-Anne Stockham, Geoff Oldham, Beatrice Kelly, Stephen Critchlow
19 "Nowhere Man" Matt Bloom Peter Mills 25 April 2004 9.30

Steve and Liz comes to the aid of an amnesiac struggling to piece together his identity, but they soon discover jogging the newcomer's memory may not be a good idea when they become uncover a shocking case of domestic violence. Meanwhile, Bernie and David are once again left picking up the pieces when Vernon becomes morbid and sets out to make an everlasting impact on the world, whilst Jenny issues Merton a few home truths about the troubles in their marriage.

Guest cast: Ian East, Rupert Farley, Andrew Dunford, Emma Shaw, Mark Lisbon
20 "Swan Song" Declan O'Dwyer Susan Wilkins 2 May 2004 9.09

In his final case before retirement, a downbeat Ventress mounts a large-scale surveillance operation in an effort to nail the son of the biggest rug manufacturer in Yorkshire when he begins de-fleecing sheep in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Bernie finds himself in hot water with an Australian newly arrived in Britain to bury his estranged father, who has already been buried by the undertaker, whilst Blaketon fends off the advances of a local widow.

Guest cast: Gwyneth Powell, Lee Warburton, David Ross, Tama Matheson, Matthew Lewney
21 "Strangers on a Train" Pip Short Susan Wilkins 9 May 2004 10.21

After David witnesses a man getting thrown off a moving train, it leads to Steve foiling an armed robbery at Ashfordly Hall, but also leaves an escaped convict loose in Aidensfield. As the team pursue him, Ventress feels lost without the police force and is delighted when Merton comes up with a solution. Meanwhile, Vernon is stalked by a donkey, but later turns it to his advantage by opening up a donkey sanctuary, only to have his plans opposed when he discovers a sanctuary already exists in the village.

Guest cast: Rachel Spencer, Osmund Bullock, Nicholas Boulton, Rosemary Leach, Calum Callaghan, David Williams
22 "A Call to Arms" Judith Dine Jane Hollowood 16 May 2004 8.83

The police are puzzled when it seems a retired colleague of Ventress and Blaketon's has become the unlikely victim of vandalism. Suspicions are soon aroused over the reasons for his sudden return to the village and his connection to a prominent judge who is staying at Ashfordly Hall. Meanwhile, Vernon encounters dangerous wildlife as he stashes his capital in Ashfordly woods following a visit from the Inland Revenue, but decides to turn the incident into another money-making scheme, leading the entrepreneur into further peril.

Guest cast: Nick Bagnall, Sam Kelly, Nicholas Gallagher, John Moreno, Jonathan Cheetham
23 "Muck and Brass" Noreen Kershaw Duncan Ghould 23 May 2004 7.72

Merton isn't happy at the prospects of dozens of dangerous drivers when Aidensfield hosts a prestigious car hill-climb. The villagers aren't happy either, and when a saboteur begins causing chaos, the team face a race against time to identify the culprit and prevent a catastrophic disaster. Meanwhile, Bernie finds an old car in a cowshed and decides to renovate it, giving Vernon his chance to scoop the winnings in the car hill-climb event.

Guest cast: Gerard Kearns, Paul Goodwin, Andrew Dunn
24 "Double Trouble" Gerry Mill Johnny Byrne 30 May 2004 6.97

A seemingly straightforward burglary enquiry takes an unexpected turn when the victim is found to be leading a double life and suspicions are raised that the break-in could have been part of an insurance fraud. Meanwhile, Blaketon falls for the charms of a lady solicitor and teams up with Ventress to help her track down the beneficiaries of an unusual bequest, but the ageing detectives struggle to work in a partnership, and when David is recruited as their driver, he finds himself acting as peacemaker.

Guest cast: Sue Wallace, Ken Drury, Sadie Pickering, Carolyn Lyster, James Ellis, Lyn O'Hara, Janet Greaves
25 "Little Angel" Jonas Grimas Jane Hollowood 6 June 2004 9.16

A little girl disappears, prompting Merton to begin a desperate search, convinced her errant father has snatched her. Blaketon decides to lend his expertise to the case - only to end up fighting for his life. Steve and Bellamy's dedication to duty sees them placing their lives on the line to rescue the youngster. Meanwhile, Vernon offers his services in pest control when the Aidensfield Arms is hit by a rat infestation.

Guest cast: John Elkington, Joanne Dakin, Karen Spicer, Christopher Connel, Joy Brook, Mark Frost, Smug Roberts

Final Appearance of James Carlton as PC Steve Crane

Series 14 (2004–2005)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers
1 "Money, Money, Money" Roger Bamford John Flanagan 5 September 2004 8.76

The residents of Aidensfield are horrified when Steve Crane's replacement is none other than Robert Walker, the son of a notorious gangster. As he deals with an arson case on his first day, Rob must first tackle the repercussions of his father's past, in particular from Blaketon, who harbours a grudge against Rob himself. Meanwhile, Vernon shows his softer side when he and David are asked to decorate the house of an old man obsession with Shakespeare, Liz and Ben's fundraising efforts brings out the charitable side of the most miserly residents, whilst Jenny and Merton return from a break away and try to put the past behind them.

Guest cast: Joyce Kennedy, Paul Hamilton, Jim McManus, Geoffrey Bayldon, Joe Renton, Paula Chapman, Kevin Drury

First Appearance of Jonathan Kerrigan as PC Rob Walker
2 "Secrets and Lies" Jonas Grimas Johnny Byrne 12 September 2004 7.84

Merton is unimpressed by Rob's methods of dealing with a blackmailer who begins terrorising the owner of a refuge, one of Liz's patients - and Alf Ventress' wife's goddaughter. Meanwhile, Vernon, Bernie and David embark on a venture in the world of publishing with a famous publisher on the verge of bankruptcy.

Guest cast: Colin Edwynn, Philip Lightfoot, Christine Anderson, Jonathan Newth, Roger Walker, David Ryall, Olivia Jardith, Tara Moran
3 "Fakers and Frauds" Adrian Beans Richard Monks 19 September 2004 8.50

The Ashfordly Police station's reputation comes under scrutiny when evidence from a spate of burglaries suggests the culprit is someone within the force. Meanwhile, Vernon hosts an exclusive painting weekend at Ashfordly Hall and offers his expertise to the amateur artists, but he is put in a compromising position when his life model fails to show up, whilst a flirtatious businesswomen makes several attempts to seduce David.

Guest cast: Andrew Haslam, Elizabeth Kelly, John McGlynn, Kevin Williams, Tracey Booth, Tom Lloyd-Roberts, Patrick Connolly, Lynda Rooke
4 "The Happiest Day" Andrew Morgan Peter Gibbs 26 September 2004 9.01

A ruthless loan shark forces a desperate family man trying to pay for his daughter's wedding into engineering a robbery at the warehouse where he works. Unable to pay the loan and fearful for his life, he confides in Blaketon, leaving the former cop in a difficult position. If he passes on the information to Rob, he'll either destroy a family or put a man's life in grave danger. Meanwhile, David causes all manner of trouble for the locals when he takes up photography as a hobby and catches the villagers in a compromising position.

Guest cast: Philip Jackson, Harriette Quarrie, Romolo Bruni, Phil Smeeton, Glenn Doherty, Sarah Guyler, Tom Oldham, Trevor Byfield
5 "Hunter's Moon" Jonas Grimss Candy Denman 3 October 2004 9.21

Merton works alongside CID to investigate the suspicious death of a fox hunter, but Rob thinks it's an open-and-shut case when he finds evidence that puts a local poacher under suspicion. Meanwhile, Vernon is outraged when David forgets to collect the chairman of the taxi licensing committee and attempts to win her round by recreating her favourite dance at the town fete, and with Bernie away, he seizes the opportunity to assert his authority at the garage by employing a young girl who creates quite an impression.

Guest cast: Hannah Gordon, Angela Curran, Kris Mochrie, Nigel Collins, Jane Godber, Georgia Allen, Phil Hearne, Felicia Herrero-Berry, Joan Blackham

First Appearance of Vanessa Hehir as Rosie Cartwright
6 "Wrecked" Roger Bamford Neil McKay 10 October 2004 8.74

As he begins a new romance with a lonely single mother, Bellamy is forced to confront painful memories when he is targeted in a series of attacks. After being mistaken for his colleague, Rob begins to suspect a recently released prisoner who Bellamy put behind bars years previously is responsible. Meanwhile, Lord Ashfordly demands answers from Merton when his greenhouse is stolen, and his day worsens when two irritating Australians, claiming to be distant relatives, turn up at Ashfordly Hall. Elsewhere, Bernie receives a shock when he returns from holiday to find new employee Rosie working at the garage, but is soon won over by her talents and bubbly personality.

Guest cast: Gary Whitaker, Roger Sloman, Joanne Good, Gary Dunnington, Jean Stevens, Laurence Mitchell, Lisa Kay
7 "Say it with Flowers" Adrian Bean Brian Finch 17 October 2004 9.68

Rob and Merton investigate a security van raid in Ashfordly and are convinced there is a link to a recent robbery at a local airfield, but a senior officer visiting from Middlesbrough dismisses their claims. Meanwhile, Vernon takes a sudden interest in the flower show when he discovers David might be the owner of a rare, potentially prize-winning fuchsia and turns to Blaketon and Ventress for help when the plant suddenly disappears.

Guest cast: Avril Clark, Tom Chadbon, Judith Davis, Don McCorkindale, Andy Hockley, Ken Campbell, Edward Kingham
8 "Precious Stones" Andrew Morgan John Flanagan 31 October 2004 8.92

David becomes a local hero after he intervenes when armed robbers raid a local estate during a dinner party, much to Bernie's exasperation when his celebrity status effects his work. Bellamy joins DI Shiner to investigates and come to the conclusion the robbers were amateurs after finding the stolen items in a crashed car. However, they soon reconsider when the police station is raided for the stolen jewels. Meanwhile, Ben receives an exciting job offer in Kenya and asks Liz to accompany him - as his wife! Jenny is aghast at the thought of losing her best friend, leaving the village GP with a difficult dilemma.

Guest cast: Tam Williams, Lucy Fleming, Simon Williams, Robert Horwell, Carol Robb, Paul Chapman, Helen Longworth, John Vine
9 "Buried Secrets" Roger Bamford Peter Gibbs 7 November 2004 9.32

The team investigate the murder of an ex-army recluse and archaeological enthusiast and suspect a building dispute could provide a motive. Things get complicated when his estranged wife and her lover show up in the village with money in mind. Meanwhile, Vernon attempts to raise the depressed spirits of his young relative Gareth by matchmaking him with Rosie. After a disastrous date, Rosie orders Vernon to draw Gareth's attention away from her, but his plan to do so leaves David convinced he has a chance with the beautiful mechanic, causing him and Gareth to become rivals for her affections, whilst Jenny's erratic behaviour leaves Merton worried.

Guest cast: Darryl Goddard, Tracy Brabin, Michael Attwell, Robert Wilfort, Andrew Barrow, John Tams
10 "Stormy Weather" Judith Dine Susan Wilkins 14 November 2004 9.54

As a terrible thunderstorm rocks Aidensfield, Merton and Bellamy investigate the murder of a retired policeman who was about to flee to Spain with his sister-in-law, whilst Jenny starts behaving oddly after realising the strain that comes with being a policeman's spouse. Meanwhile, Vernon is convinced poker is his game, but he ends up gambling away Greengrass' old truck when he makes the mistake of challenging Rosie's uncle, a professional hustler. A rematch results in him losing his and David's profits, causing Rosie to recruit an eccentric relative to teach her gambling uncle a lesson.

Guest cast: Abby Simpson, Paul Clarkson, Kenny Ireland, Elizabeth Rider, Neil Boorman, Christopher Tembey, Sheila Burrell, Ian Keith
11 "Who's Sorry Now?" Gerry Mill Candy Denman 21 November 2004 9.87

It's all change in Aidensfield as new doctor Helen Trent arrives with her wealthy husband Matt, whilst Liz plans her wedding to Ben and their departure for Kenya. With so much change at the surgery, Jenny's life begins to spiral out of control as her mind is in danger of unravelling. Dennis is desperate to help, but when he does so, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law on suspicion of abusing his wife. Back at the surgery, Helen finds it hard to adjust to the slow pace of Yorkshire, and it soon becomes clear that not all is well in her marriage.

Guest cast: Oliver Montgomery, William Snape, Conrad Nelson, David Crellin, Stacey Heywood, Robert Whelan, Richard Lintern

First Appearance of Sophie Ward as Dr Helen Trent
12 "In Sickness and in Health" Roger Bamford John Flanagan 28 November 2004 10.24

Liz and Ben's wedding day arrives, but Vernon's efforts to make the party go off with a bang ends in chaos when Ben finds himself assisting Rob and the team when a banker's wife is kidnapped. Merton faces the toughest decision of his life as the extent of Jenny's mental issues becomes clear, forcing him to choose which is most important to him: his wife or career. Helen Trent's dreams of a fresh start for her marriage look set to be shattered, and Bellamy is delighted when he is promoted to acting sergeant in Merton's absence.

Guest cast: Oliver Montgomery, Kevin Moore, Frances Carrigan, Emma Amos, Jonathan Coy, Andrew Grainger, Albert Welling, David Woodcock, Richard Lintern, Sophie Ward

Final Appearance of Duncan Bell as Sgt Dennis Merton, Sarah Tansey as Jenny Merton, Aislin McGuckin as Dr Liz Merrick and Richard Lintern as Ben Norton
13 "In the Bleak Midwinter" Gerry Mill Johnny Byrne 26 December 2004 5.95

An aging jazz band, led by an old acquaintance of Vernon's, visit Aidensfield to perform at a Christmas concert. Disaster strikes when they are left with a newborn baby after picking up a teenage hitchhiker on her way home to see her parents for the holidays, leaving Rob with the task of bringing two estranged families together for Christmas. Meanwhile, Gina takes centre stage at the Christmas concert with her rendition of "Winter Wonderland", whilst a mix-up leaves both Blaketon and David taking on the role of Father Christmas.

Guest cast: Alan Price, Allan Corduner, Ram John Holder, Vicki Lee Taylor, Jamie De Courcey, Ken Bones, David Woodcock, Rachel Davies, Tim Carlton
14 "Blast from the Past" Noreen Kershaw Jane Hollowood 13 March 2005 8.41

Rob is forced to confront his criminal past when he undertakes his own unofficial investigation into a series of violent burglaries against the elderly residents of Aidensfield, but his snooping into the lives of his father's dangerous associates looks set to have a profound impact on the officer's family when he finds evidence that could nail a major underworld figure for an unsolved armed robbery, which would also put his own father behind bars. Meanwhile, David falls for Matthew Trent's former mistress and finds himself acting as a secret messenger in their sordid affair, leaving Gina, Bernie and Rosie suspicious of his behaviour. Elsewhere, a fresh new constable shows up at Ashfordly station for his first day - PC Geoff Younger, much to the man-eating sergeant Nokes' delight.

Guest cast: Tony Pitts, Rebecca Lacey, Pauline Jefferson, Oliver Montgomery, Kitty Scopes, Peter Lorenzelli, Will Norris, Sophie Ward

First Appearance of Steven Blakeley as PC Geoff Younger
15 "Icon" Judith Dine Tracy Brabin 20 March 2005 8.52

Ventress puts his acting skills to the test when Bellamy and Rob hunt for a batch of stolen Russian icons which have been unloaded from a fishing boat belonging to a convicted smuggler, and suspect an assault victim at the Aidensfield Arms might be involved when they discover his criminal connections. Meanwhile, Vernon embarks on another hare-brained scheme when he meets an Italian truffle salesman, and Alfred is the key to his success, whilst Helen is puzzled by a young girl's baffling history, leading her to uncovering a horrifying case of child abuse.

Guest cast: David Fleeshman, Nicholas Gleaves, Sally George, Jake Canuso, David Dickinson, Nick Brimble, Joanne Farrell
16 "Golf Papa One Zero" Gerry Mill Candy Denman 27 March 2005 8.21

Blaketon rallies the villagers in a protest against the new Ashfordly sergeant, former York officer George Miller, when he decides to close the police house in Aidensfield and introduces a state-of-the-art Ford Zephyr police car that fails to catch the culprits to a series of wage snatches, which leaves Rob in serious danger when he is left to apprehend them without backup. Meanwhile, David's heart of gold gets him into trouble when he promises to throw a birthday party for a lonely old lady who becomes depressed when her 100th birthday goes un-marked, whilst a nurse takes a shine to Rob after he is hospitalised.

Guest cast: Daphne Oxenford, Simon Lenagan, Neil Alan Taylor, Andrew Cryer, Helena Calvert

First Appearance of John Duttine as Sgt George Miller
17 "The Long View" Dominic Clemence John Flanagan 3 April 2005 9.01

Miller is unimpressed by Rob's rebellious streak when he bends the rules in a spectacular way whilst trying to prevent a highly professional robbery. Meanwhile, Bernie's odd behaviour leaves his nearest and dearest fearing the worst, whilst Gina gives Rosie a makeover ahead of her date, but she receives a shock when Rosie's mystery man turns out to be none other than Bellamy.

Guest cast: Chris Brailsford, Geraldine Griffiths, Helena Calvert, Amanda Fairclough, Jayne Ashbourne, Ken Anderson II, Benedick Blythe
18 "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" Noreen Kershaw Peter Gibbs 10 April 2005 9.03

Bellamy tries to impress Miller by going it alone to investigate a marketeer suspected of using sheep to conceal his true criminal activities. Meanwhile, the arrival of a tax inspector throws the residents into a panic. Vernon bears the brunt of the taxman's wrath when countless dodgy deals come back to haunt him. When Bernie finally tires of his ways, the entrepreneur resorts to drastic measures to deal with his debts, with heartbreaking consequences. Elsewhere, Gina loses patience with Blaketon when he interferes in yet another one of her romances.

Guest cast: Stewart Howson, Tim Wylton, James Weaver, Helena Calvert, Anthony Bessick, Steve Newton, Dave Dutton

Final Appearance of Geoffrey Hughes as Vernon Scripps
19 "Friends and Relations" Noreen Kershaw Susan Wilkins 17 April 2005 9.57

Rob's new girlfriend Clare is under suspicion when a wild party ends in tragedy with a drugs-related death, and Miller's negative opinion of the rebellious officer deteriorates further when he discovers Rob was present at the drug-fuelled event. Meanwhile, David is delighted when his aunt, Peggy Armstrong, turns up in Aidensfield. The battleaxe is quick to take advantage of David's grief for his late mother and Vernon Scripps by moving in with him and setting up an illegal vodka still. Ventress knows Peggy of old and fills Blaketon and Gina in on the newcomer's dubious past.

Guest cast: Helena Calvert, Stuart Hickey, Benedick Blythe, Clare Wille

First Appearance of Gwen Taylor as Peggy Armstrong
20 "Off the Rails" Roger Bamford Richard Monks 24 April 2005 9.32

Miller and his men find a vital clue in the most unlikely place when a crimewave hits Ashfordly railway station and a number of freight wagons mysteriously disappear. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy decides to play dirty when Bernie competes in the local bowls tournament. Elsewhere, a new romance begins when Helen and Gina's girls night out coincides with Bellamy and Rob's lads night out.

Guest cast: Roy Barraclough, Randal Harley, Helen Kay, Martin Reeve, Tony Pritchard, John Kerrigan, David Anders
21 "Rustlers and Hustlers" Anna Rose Brian Finch 1 May 2005 8.07

Rob investigates a series of sinister animal thefts when he is called to the scene of a horseriding accident. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy takes advantage of Blaketon's absence at the Aidensfield Arms by hosting a poker tournament, but he returns early from his golf trip and bars her and David from the pub. Elsewhere, Joyce Jowett irritates the officers at Ashfordly by constantly complaining about bad smells and noisy lorries, and the atmosphere is awkward between Helen and Rob following their night of passion.

Guest cast: Susan Tordoff, Sophie Carrigil, Heidi-Jo Lister, Terence Beesley, Elizabeth Bennett, Michael Wardle, Richard O'Callaghan, Bernard Wrigley
22 "Duty of Care" Ian Bevitt Ming Ho 8 May 2005 8.73

With Rob on holiday, Bellamy investigates when a young boy is accidentally shot at Ashfordly Hall and accuses the new estate manager of exploiting youngsters for child labour, but he uncovers a far more complicated situation, leaving him with an unwelcome reminder of the past as he tries to help a desperate father concealing a devastating secret from his son. Meanwhile, Peggy's new venture of guided tours in the area is cut short by a terrifying encounter.

Guest cast: Dale Barker, Mark Fountain, Kathy Jamieson, John McArdle, Peter Amory, Christopher Avery, Joanna Ward, Lisa Stevenson, Joanna David
23 "Shadows from the Past" Gerry Mills Peter Gibbs 15 May 2005 8.68

The Ashfordly team reinvestigate the murder of a young girl who was killed 11 years previously when a compulsive liar with mental health issues confesses to the crime. A search fails to uncover the victim's body, but the investigation takes an intriguing twist when Younger unearths a male skeleton instead. As the team take on two murder investigations, Rob and Helen try to protect the suspect and his mother when a campaign of abuse begins against them. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy sets her sight on a boorish wealthy widow, and whilst her gold-digging antics provide the source of amusement for Gina, they don't go down too well with a close friend of his.

Guest cast: Geoffrey Hutchings, Graham Turner, Anna Niland, Rita May, Andy Rashleigh, Rita Davies, Jeremy Colton
24 "Every Dog His Day" Andrew Morgan Susan Wilkins 22 May 2005 8.38

Lord Ashfordly plays host to a group of young offenders, led by his old army friend, as part of a rehabilitation programme, but it soon becomes clear that not all of the youngsters are prepared to see the error of their ways after a spate of disturbances occur in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Blaketon and Ventress go on the hunt for a lonely old lady's beloved dog, and when she offers a £50 reward for its return, Peggy attempts to con the spinster by buying a similar dog, whilst Bellamy brings a little happiness into a troubled boy's life.

Guest cast: Rosemary Leach, Kirk Scargill, Danny Tennant, Trevor MacFarlane, Howard Ward, Tony Mooney, Geoffrey Hutchings, Graham Turner, Anna Niland
25 "Services Rendered" Stuart Davids Johnny Byrne 29 May 2005 7.81

The team find themselves with a host of vengeful suspects when a widowed father trying to rebuild his shattered life becomes the target of a hit-and-run accident. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy's new batch of illegal cigarettes land Younger in hot water when it turns out that they contain an unexpected ingredient, and when the real owners show up, Ventress comes up with a plan to get them both out of trouble.

Guest cast: Stephen Omer, Jonathan Guy Lewis, Rowena Cooper, Sarah Kirkman, Paul Jibson, Sean Scanlan, Samantha Beckinsale, Ron Donachie
26 "Bin Man" Judith Dine Jane Hollowood 5 June 2005 8.72

When Gina finds a severed hand in her dustbin, the team immediately start searching for more body parts and find evidence to suggest that one of Lord Ashfordly's most closest allies could be a ruthless murderer. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy invests in a freezer for her latest venture of selling rabbits and pheasants, only to find herself at the centre of a murder enquiry. Elsewhere, Blaketon befriends a private investigator who has been sent to Aidensfield to dig dirt on Helen on behalf of her cheating husband ahead of their divorce, whilst Bernie is spooked when things start going missing at the garage.

Guest cast: Huw Ceredig, Sam Townend. Barbara Bolton

Final Appearance of Barbara Bolton as Mrs. Kellett

Series 15 (2005–2006)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers
1 "A Fresh Start" Roger Bamford John Flanagan 11 September 2005 6.93

A reformed London gangster called Terry Molloy arrives in Aidensfield to start a new life and comes to the attention of the police when he saves Rob from a beating at the hands of a gang of reckless hooligans. Miller wastes no time in putting him in the frame when a safe is blown in Ashfordly, much to Rob's dismay. Worse still, Younger accidentally reveals Molloy's whereabouts to a snooping journalist, and the news soon reaches Molloy's former underworld associates. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy causes a salmonella outbreak when her chicken-feed racket backfires, whilst Helen and Rob have embarked on a full-blown affair, and Ventress is concerned when his wife falls ill.

Guest cast: Mark Wingett, Victor McGuire, Scott Edmund Lane
2 "The Devil You Know" Andrew Morgan Peter Gibbs 2 October 2005 8.42

Ventress poses as a criminal to dig dirt on a dangerous driver who has accused Rob of using excessive force. However, the covert operation reveals startling information that casts doubt on Miller's integrity. Meanwhile, Lord Ashfordly asks Gina to help him interview for a new housekeeper, with one of the candidates being none other than Aunt Peggy! Elsewhere, David is delighted when one of his elderly customers gives him her late husbands model railway set, and Bellamy is appointed Federation rep and must deal with Younger's complaint about being treated like an odd-job man at the police station.

Guest cast: Francis Magee, Elizabeth Bennett, Alan Ready, Daphne Oxenford
3 "Miller's Tale" Judith Dine Richard Monks 9 October 2005 8.05

Miller gives chase to a gang of poachers on Ashfordly Hall in the middle of the night and accidentally knocks down an old tramp, who later dies in hospital, jeopardising the sergeant's future in the police force. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy is knocked down a hole on Lord Ashfordly's land whilst poaching and remains there all night. However, it brings about another money-making idea when she decides to sue him for the "injuries" she sustained. Elsewhere, Gina goes to art college in York and finds herself attracted to her teacher, whilst an offer from an old friend leaves Blaketon tempted into selling the Aidensfield Arms to the brewery.

Guest cast: Jamie Lomas, Myles Keogh, Joe Parry, Michael Elwyn, David Crellin, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Victor McGuire

First Appearance of Murray Head as Jack Hollins
4 "Mastermind" Jonas Grimas Brian Finch 16 October 2005 8.69

A gang of ageing villains spot a chance for one last, glorious crime spree when the villagers leave Aidensfield en masse to support Rob in a charity football match. Meanwhile, David is nervous when he is summoned for jury service and learns the accused is an old acquaintance of Aunt Peggy's, providing her with a new way of making easy money and leaving David paranoid that Miller wants to send him to prison.

Guest cast: George Cole, Penny Morrell, Bridget Turner, Timothy Bateson, Harry Towb, Ralph Ineson, Marc Finn, James Horne
5 "Family Ties" Jonas Grimas Candy Denman 23 October 2005 8.12

Helen becomes involved in a suspected case of euthanasia when one of her patients suddenly dies, and Rob's desperate need to clear his girlfriend's name nearly blows their affair to the rest of the village. Meanwhile, Peggy and David start a strawberry scam involving Rosie's two brothers, providing an excited Geoff Younger with his first ever independent case.

Guest cast: Duggie Brown, Richard Huw, Judy Holt, Freddie Jones, Ben Crompton, James Lewis, Madaleine Moffatt
6 "The End of the Road" Roger Bamford Jane Hollowood 30 October 2005 8.94

An escaped killer causes a public outcry when he turns up in Aidensfield and commits a series of violent attacks on the locals, two of the victims being his own parents. Rob allows his feelings to jeopardise the recapture of the convict when Helen is kidnapped. Meanwhile, David faces a heartbreaking time when Claude Greengrass' beloved lurcher Alfred passes away. As the happy-go-lucky handyman sinks into depression, a concerned Peggy, Bernie and Rosie try to bring light back into his life.

Guest cast: Peter Vaughan, Elizabeth Spriggs, Mark Letheren
7 "Picture This" Andrew Morgan Susan Wilkins 6 November 2005 9.08

Miller demands answers from Lord Ashfordly when a priceless Manet painting is stolen from a retired German art dealer's home, who is found in a critical state by Blaketon after a car accident. Meanwhile, Peggy tries to convince a pair of visiting bird-watchers that Aidensfield's wildlife includes a rare bird of prey, and David tries to wing it as an ornithological expert.

Guest cast: Geoffrey Banks, Caroline Blakiston, Simon Dutton, Philip Bowen, Jacki Webb
8 "The Good Samaritan" Judith Dine Collin MacDonald 13 November 2005 8.58

The residents pull together to raise money for a devout couple when their baby is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition and an operation in America is the only thing that could save her, whilst Rob intervenes when greed and a brotherly feud results in a fatal car crash and a series of serious assaults. Meanwhile, Peggy is up to her usual tricks as she frightens some holiday-makers when a rumour circulates that a local tourist spot is haunted, and Jack and Gina go for a walk in the woods - and come across a dead body!

Guest cast: Connor McIntyre, Kevin Brannagan, Lisa Millett, Paul Bown, Richard Hope, Michael Cochrane, Paul Richard Jackson, Josie Owen
9 "Blood Brothers" Gerry Mill Peter Gibbs 20 November 2005 9.22

David helps his young friend run away from home when the return of his troublesome father causes turmoil for his mother, but the dim-witted handyman inadvertently leaves the young boy with a paedophile. Meanwhile, Jack recruits Bernie in an ill-advised attempt to encourage Gina's creative ambitions when the Aidensfield Arms plays host to an art exhibition, whilst Lord Ashfordly's hires Peggy as a dog trainer for his out-of-control dog when the hound bites a window cleaner, who demands Miller has the dog put down.

Guest cast: Chris Larner, Gerda Stevenson, Susie Trayling, Danny Webb, Tom Weston, Bobby Ball
10 "Burden of Proof" Roger Bamford Susan Wilkins 27 November 2005 9.22

Blaketon becomes the prime suspect in a murder enquiry when he is asked to spy on an adulterous coal merchant by his wife. After the man is found dead, his wife claims she and Blaketon are lovers, leaving Rob to lead his own investigation to clear the private detective's name. Meanwhile, Bellamy falls in love with a young widow with three children, living on the Ashfordly council estate, when he attends to a burglary at her house, and Peggy fails to back a winner when she buys a greyhound that refuses to run.

Guest cast: Ian Kershaw, Fiona Clarke, Linda Bassett, Dearbhla Molloy, Tony Mooney, Tim Paley, Barbara Durkin, Jeff Merchant, Tim Brooke-Taylor

First Appearance of Josefina Gabrielle as Debbie Black
11 "O Guilty Man!" Judith Dine Jane Hollowood 4 December 2005 8.87

David fears Scripps family history has repeated itself when Bernie disappears after his sanity is questioned when a truck he recently repaired careers into a garden and a snooping journalist uses it to boost his credibility. Blaketon and Ventress take it upon themselves to track down the mechanic. Meanwhile, Helen's estranged husband Matthew returns to Aidensfield and his scheming lands Rob in serious trouble when he faces being transferred to another station. Pushed to the limit by her cheating ex, Helen decides to play her husband at his own games.

Guest cast: Oliver Montgomery, Paul Loughran, Lisa Allen, Fine Time Fontayne, Jeannie Crowther
12 "Auld Acquaintance" Roger Bamford Peter Gibbs 18 December 2005 8.70

Lord Ashfordly and his staff go away for Christmas, leaving Ashfordly Hall in the hands of his lordship's old army pal after rumours of a planned robbery emerge. However, he soon arouses Rob's suspicion when he harbours a young tearaway and tries to teach him a valuable life lesson in a violent way when the thief repays his act of kindness by stealing Lord Ashfordly's valuables. Meanwhile, Blaketon and Peggy go into competition when they both open Santa's grottos at the pub and Bernie's garage, whilst Ventress' nose is put out of joint when his wife falls ill and Gina, Helen, David and Bellamy to draw straws on who gets to invite him for Christmas dinner.

Guest cast: Todd Carty, Luke Adamson, Tom Georgeson, Lee Booth, Josh Jenkins
13 "Living with the Past" Jonas Grimas John Flanagan 1 January 2006 7.94

The villagers are furious when Henry Stoddard, who was convicted of murdering Nick Rowan's predecessor, is released from prison. When the Aidensfield Arms is attacked and Ventress is nearly killed in a hit-and-run accident, Henry immediately comes under suspicion and protests his innocence in the 15-year-old murder case. Rob reopens the case in an attempt to stop further violence from spilling out, but he ends up casting doubt on Blaketon's integrity when evidence suggests another member of the Stoddard family was too blame. Meanwhile, Peggy is delighted when she discovers she may be a distant relative of Lord Ashfordly's and wastes no time by cashing in on her discovery and making herself quite at home at Ashfordly Hall, whilst Bellamy leaves the villagers stunned when he turns up at the pub - with his new wife Debbie!

Guest cast: Roger Bingham, Matthew Dunster, John Bowe, Alison Swann, Stephen Hoyle, Jacqueline Pilton, Helen Longworth
14 "Risky Business" Gerry Mill Peter Gibbs 8 January 2006 8.49

A convicted young arsonist's rehabilitation is threatened when he is accused of a series of arson attacks - and his clandestine relationship with a former employer's daughter complicates his plea of innocence. Rob is reminded of his own troublesome childhood and tries to prove the youngster isn't guilty, but it becomes increasingly difficult when all evidence points to the contrary. Meanwhile, Blaketon and Jack team up and find themselves in a police cell when they oppose Peggy's new advertisement venture.

Guest cast: Philip McGinley, Lynn Farleigh, Leslie Phillips, Elaine Glover, Kim Wall, Barry Jackson, Peter Ivatts
15 "Hostage to Fortune" Andrew Morgan John Flanagan 15 January 2006 9.02

The Ashfordly team pursue Aidensfield's very own Bonnie and Clyde following a series of armed robberies. When the runaway heiress is injured whilst on the run, her ruthless boyfriend kidnaps Helen, who pushes her luck too far when she sets out to persuade the young women to ditch her violent partner-in-crime. Meanwhile, Peggy is incensed when Rosie takes over at the garage whilst Bernie is away and instructs a reluctant David to prove himself by organizing a funeral in a madcap scheme to get Bernie to leave the garage to the hapless handyman in his will.

Guest cast: Edward MacLiam, Antonia Bernath, Colin Farrell, Adam Ross Thompson

Final Appearance of Simon Molloy as DI Shiner
16 "Judgement Day" Roger Bamford Brian Finch 22 January 2006 9.66

Rob and the team are called in when a local judge becomes the target of a series of attacks and is subsequently terrorised by a blackmailer. As they discover what sordid antics the judge gets up to behind closed doors, the case takes a sinister twist when the prime suspect is shot dead on his doorstep. Meanwhile, Peggy and David buy a radio that tunes into police channels and sell the stories to the Ashfordly Gazette, which also gives them the opportunity to teach a pompous old enemy a lesson. It's not long before an outraged Miller discovers their scheme and delights at the chance to finally throw the book at his scheming nemesis.

Guest cast: Paul Albertson, Robin Ellis, Patrick Cremin, Fine Time Fontayne, Gabrielle Drake
17 "Get Back" Adrian Bean Mark Holloway 23 April 2006 9.12

Rob and Bellamy pick up a man claiming to be a local farmer who presumably perished in a London air raid in the 1940s. As no body was ever found, he claims to have lost his memory and soon causes a stir when he tries to pick up where he left off with his wife, who has remarried and is now trapped in a loveless marriage with a seriously-ill abusive man, who seems to know more about the circumstances behind his rival's disappearance than he is letting on. Meanwhile, Lord Ashfordly's behaviour takes a strange turn after he eats some of Peggy's peculiar batch of mushrooms, whilst Younger asks Rosie for driving lesson when Miller books him on an official police driving course, but she is horrified when their "romance" comes the talk of the village.

Guest cast: Paul Copley, Phyllis Logan, Howard Marks, David Hargreaves, Edward Peel, Gerda Stevenson
18 "Runners and Riders" Adrian Bean Sarah Begshaw 30 April 2006 8.53

Lord Ashfordly's niece comes to stay in Aidensfield following the breakdown of her marriage, but immediately suffers another blow when her prize racehorse is kidnapped and held to ransom. Romance is in the air for Rosie as a biker gang turns up in town, and Bernie risks alienating his close friend when he joins Blaketon and other prejudice villagers in their suspicions about the bikers when the local church is robbed, whilst Gina and Bellamy race to save Debbie's daughter Jane when a seedy photographer takes an interest in her.

Guest cast: Rupam Maxwell, Nolan Hemmings, Gabriella Dixon, Timothy Bentinck, Matthew Crompton
19 "Great Expectations" Gerry Mill Jane Hollowood 7 May 2006 9.35

Local farmer Colin Judd is devastated when he is forced to place his property in the hands of an auctioneer following the death of his father - but is even more shocked to see his estranged brother Andy at the sale. Andy seems unusually desperate to get his hands on a box of old junk, which goes from one villager to another and puts Blaketon and Jack in danger when they stand in his way of getting it back. Debbie confronts an old flame and later gets into trouble for drink-driving, and David is left stranded in the middle of nowhere with a pompous couple when Aunt Peggy buys a horse and carriage for her new sightseeing enterprise.

Guest cast: Damian Christian, Rosalind March, Nick Wilton, Richard Sinnott, Sean Blowers
20 "Kith and Kin" Andrew Morgan Susan Wilkins 14 May 2006 8.37

Bernie is subjected to a series of violent attacks, leaving Rosie concerned when he refuses to involve the constabulary, whilst Rob is pushed too far by a violent farmer who causes a punch-up during the birth of his granddaughter. Meanwhile, Helen is horrified when her estranged father, who abandoned her family when she was a young child, arrives in Aidensfield desperate to make amends before cancer ends his life, whilst Peggy enters David into a fishing competition without his approval.

Guest cast: Richie Gibson, Alan Williams, Kate Crossley, Simon Ward
21 "Wine and Roses" Gerry Mill John Flanagan 21 May 2006 8.64

Bellamy is distraught to learn the extent of Debbie's alcoholism when she goes on a late-night drinking spree by the river, but her actions get her into trouble when she becomes implicated in the murder of a bank manager. Meanwhile, Joyce Jowett takes action when Peggy and David allow a colony of hippies to stay on their land when it brings about yet another money-making scheme, and Younger finds himself caught in the middle when the two strong-minded women come to blows, whilst Helen and Rob patch things up after their break-up.

Guest cast: Rupert Young, Kate Robbins, Carole Nimmons
22 "This Happy Breed" Jonas Grimas John Flanagan 28 May 2006 8.06

Miller is delighted when his old Army captain shows up and makes him a business proposition, which he turns down without regret. However, when Rob and Bellamy are called to investigate a spate of car thefts, it becomes clear the sergeant's old friend has other matters to take care of in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Bellamy struggles to look after Debbie's children whilst she is in rehab, but he regrets letting Peggy take his two stepdaughters on a day out when they are arrested for poaching on the lands of Ashfordly Hall, whilst Jack encourages Gina to explore her artistic side by posing nude in one of his paintings.

Guest cast: Anthony Valentine, Joe Caffrey, Gabriella Dixon, Michael Brogan, Peter Ivatts
23 "Keeping Secrets" Roger Bamford Jane Hollowood 4 June 2006 8.11

Despite Rob's efforts to keep his wedding secret, his enigmatic sisters and Gina enlist the help of the residents to organise a surprise party as the policeman prepares to marry Helen. The big day doesn't run smoothly when Helen's mother voices her disapproval and a man's complaint about noisy neighbours turns deadly when his mentally ill wife takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Bellamy is delighted when Debbie returns from rehab a changed woman, Younger's dancing leaves a lot to be desired, Peggy uses old Christmas decorations for the wedding reception, Miller gains an admirer, whilst Gina sees Jack's true colours when she discovers he has sold the nude painting of her to an art gallery in London and wants them to move away from Aidensfield.

Guest cast: Joanna Riding, Sally Walsh, Alice Selwyn, James Midgeley, Bruce Alexander, Lauren Drummond, Ann Bell, Basil Moss, Alan McMahon, Christine Moore
24 "The Dying of the Light" Adrian Bean Jonathan Critchely 18 June 2006 6.82

Rob suspects two cases are connected when a crashed car is found in a ditch and a spate of sheep rustling occurs at a local farm, whilst Helen is left to pick up the pieces when an old women suffering from dementia goes missing and is later found dead in the river. Meanwhile, Peggy is intrigued by an eco-warrior couple's slurry-fuelled generator, whilst Blaketon becomes concerned for Gina when she becomes distant following her break-up with Jack.

Guest cast: Ian Burfield, Colin Meredith, Dorothy Atkinson, Olga Grahame, Helen Lederer, Philip Bird, Steve Garti
25 "Bad Company" Gerry Mill Peter Gibbs 2 July 2006 7.32

When a young girl is involved in a hit-and-run following a local dance, Miller gives the case top priority when he discovers the car involved belongs to the son of the councillor on the police committee, who is known for his reckless driving, whilst the case also puts Younger in a compromising position. Meanwhile, David as finally had enough of being treated like Peggy's skivvy and leaves her to run the taxi business whilst he becomes a window cleaner's assistant.

Guest cast: Rebecca Atkinson, Nicholas Shaw, Claire Slater, Ryan Sampson, Lisa Seddon, Lloyd McGuire, Philip York, Bobby Ball
26 "Accidents Happen" Jonas Grimas John Flanagan 2 July 2006 6.84

A prisoner is broken out of the Ashfordly station cells to pilot a helicopter on an armed robbery job, and Bellamy faces another heartbreaking time when Debbie begins acting strangely as a familiar face returns to the village. Rob and Helen look to the future as Helen moves into the police house, but their happiness comes crashing down when a disturbed boy takes revenge for the death of his dog. Meanwhile, an Ashfordly dentist takes a shine to Peggy, but she soon discovers he has an ulterior motive and recruits a struggling journalist to exact revenge.

Guest cast: Jonty Stephens, Michael Lawrence, Caroline Strong, Christopher Benjamin, Lauren Drummond, Stephen Casey, Morgan Jones

Final Appearance of Sophie Ward as Dr Helen Walker and Josefina Gabrielle as Debbie Bellamy

Series 16 (2006–2007)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers
301 (1) "C'est La Vie" Roger Bamford Peter Gibbs 29 October 2006 8.68

After two months of travelling to mourn the loss of Helen, Rob returns to the village in spectacular style by saving a con-man after his car crashes into the river, prompting him to confess to a life of crime. Blaketon is excited as a Frenchwomen arrives to help with preparations for Aidensfield's twinning with her home town, but he is jealous when Lord Ashfordly takes a shine to her, and when she is left to the tender mercies of Peggy and David, she finds herself behind bars. Bellamy recuperates from his wife's departure, whilst new district nurse Carol Cassidy struggles to treat a woman with an over-protective husband.

Guest cast: David Troughton, Jason Furnival, Cécile Paoli, Richard Oldham, David Schofield, Marie Critchley, Sarah Thurstan

First Appearance of Lisa Kay as Carol Cassidy
302 (2) "Old Scores" Jonas Grimas Peter Gibbs 5 November 2006 9.30

A convicted rapist becomes the target of a hate campaign when he returns to Aidensfield as his victim committed suicide following her assault. Rob intervenes and finds himself siding with the ex-convict, and when a serious allegation is made against him, Rob's investigation reunites him with an old flame, DS Rachel Dawson, who is left with only Younger's help to recapture an escaped convict. Meanwhile, Peggy, David and Carol try to help a talented singer who has now become a drunk to get back on his feet, but the urge for dutch courage seems too strong to beat.

Guest cast: Francis Lee, Terence Hillyer, Emma Hauxwell, Rob Dixon, Rosie Mitchell

First Appearance of Clare Wille as DS Rachel Dawson
303 (3) "Intelligent Matters" Gerry Mill John Flanagan 12 November 2006 9.63

The Ashfordly team join forces with DS Dawson and a shady MI5 agent in the hunt for a Russian trawlerman suspected of being a spy, but Carol soon discovers the government worker has secrets of his own after witnessing a shocking stand-off at a railway station. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy fancies herself as Aidensfield's very own Miss Marple after an old note among a dead friend's belonging raises questions about her cheating husband's disappearance, whilst Miller is suffering from a terrible toothache.

Guest cast: Mem Ferda, Olivia Jardith, Patrick Baladi, Steven Beckingham
304 (4) "Please, Please Me" Andrew Morgan Jane Hollowood 19 November 2006 9.42

Rosie is troubled by the attentions of an ex-boyfriend who won't leave her alone. When it escalates into a full-blow stalking case, Rob and Carol become concerned when they discover the obsessive has a history of violence against his ex-girlfriends, bringing out a darker side of Younger when he tries to protect his friend and pushing the plucky young mechanic over the edge. Meanwhile, Peggy's car is stolen - with David's dog Deefer in the boot! A series of other car thefts and a number of other dog disappearances leaves the Miller and his men baffled. Elsewhere, Gina tries to encourage Bellamy to open up about his feelings in the wake of his marriage, only for the full extend of his heartache to come spilling out when she suggests they give their chaotic romance another go.

Guest cast: Daniel Ainsleigh, Patrick Connolly, Samuel Yates, Diana Flacks, Stephen MacKenna, Robert Morgan
305 (5) "Memoirs of a Fighting Man" Roger Bamford John Martin Johnson 26 November 2006 9.44

Rob clashes with Blaketon when he struggles to decide whether an ex-Army major is guilty of murder after shooting a youth who broke into his home. Meanwhile, a struggling father asks Carol to try to get through to his pregnant teenager daughter who has shut herself off from the rest of the world, whilst Peggy incurs Bernie's wraith when she, Rosie and David try to save the garage from a financial crisis by giving it a modern makeover.

Guest cast: Rob Spendlove, Des O'Malley, Jordan Metcalfe, Clare Louise Connolly, Jon Culshaw, William Ilkley, Gillian Kerrod, Eamon Boland, Lynn Roden
306 (6) "Pretty Women" Jonas Grimas Mark Holloway 3 December 2006 8.76

Rob and Rosie try to protect a beauty queen who is targeted by mysterious attackers ahead of the Miss Yorkshire contest, which attracts more than the usual share of attention when busloads of female protesters turn up to picket the event, but Rob soon discovers the threat lies much closer to home. Meanwhile, Miller is unimpressed when Younger's bicycle is stolen from under his nose and orders the hapless officer to boost his arrest record. After a few words of wisdom from Ventress, Younger finds a novel way of raising the village's crime rate, while Bellamy spies an opportunity to get closer to Gina when the pub landlady is injured in an explosion, and Peggy is asked to put on a bet for a dying friend, who subsequently dies before he can collect his winnings.

Guest cast: Kelly Wenham, Kate O'Flynn, Roger Grainger, Mary Woodvine, Jemma Churchill, Tony Nyland, Neil Rowland, David Bell
307 (7) "Stumped" Roger Bamford Adrian Bean 10 December 2006 8.15

A sting operation goes horribly wrong, leaving three armed robbers on the run, one in the cell and a con-turned-informant fearing for his life. Rob's victorious capture leads him into dangerous territory when he is taken hostage by a ruthless robber and his conflicted girlfriend, leaving Miller, Rachel and Bellamy with their toughest deadline yet. Meanwhile, Blaketon is determined to win the annual cricket match against Scarsdale and teach the cocky cricketers a lesson, but assembling a team proves hectic when Ventress calls off and Bernie struggles to grasp the sport. Rosie is incensed when Blaketon refuses to allow her onto the team, even though everyone else can see she's the best talent, whilst David becomes the team's secret weapon and finds himself the source of sabotage by the rival team.

Guest cast: Dickie Bird, Martin Bicknell, Brian Close, Richard Graham, Ewan Hooper, Steve Evets, Beth Cordingly
308 (8) "Little White Lies" Gerry Mill Peter Gibbs 17 December 2006 8.39

The team search for a young boy who goes missing after discovering his mother is having an affair with a family friend, who is later seriously injured in a road accident. Meanwhile, Younger strikes up a friendship with a bullied young boy when he fills in for the lollipop lady, Gina and Bellamy set Rob up on a date with a hairdresser, but the date doesn't go according to plan after Rob realises he still hasn't grieved for his late wife, Miller is outraged when a nits investigation grips the Ashfordly station, Carol is delighted when her fiancé gets leave from the Navy and visits her, whilst Peggy and David experience a slight cash flow problem.

Guest cast: Joel Cheetham, Emma Amos, John Gully, Michael Jayston, Sally Ann Matthews
309 (9) "Hearts and Flowers" Andrew Morgan Susan Wilkins 24 December 2006 6.32

Chaos reigns after an unknown sniper kills Joyce Jowett's sister as she leaves a meeting of the flower show committee at the pub. Rachel and Rob's enquiries reveal the gunman may have missed his intended target - and when Blaketon spots an article in the local paper, he realises the target may be him or Joyce herself, which pushes the scared publican and the grief-stricken councillor closer together. Meanwhile, Peggy buys an ice-cream van to take advantage of the hot weather and leaves David in charge of the venture whilst she attends a Redcoat reunion, but his home-made ice cream produces some interesting results.

Guest cast: George Layton, Lindsey Coulson, Elizabeth Mansfield, Elizabeth Bennett, Garry Cooper, Clare Wille, Claude Close
310 (10) "Give Peace a Chance" Jonas Grimas Jane Hollowood 31 December 2006 5.68

The constabulary are called to subdue anti-war protesters at a disused airfield, but the event has serious repercussions for Rob when one of the protesters accuses him of police brutality, whilst Miller is horrified when he discovers the "victim" is the boyfriend of his estranged daughter Jo and finds himself forced to arrest his own child. Meanwhile, Younger is gutted to when Rosie begins a new romance with new vet Fergus, who is the indirect cause of chaos when a snake escapes from his car at the garage. Irritated that nobody's taking her snake-catching suggestions seriously, Peggy refuses to help with the hunt and heads off with David for the day - straight into danger.

Guest cast: Pip Ripley, Jonathan Warde, Max Brown, Andrew Langtree, Clare Wille, Roy Dotrice
311 (11) "Dead Men Do Tell Tails" Judith Dine Brian Finch 31 December 2006 6.03

A trio of young joyriders steal Carol's car while she is attending to a patient and experiment with the drugs in her medical bag as well as selling them to interested parties. Miller and Rob come up against a formidable lawyer who tries to besmirch Carol's reputation in order to clear her wayward son's name. Meanwhile, David agrees to store a coffin for a Swedish sailor with his late father inside, but he and Aunt Peggy learn the newcomer may not be telling them the whole truth about the contents of the coffin. Elsewhere, Rosie and Fergus struggle to get their fledgling relationship off the ground as a series of interruptions plague their dates, while Bellamy starts to wonder whether rekindling his relationship with Gina is really such a good idea.

Guest cast: Catherine Terris, Kieron Richardson, Carlton Dickinson, Beau Flood, Paul Nicholas, Andrew Langtree, Gillian Bevan, Howard Grace, Letty Butler
312 (12) "Vendetta" Andrew Morgan Peter Gibbs 7 January 2007 8.60

Blaketon offers to help a guest at the pub find her missing son, but as his search progresses, the former sergeant is targeted by a mysterious assailant whose vendetta against him bears no boundaries. Meanwhile, David is left out in the cold on Peggy's birthday when she rejects his offer of a dinner party in favour of a date with an old flame who suddenly re-appears in her life after 20 years, Younger is delighted when he finally gets his driving licence, and Bellamy makes a shock admission to Rob when Gina asks the village bobby to get to the bottom of his strange behaviour after their break-up.

Guest cast: John Biggins, Louise Harrison, Michael N. Harbour, Brigit Forsyth, George Baker, Will Norris
313 (13) "Sleeping Dogs" Jonas Grimas John Flanagan 6 May 2007 7.89

When Bernie's rich sister dies, he stands to inherit a fortune. The inheritance brings more trouble that it's worth when a face from the past returns to Aidensfield - the supposedly dead Vernon Scripps! David is delighted by his old friend's return, putting Aunt Peggy in a panic when Vernon asks David to accompany him to Spain to share his newfound wealth. However, Bernie is aghast by his brother's return when they both end up behind bars on suspicion of murder. Meanwhile, Rob and Carol deal with a religious man who uses a "fist first, talk later" policy to deal with his 16-year old daughter's pregnancy, Bellamy fears his family's history of heart failure is too blame when he ends up in hospital after collapsing whilst making an arrest and instructs everyone not to alert Gina, but when she does find out, she declares her feelings for him in a spontaneous way.

Guest cast: Geoffrey Hughes, Samantha Blakey, Caroline O'Neill, Steffan Rhodri, Mark Kane, Adam Jessop, Sam Alexander

Return of Geoffrey Hughes as Vernon Scripps
314 (14) "Another Little Piece of My Heart" Roger Bamford Susan Wilkins 13 May 2007 8.53

Rosie, Carol, Rob and Lord Ashfordly all make a stand against an arrogant farmer who shoots a dog and is suspected of abusing his wife, who has a 6 months old baby boy. Meanwhile, Younger is led on a wild goose chase by a group of wayward children who keep releasing livestock from the local farms, whilst Blaketon is exasperated when Gina and Bellamy announce their engagement for the second time.

This episode goes out with a warning due to the depiction of domestic violence.

Guest cast: Andrew Woodall, Charlie Brooks, Pete Ivatts, Jake Cunningham, Zack Cunningham
315 (15) "Seeds of Destruction" Judith Dine Jonathan Critchely 20 May 2007 8.10

Younger's career is on the line when a retired Major dies in police custody after he unofficially gives him some of Ventress' painkillers after being heckled by complaints of back pains, but Carol soon discovers something sinister could be afoot when she learns a freelance herbalist is treating some of her patients. Meanwhile, a BBC journalist arrives in Aidensfield for a documentary about village life and is driven mad by the excited residents, especially Peggy, who tries to impress by giving him "the full Yorkshire experience", whilst Gina proves she is serious about marrying Bellamy by signing over the licence of the Aidensfield Arms to Blaketon.

Guest cast: Richard Todd, Colin Tarrant, Allan Corduner, Rita May, Clare Wille, Ralf Little
316 (16) "No Laughing Matter" Adrian Bean John Flanagan 27 May 2007 8.05

Suspicion falls on Gina's new cellar man when a valuable pendant is stolen from Emily Forster, a guest at the Aidensfield Arms. A search into the barman's past reveals a history of crime, but Emily appears more disturbed by the presence of a pub comedian. Meanwhile, Younger want to buy a car now that he can drive, but he soon regrets asking Peggy to help him purchase a cheap vehicle, whilst love blossoms for Gina and Bellamy as they plan their honeymoon.

Guest cast: Ian Dunn, Rachel Fielding, Duncan Preston, Sarah Churm, Shaun Prendergast
317 (17) "Out of Africa" Andrew Morgan Peter Gibbs 3 June 2007 7.07

Rob is called out to investigate a series of vandalisms against Lord Ashfordly's new estate manager after he angers the tenants when he employs the hard-line methods he learned in South Africa and raises their rents. Meanwhile, Peggy believes she has found the explanation for David's recent behaviour when she uncovers his strange new addiction.

Guest cast: Mark Umbers, Jean Heywood, John Hodgkinson, Philip Martin Brown, Peter Ivatts, Jeremy Beckham
318 (18) "The Dreams That You Dream" Roger Bamford Jane Hollowood 24 June 2007 7.84

It's make or break time for Gina and Bellamy as they finish the final preparations for their big day and are delighted when Lord Ashfordly loans them Asfordly Hall, but the groom's uneventful stag night stirs up some pre-wedding nerves, especially when Gina's old flame Jack returns to Aidensfield. Will the lovestruck couple ever make it down the aisle? Whilst the couple make the biggest decision of their lives, the rest of Ashfordly station look into the disappearance of an elderly resident who has recently put his cottage up for sale, whilst Rob and Peggy team up to prepare an extravagant surprise for the soon-to-be married couple.

Guest cast: Arthur White, Ann Marie Davies, Jan Graveson, Sally Ann Matthews, David Woodcock, Elizabeth Bennett

Final Appearance of Murray Head as Jack Hollins
319 (19) "Mind Games" Gerry Mill Andrew McCulloch 1 July 2007 5.63

Rosie is viciously attacked while attending a broken-down vehicle stranded on the moors. When the murdered driver is discovered nearby, Rob and Rachel are determined to solve the mystery when it becomes apparent that the driver was a retired cop turned private detective. Their investigation leads to a chilling discovery linking the case to a religious cult near Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy buys a flock of turkey's off an old friend, but fails to make any money from them when David grows attached, whilst Carol isn't happy when Rob cancels their first date.

Guest cast: Margaret Jackman, Clare Wille, Amanda Royle, Angela Hazeldine, Jack Laskey, Madeleine Worrall, Nicholas Ball
320 (20) "The Medium is the Message" Adrian Bean Mark Holloway 8 July 2007 7.28

When a reverend's wife is murdered, a psychic convention in Ashfordly seems to hold the key to solving the case, whilst Rachel becomes suspicious of the reverend's alibi. Meanwhile, Bellamy arrests a drunken tramp - PC Geoff Younger's father, whilst Peggy devises a plan to sell trout to a hotel in Scarborough that lands her and David in trouble with Miller.

Guest cast: Simon Kunz, Clare Wille, Lloyd Johnston, Trudie Goodwin, Jane Slavin, Graham Fellows, Henry Cox, Karen Henthorn, Vincenzo Pellegrino
321 (21) "One Small Step" Gerry Mill Shaun McKenna 15 July 2007 7.34

Bellamy, Miller and Younger's lives are all in grave danger when the Ashfordly station comes under attack from a professional gang after two of their associates wind up in the cells. At the Aidensfield Arms, oblivious to the events in Ashfordly, Rob, Rachel, Ventress and the other residents gather to watch the moon landing, but Blaketon and Peggy get into a debate when Peggy becomes convinced the event is a con and sets out to prove it, whilst one guest at the pub gives Gina and Bernie cause for concern when she appears unusually agitated by the historic event.

Guest cast: Jonny Phillips, Stephen Noonan, Heather Bleasdale, Lorenzo Camporese, Mark Flitton, Clare Wille, Anthony Schaeffer
322 (22) "Troubled Waters" Roger Bamford Susan Wilkins 22 July 2007 6.99

Carol is consumed by guilt and regret when a newborn baby dies in her care, causing the baby's father to return to his criminal ways after a run-in with Rob and Blaketon at the pub. Meanwhile, Peggy hatches a plan to rescue Bernie when he becomes the object of a predatory widow's affections.

Guest cast: Aidan Parsons, Thomas Craig, Cathy Sara, Mel Martin, Vanessa Peers
323 (23) "Where There's Smoke" Adrian Bean Peter Gibbs 29 July 2007 6.88

Miller seems to have a personal vendetta against a criminal called Kenny Dekin, who is running an illegal gambling club and instructs Bellamy and Younger to undertake a surveillance operation against him, but the sergeant isn't the only one with a grudge against Dekin when his plans to sail off into the sunset with his mistress suffers a few hurdles. Rob eagerly awaits the results of his sergeant's exam and finds himself caught in a love-triangle between new girlfriend Carol and former lover Rachel. Meanwhile, David uses Hugh Hefner as his inspiration by setting up a den and throwing wild parties at the farm, incurring Peggy's wrath but bringing about a new romance with one of Rosie's friends.

Guest cast: Ron Donachie, Sally Carman, Steve Huison, Jill Baker, Vanessa Rosenthal, Clare Wille, Sophia Di Martino, Kieran Buckeridge
324 (24) "Laying the Ghost" Judith Dine Jane Hollowood 5 August 2007 7.23

Intrigue spreads among the residents of Aidensfield as a new resident causes havoc and alienates villagers with her unlikeable and secretive personality. A snooping Joyce Jowett decides to investigate the rumours about the newcomer and discovers she is harbouring a shocking companion. As the annual village fete approaches, Peggy begins a new scheme when she is put in charge of the jumble sale. Back at the Ashfordly station, Rob receives good news and is offered a place on a course away from Aidensfield, but he is conflict on whether to accept as it would mean leaving his colleagues at Ashfordly, not to mention Carol Cassidy!

Guest cast: Kerrie Taylor, Ian Mercer, Elizabeth Bennett, Seamus Gubbins, Mairead McKinley, Clare Wille, Sophie Ward

Final Appearance of Jonathan Kerrigan as PC Rob Walker

Series 17 (2007–2008)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers
325 (1) "Stop Gap" Roger Bamford John Flanagan 11 November 2007 8.41

New village bobby Joe Mason gets off to a spectacular start on his first day by single-handedly apprehending three armed robbers who have taken hostages in a church. However, his cocky attitude and his maverick personality alienates even the most friendliest villagers - and his fellow officers. Blaketon is impressed by the newcomer's crime fighting tactics when local troublemaker Tommy Unsworth wreaks havoc. With Miller losing patience and the community against him, Joe feels the strain, until a few helpful words from Ventress and Carol put him straight, whilst Rachel, Bellamy and Younger pursue a professional Manchester gang who are targeting country houses. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy is up to her old tricks on the lands of Ashfordly Hall, but soon discovers she is no match for the new officer - and neither is his Lordship!

First Appearance of Joe McFadden as PC Joe Mason

Guest cast: Andrew Ellis, Adam Colclough, Andy Merchant, Gary Kane, Berwick Kaler.
326 (2) "Heirs Apparent" Gerry Mill Peter Gibbs 18 November 2007 7.98

Joe discovers there's more to being an Aidensfield bobby than just crime-fighting when he's called to help Carol deliver a baby, and his animosity to Lord Ashfordly increases when he is arrested on suspicion of attacking a teenage girl who turned up on his doorstep claiming to be his daughter as a result of an affair he had with one of his staff, and Miller is far from impressed by Joe's handling of the sensitive case. Meanwhile, David decides to make a will following another villager's funeral on Blaketon's urging, but an innocent joke from Ventress makes him paranoid that one of the beneficiaries is hoping to secure their inheritance sooner than he anticipated when a series of accidents befall him.

Guest cast: Ophelia Lovibond, Glenn Cunningham, Cherith Mellor, David Woodcock, Gerda Stevenson.
327 (3) "Night Mail" Adrian Bean Susan Wilkins 25 November 2007 7.83

When armed robbers hold up a night mail train, Joe pushes his luck when he interferes in a CID investigation led by his old adversary, the incompetent DI Lundlow. With Miller on the warpath and Bellamy exasperated by his attitude, Joe finds an unlikely ally in Rachel when she discovers Lundlow may know more about the robbery than he is letting on. Whilst Ventress and Younger seem to have warmed to him, Joe has a tough challenge gaining an ally in Bellamy. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy is thrilled when she learns she has been left a legacy by a distant relative of her late husband.

Guest cast: Mark Folan Deasy, Conor Ryan, Chris Lindon, David Calder, Anne Hornby, Eric Sykes.
328 (4) "Love Story" Judith Dine Jane Hollowood 2 December 2007 7.84

A trio of Australian sheep-shearers are a big hit with the locals when they arrive in Aidensfield to help out at Grimedale Farm, but when they upset an angry bully desperate to impress his abusive father, it lands one of them behind bars after they are framed for the theft of a watch, whilst Joe and Carol try to protect the farmer's daughter, an aspiring nurse who is being terrorised by her brother. As she locks lips with Australians, Rosie is surprised when another lover from the past makes a reappearance and has to choose between two exciting offers for the future. Meanwhile, Peggy starts a laundry service, but leaves David doing all the work when the washing machine proves to have a mind of its own, Bellamy isn't happy when he discovers Gina has been taking contraceptives and worries she no longer wants a baby, whilst Joe is saddened when Miller tells him that his time at Ashfordly is nearly over as his replacement has been found.

Final Appearance of Vanessa Hehir as Rosie Cartwright

Guest cast: Peter Alexander, Kirsty Armstrong, Damian Davies, Nolan Hemmings, Blair McDonough.
329 (5) "Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day" Gerry Mill Mark Holloway 16 December 2007 8.10

Joe and Rachel investigate when a young father falls off a bridge after returning to Aidensfield with his girlfriend and son. Joe discovers Bellamy harbours a personal grudge against the couple as they were implicated in a baby's disappearance three years previously, and when the couple's son vanishes, they are forced to consider the possibility that the missing baby's broken parents are responsible. Meanwhile, Bernie's spirits are lifted after Rosie's departure when he makes a large amount of money after selling an inherited Rolls Royce to a shady cockney businessman, whilst Miller's worst nightmare comes true when it becomes apparent that there are two Peggy Armstrongs!

Guest cast: Hayley Rudd, Jamie Kenna, Matthew Moxon, Leah Muller.
330 (6) "Touch and Go" Roger Bamford Shaun McKenna 23 December 2007 7.60

Joe prepares to take up his new post in London, although he secretly doesn't want to leave Aidensfield, but with the arrival of Rob Walker's permanent replacement Don Wetherby, it seems it's too late for him to change his mind. Carol is administering vaccinations at the local school when she notices extensive bruising on a boy's body and suspects he is being abused by his stepfather, just as his biological father returns to the area and demands custody of his son. However, tragedy strikes when a violent conflict outbreaks between the angry father and stepfather - with Joe, Bellamy and new recruit Wetherby caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Gina and Blaketon organise a charity quiz night on Lord Ashfordly's urging, but the evening is fated to be a disaster when Peggy's competitive streak gets the better of her.

Final Appearance of Mark Jordon as PC Phil Bellamy and first Appearance of Rupert Ward-Lewis as PC Don Wetherby

Guest cast: Daniel Ryan, Malcolm James, Rupert Procter, Naomi Radcliffe.
331 (7) "Burying the Past" Adrian Bean Andrew McCulloch 30 December 2007 6.93

It's a dark day in Aidensfield as the villagers prepare for Phil Bellamy's funeral. Gina is struggling to cope without her beloved and refuses medical help and considers leaving a life of heartache in Aidensfield behind for her old one in Liverpool. An emotional service sees the whole of Aidensfield turning out to say their farewells to the much-loved bobby, with Blaketon paying a touching tribute to his former PC. Back at Ashfordly station, it's business as usual despite the loss of an officer as Joe and Rachel investigate the suspected suicide of a local teacher. Don Wetherby is racked with guilt over the shooting of his colleague, convinced he should have taken the bullet. Despite Miller's reassurances, the bobby believes the villagers will blame him for the death of a close friend and decides to leave - until the sergeant makes him a proposition. Meanwhile, Carol fails to report an elderly motorist involved in a hit-and-run with a cyclist, which proves particularly embarrassing when the cyclist turns out to be none other than a new doctor at the hospital, whilst David is worried when Aunt Peggy takes Bellamy's death particularly badly and vanishes.

Guest cast: Jacqueline Pilton, Kate Buffery, Kevin Doyle, Leon Ockenden, Tim Barker.
332 (8) "Only Make Believe" Judith Dine Peter Gibbs 6 January 2008 8.51

Wetherby is far from happy when a face from his past arrives in the Aidensfield and it soon becomes clear that the women is a deranged stalker who contributed to the end of the officer's marriage and the circumstances leading to his placement at Ashfordly station, forcing him to ask Joe for help in getting rid of her when she makes a serious accusation against him. Meanwhile, Bernie's dating weekend with a widower coincides with Ventress and Blaketon's private investigation into a spate of burglaries when they all find themselves staying at the same hotel, whilst Gina resolves to pick up the pieces of her shattered life after a heart-to-heart with Aunt Peggy and returns to work at the Aidensfield Arms, and Carol finds herself attracted to a new doctor at the hospital.

Guest cast: Emma Atkins, Dominic Jephcott, Dale Meeks, David Frederickson, Ann Mitchell, Joanne Farrell.
333 (9) "The Devil Rides Out" Roger Bamford Susan Wilkins 13 January 2008 7.97

A local reverend becomes convinced an evil presence is at work in the churchyard when Satanic symbols are found painted on the church and a number of gravestones, but Miller thinks it's the work of hooligans. An attack on Lord Ashfordly's godson uncovers information that suggests a more personal motive, leading Joe and the team into the dangerous world of drugs and rock music. Meanwhile, a psychiatrist attempts to help Gina overcome her grief for Bellamy after they hit it off at a dinner party hosted by Carol, but her nightmare worsens when she discovers she is pregnant and wonders whether she wants to keep it.

Guest cast: Adam Croasdell, Jeff Rawle, Leon Ockenden, Adam Kotz
334 (10) "Changing Roles" Gerry Mill Andrew McCulloch 23 March 2008 6.39

Miller immediately suspects a disgruntled drink driver who swore vengeance on the police after the police station is raided, a patrol car is stolen and Joe's uniform goes missing. However, they uncover a new lead when a local busybody jeopardises Rachel's witness protection operation involving a man who is giving evidence against a gangster from Leeds, and Joe gets into trouble when he takes his eye off the job after being reunited with an old flame. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy becomes Lord Ashfordly's unlikely new gamekeeper after Blaketon inadvertently recommends the veteran poacher for the job. She soon impresses his lordship with her clear-up rate, but when the power goes to her head, she alienates David and puts a mischievous poacher in hospital with a flesh wound.

Guest cast: Aran Bell, Steven Elder, Beatrice Kelley, Hannah Storey, Paul Slack, Francis Maguire.
335 (11) "A Brush with the Law" Jonas Grimas John Martin Johnson 30 March 2008 7.15

Lord Ashfordly is among those under suspicion when an extremely unpopular master hunter's hunting den is targeted in an arson attack. Other suspects include a kennelman threatened with dismissal and a farmer determined to exact revenge when his land is severely damaged. Meanwhile, Blaketon decides to teach Peggy a lesson she'll never forget when he stumbles across her latest scam to sue the locals and gain compensation, whilst Joe is on the lookout for a flash new car and asks Bernie for his expertise in the motor trade.

Guest cast: Karen Drury, Jessica Pearson, Helen Hobson, Nigel Cooke, Julian Wadham.
336 (12) "The Heart of a Man" Mark McKillop Collin MacDonald 6 April 2008 7.13

When cash is stolen from the house of blind man, Joe and the team deal with a group of farm workers who revolt against their boss, unpopular local businessman Albert Ross. An accident on Ross's farm leaves one of his workers in hospital, leading the team to uncover a series of cover-up injury disasters, whilst Carol finds reason to believe Ross has been taking out his frustration on his teenage daughter. Meanwhile, David becomes the guardian angel for a euthanistic naturist when he saves him from drowning after he jumps off a bridge, and although Peggy is disturbed by her nephew's strange new friend, she can't resist using his odd personality to make a few bob.

Guest cast: Stephen Hancock, John Henshaw, Paul Simpson, Jeff Hordley, Tim Scott-Walker, Gareth Watkins, Hayley Jayne Standing.
337 (13) "Out of the Long, Dark Night" Andrew Morgan Stuart Morris 18 May 2008 6.05

Joe and Carol find themselves mixed up in a revenge plot against a suspected Nazi war criminal when a Jewish woman and her husband are plagued by a series of sabotage acts, which leads to big consequences when Younger's life is also put at risk. Meanwhile, an ancient traction steam engine called Goliath causes chaos in Aidensfield when it breaks down outside Bernie's garage, leaving both him and Joyce Jowett fuming, and further mayhem arises when David takes it for a test run.

Guest cast: Stephen Omer, Amy Marston, Deborah Findlay, Tim Woodward.
338 (14) "Take Three Girls" Roger Bamford Peter Gibbs 25 May 2008 5.87

A teacher is determined to make a name for himself as an activist by manipulating his girlfriend into doing his dirty work, and when Joe and Wetherby rumble his true intentions, he turns the situation to his advantage by reuniting the girl with her estranged father in an elaborate scheme to evade implication in any crime committed by the vulnerable young woman. Meanwhile, David doesn't share Peggy's excitement when a local farmer asks him to accompany his ample daughter to a disco, but later finds himself becoming her knight in shining armour, whilst Carol and Oakley come to blows when they offer opposing advice to a pregnant teenager.

Guest cast: David Roper, Mark Lambert, Michelle Dockery, Christopher Harper
339 (15) "Hey Hey LBJ" Andrew Morgan John Flanagan 1 June 2008 5.70

When a 17-year-old girl goes missing after an argument with her father, Joe sets out to locate her American boyfriend, who has come to Britain to avoid the Vietnam War and is taking extreme measures to prolong his stay in Yorkshire. Meanwhile, David and Peggy's latest exploit, to use Claude Greengrass's old metal detector to find artefacts about the village, puts them under suspicion when priceless bronze statues are stolen from Ashfordly Hall and other estates.

Guest cast: Tessa Peake-Jones, Pete Dunswell, Jeff Merchant, Adrian Lukis
340 (16) "Danse Macabre" Jonas Grimas Shaun McKenna 27 July 2008 5.38

Joe and Carol join forces to unravel the mystery of an aspiring ballerina who resides at Throckton Grange, when she collapses with exhaustion and expresses a fear of being taken away, leading Joe to assume that her elderly guardian, a bitchy ladyship desperate to pass on her talents, is connected. Meanwhile, David is hired to write an agony aunt's column for the Ashfordly Gazette, displeasing Peggy as she wanted the job herself. Elsewhere, Younger falls for the local shopkeeper's daughter, but struggles to act on his feelings after he suffers embarrassing bouts of sneezing every time he tries to speak to her.

Guest cast: Victor McGuire, Simon Shepherd, Martin Marquez, Gillian Tompkins, Judy Parfitt.
341 (17) "Missing Persons" Adrian Bean Jane Hollowood 3 August 2008 6.23

Carol, Blaketon and Joe go beyond the call of duty to protect two young girls when their mother begins neglecting them in favour of partying with her criminal boyfriend, and Joe's anger boils over when a social worker doesn't take the case seriously, leading to explosive consequences when the girls are left home alone for the evening. Meanwhile, Gina finds a distraction from her anxieties about her unborn baby when Bellamy's niece Dawn comes to stay after getting into trouble in her home town, but David feels the full force of Gina's unexpected fury when the 18-year-old goes missing after he was supposed to collect her, whilst Miller is far from impressed with Younger when he fails to catch thieves who have been stealing lead from churches.

First Appearance of Nikki Sanderson as Dawn Bellamy

Guest cast: Peter Lorenzelli, Olivia Gallent, Emma Lowndes, Jack Marsden.
342 (18) "Taking Stock" Ian Bevitt John Flanagan 10 August 2008 6.25

Joe and the team are called to investigate when a crashed car is found to have been used in a robbery in Liverpool, leaving the constabulary fearful that a fresh batch of criminals are at work in Aidensfield, and the team's only chance of capturing the culprits seems to be with the use of a sketch. Meanwhile, Bernie and Dawn are left in charge of the Aidensfield Arms when Gina goes away and Blaketon joins Ventress on a surveillance operation against an old friend's wife when he becomes convinced she is having an affair, whilst Peggy tries to offload some Angora goats.

Guest cast: Ian Redford, Judith Barker, Phil Mealey, Mark Moraghan.
343 (19) "The Big Chill" Jonas Grimas Susan Wilkins 17 August 2008 6.80

With her sexist new superior going out of his way to discredit her, Rachel turns to Joe, Wetherby and Younger for help when she goes on the trail of a drug smuggling gang. Gina puts herself and others in mortal peril when she strikes up a friendship with the ringleader's girlfriend at antenatal classes and tries to rescue her from an abusive marriage. Meanwhile, Bernie is under pressure to give Joyce Jowett's uncle the best funeral service ever, which he fears he will fail to do when he fails to fix his rundown hearse, and his anxiety increases when Peggy comes up with a solution to his problem.

Guest cast: Darren Bancroft, Tim Matthews, Stacey Sampson, Jarrod Cooke, Tim Brooke-Taylor
344 (20) "Bully Boys" Andrew Morgan Peter Gibbs 24 August 2008 6.71

When he fails to gain control of a punch-up at the bookmakers, Younger is in awe of Joe as he takes command of the situation. Ex-con-turned-debt-collector Mick Revill suggests a way to toughen him up and, realising that he needs to be able to handle himself if he is ever going to excel in the police force, he joins the local gym and enters a boxing match against a cocky Don Wetherby. Back at the station Miller has his eye on Revill, a local businessman accuses him of being involved in some dubious deals, and he is the obvious suspect when his wife's drunken, thieving ex-husband is run down. Meanwhile, David is reluctant to attend a centenary at his old school as painful memories are stirred up by the return of a bully who has become very successful, and Peggy makes things worse for him with her insistence that he attend to make new business connections for the taxi business.

Guest cast: Martin Kemp, Gordon Taggart, Will Barton, Judy Flynn, Ian Kirk.
345 (21) "It Came from Outer Space" Adrian Beam Phillip Palmer 31 August 2008 7.17

Joe goes undercover at a local quarry to infiltrate an armed robbery gang after Rachel establishes a link from an explosion in the woods to the activities of a villain and suspects the owner of the quarry has been supplying dynamite to armed gangs, but when Joe tries to save a conflicted man from a life of crime, it leaves him in mortal danger when his cover is blown. Meanwhile, Peggy sees an opportunity to make money when rumours abound that a meteorite caused the blast in the woods and she discovers how valuable space debris is.

Guest cast: Bill Ward, Graeme Garden, Martin Walsh, David MacCreedy
346 (22) "You Never Can Tell" Judith Dine Mark Holloway 14 September 2008 5.63

A veteran music manager called Stan Sparrow chooses to hold his wedding reception at the Aidensfield Arms. When Stan is found dead the next day, investigations reveal his demise may not have been through natural causes. Blaketon and Dawn uncover a sinister plot involving Sparrow's young bride and her mother which raises a startling question. Who would kill a man dying of leukaemia? and has it got something to do with the memoirs he was writing? Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy ends up in hospital when she goes to collect ten boxes of stolen rums and claims to have lost her memory when Wetherby goes to investigate, whilst Younger finds an unlikely informant in a young boy who reports a series of upcoming crime, but he is horrified when he discovers the lad is none other than Wetherby's son—and the youngster later disappears after taking his crime-fighting too far.

Guest cast: Emily Atack, Sue Jenkins, Steven Stokes, Brian Hibbard
347 (23) "Mixed Messages" Jonas Grimas Jane Hollowood 21 September 2008 5.49

Joe tries to help Carol when suspicions mount against her following the death of a pensioner whom she frequently visited and he becomes intrigued by everyone's reluctance to acknowledge the family doctor's involvement. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy takes action when a heap of rubbish belonging to a local magistrate is dumped on her doorstep, leading Younger into an embarrassing encounter with the magistrate in question. Elsewhere, Gina's paranoia over the safety of her unborn baby grows stronger when she is rushed to hospital after a health scare.

Guest cast: Jonathan Newth, Mary Jo Randle, Eileen Essell, Michael Maloney, Michael Medwin, Tommy Cannon
348 (24) "Oscar's Birthday" Andrew Morgan Jane Hollywood 28 September 2008 6.48

Joe is put in an awkward position, both personally and professionally, when he becomes a pawn in an attractive gold-digger's scheme to escape and fleece her over-protective husband. The villagers rally round to organise Blaketon's surprise party, and David asks Bernie to teach him how to play the piano before Aunt Peggy chops it up. At the party, there's more than one celebration when Gina goes into labour, whilst Joe and Carol finally confront their feelings for one another.

Guest cast: Leigh Symonds, Matthew Marsh, Leon Ockenden, Emma Cooke

Series 18 (2008–2010)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate UK viewers
349 (1) "Family Matters" Gerry Mill John Flanagan 12 October 2008 5.74

Miller's personal and professional lives are thrown into jeopardy when a criminal gang kidnap his daughter and force him to cross the line in order to save her, but his strange behaviour soon arouses the suspicion of Ventress and Joe, whilst the rest of the team remain oblivious to their sergeant's trauma when they are tasked with protecting a suspected Nazi collaborator who is targeted in an assassination attempt. Meanwhile, Aunt Peggy becomes convinced her time is coming to an end with a mysterious illness, leaving David concerned and Carol exasperated by the melodramatic patient, Gina is finding motherhood to her liking, and Dawn becomes suspicious of a mysterious Frenchman who is staying at the pub.

Guest cast: Hester Ullyart, Jay Villiers, David Crellin, Felix D'Alviella
350 (2) "England Expects" Jonas Grimas Shaun McKenna 19 October 2008 6.12

A notorious local master criminal with a serious illness escapes from prison and returns to Aidensfield to pursue a vendetta against the Ashfordly police by manipulating two young boys into doing his dirty work, while Joe and Rachel desperately try to find him before he strikes again, but he proves himself to be a tough opponent. Meanwhile, Dawn persuades Younger to replace Blaketon as Joyce Jowett's ballroom dance partner at a charity event, but must first teach him how to dance - oblivious to the fact that the young copper actually has feelings for her. Elsewhere, David takes up pottery to help Aunt Peggy with her latest venture after she is approached by an old friend who owns a furnishing store.

Guest cast: George Cole, Mark Chatterton, Daniel Shaw, Kate Anthony
351 (3) "Mother of Invention" Roger Bamford Mark Holloway 26 October 2008 5.95

As she tries to help struggling single-mother Barbara, Carol receives a big shock when her old friend arrives in Aidensfield - alongside a women claiming to be her long-lost mother who gave her up for adoption when she was a baby, whilst Joe thinks drastic measures are called for with Barbara after a shocking turn of events. Meanwhile, Wetherby and Younger ask Peggy's help to search for the chief constable's missing dog, whilst Dawn and David begin a chimney sweeping business after Bernie receives a car full of equipment as payment for a funeral.

Guest cast: Heather Peace, Chris Sunley, Emma Stansfield, Carol MacReady
352 (4) "Living off the Land" Andrew Morgan Susan Wilkins 2 November 2008 5.79

Joe and Carol visit a travellers' camp to investigate a vicious attack on a hippie and a pregnant woman, and learns one of them had recently clashed with Lord Ashfordly's latest gamekeeper - who is later found murdered with his throat cut. Wetherby comes under suspicion after witnesses come forward claiming to have seen him in an altercation with him, but the officer has more urgent matters to attend to when he discovers his wife is having an affair. Meanwhile, Peggy and an unwilling David go head-to-head with a rival taxi firm, who they suspect are the culprits behind a series of vandalism attacks on David's taxi trying to put him out of business.

Guest cast: Barbara Marten, Glynis Brooks, Wayne Foskett, David Rooney
353 (5) "Guilty Secrets" Gerry Mill Andrew McCulloch 9 November 2008 5.70

Joe risks his career to help Rachel when she is accused of stealing £400 following an extremely violent raid on Frank Batley's home, and a corrupt DS seems determined to pin the crime on one of the officers until Joe's investigation unmasks the truth. Meanwhile, Bernie is shocked when he discovers he has a daughter he never knew existed after being asked to arrange a mysterious funeral and asks Blaketon to use his detective skills to track down his long-lost child, but when he finds the answers he is looking for, the mechanic faces a heartbreaking dilemma.

Guest cast: Albert Welling, Joanna Riding, Sean Gallagher, Gary Kane
354 (6) "Strike Up the Band" Jonas Grimas Shaun McKenna 16 November 2008 5.08

A feud between two brass bands for a trophy at a concert gets out of control when a musician dies of suspected poisoning, but Miller discovers there is more to the feud than competitiveness over a trophy. As they intervene, Joe and Rachel finally succumb to their attraction for each other, only for Carol to catch them in the act. Meanwhile, Dawn is swept off her feet by a handsome stranger and leaves Gina less than impressed when she announces she's moving to Paris with him, leaving Peggy to broker peace between the bickering women.

Guest cast: Elizabeth Bell, Keith Barron, Michael Wardle, Peter Wight
355 (7) "Return Crossing" Judith Dine Peter Gibbs 19 April 2009 6.24

Carol asks Joe to help Evelyn, a smuggler's widow who is receiving death threats from a corrupt associate of her late husband. Her son-in-law is reluctant to sever his ties with the crook, knowing he provides vital revenue - which forces her into silence, but the team urge Evelyn to co-operate after her car is run off the road and her grandson goes missing. Meanwhile, Blaketon helps a Polish war veteran who arrives in Aidensfield to track down a woman he fell in love with during the war.

Guest cast: Nicholas Asbury, Frank Mills, Lisa Stevenson, William Deacon, Stephen Beckett, David Fleeshman
356 (8) "Looking for Isabella" Jonas Grimaa Jane Hollowood 26 April 2009 5.95

The Aidensfield residents launch a major rescue operation when a young boy disappears while exploring the gardens of a derelict house with his brother and sister. Wetherby and Gina learn he has fallen down an old well and a media circus descends on the scene as firemen begin their rescue attempt, leaving Miller and his team working on one of their most chaotic cases yet when shots are fired from the house. Meanwhile, Peggy regrets renting out her spare room to a bothersome journalist who causes aggravation for the locals when he tries to cash in on local gossip.

Guest cast: Freddie Jones, Jack Downham, Paul Gabriel, Lloyd Peters, Sam Laurie, Matthew Lewney
357 (9) "The Hospital Job" Andrew Morgan Jonathan Critchely 3 May 2009 4.67

Rachel helps the Ashfordly team investigate antiques dealer, who is accused of selling stolen goods. Joe and Wetherby stake out the shop to catch him red-handed, but the situation becomes life-threatening when he burns the shop down. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes for the troublesome Tinniswood family when the patriarch, a notorious burglar, dies, devastating his wife and driving his two children to follow in his criminal footsteps. Elsewhere, Joyce Jowett rallies the villagers together against a group of Taoist monks who become stranded in Aidensfield en route to a monastery in Middlesbrough.

Final Appearance of Elizabeth Bennett as Joyce Jowett

Guest cast: Greg Walker, Georgia May Foote, Polly Hemingway, Fred Ridgeway
358 (10) "Ups and Downs" Tony Prescott John Flanagan 10 May 2009 4.96

Joe, Rachel and Wetherby pursue a cat burglar targeting the wealthiest homes in the district. A window cleaner comes under suspicion, followed by a Major staying at Ashfordly Hall who makes an enemy out of Joe when he begins a whirlwind romance with a smitten Carol. Meanwhile, Peggy attempts to marry David off to an old friend of hers, a former circus performer, and David soon begins warming to the idea. Elsewhere, Bernie worries when Rosie Cartwright fails to return from Australia and her family confess that they haven't heard from her in months. A panicked Bernie calls on Miller's assistant when the sheep-shearer who Rosie left with returns to Aidensfield alone.

Guest cast: Blair McDonough, Gerard Bentall, Natalie Slades, Charlotte Pyke
359 (11) "Thursday's Children" Roger Bamford Michael Eaton 17 May 2009 5.36

Joe and Rachel travel to Australia to track down a missing Rosie Cartwright and join forces with a local police sergeant. Sheep-shearer Mick becomes a suspect when they uncover evidence of domestic violence in his relationship with her, but Joe thinks the locals aren't telling him the whole truth. In Brisbane, Carol visits a monastery to find out more about her long-lost brother, but her search leads her into a deadly trap when she receives a call from someone claiming to have information.

Guest cast: Sam Cotton, Evert McQueen, Claude Darling, Bille Brown, Michael Cochrane
360 (12) "The Middle of Somewhere" Roger Bamford Michael Eaton 24 May 2009 4.81

In Australia, Joe and Rachel continue their search for Rosie, and after ruling out another suspect, they turn their attention to a local roadhouse near to where a missing woman's car was found abandoned. The search is on for the bar owner's son when the police discover he has a criminal record. The case relocates to Brisbane, where Carol delivers a baby and is later overjoyed when her long-lost brother Danny arrives in town, but when she is the latest in a long-line of blonde women to get kidnapped, Joe finally gets to the bottom of Rosie's horrific fate and risks everything to stop the same thing happening to Carol. Back in Aidensfield, Bernie and Younger are heartbroken when the truth about Rosie's disappearance is revealed.

Guest cast: Evert McQueen, Robert Coleby, Monette Lee, Rhonda Purcell
361 (13) "School of Hard Knocks" Piotr Szkopiak Peter Gibbs 31 May 2009 4.90

As Joe and Rachel return from their Australian adventure, the village bobby is called back to work when a no-nonsense teacher uses his experience of the Territorial Army to impose strict discipline at Ashfordly School, but he goes too far with schoolboy trouble-maker and puts him in hospital. Determined to get revenge, the youngster breaks into Osgood's office and steals his gun, leaving Joe with little time to avert a tragedy. Meanwhile, Blaketon, Ventress and Bernie organize a trip to London for the villagers, whilst Peggy and David are horrified when they find a dead tramp in their barn.

Guest cast: Joel Beckett, Paula Lane, Joel Cheetham, Collin Prockter
362 (14) "The Runaways" Judith Dine John Milne 7 June 2009 4.90

An accountant and his family crash into a tractor after being chased down a country lane by another car. Joe and Miller are intrigued by their erratic behaviour and investigate the incident, discovering they are on the run from a gangster who has arrived in Aidensfield determined to retrieve a set of incriminating documents, whatever the cost. Meanwhile, David comes into some money and uses it to buy an old Jeep with a surprising military history.

Guest cast: Tony Mauldsley, Paul Loughran, Ian Burfield, Geoff Oldham
363 (15) "Cashing In" Gerry Mill Shaun McKenna 14 June 2009 4.32

Rachel puts her life in great peril when she seizes the opportunity to nail the final two members of a notorious gang when the team try to crack down on a flood of forged banknotes in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Miller is horrified when Younger arrests his wife for shoplifting and is forced to confront his martial troubles in full view of his officers, and Bernie is excited when he becomes convinced his idol Judy Garland has secretly moved to Aidensfield.

Guest cast: Jessica Turner, Gemma Craven, Jason Furnival, Andrew Whipp
364 (16) "A Whiter Shade of Pale" Andrew Morgan Mark Holloway 18 July 2010 6.25

Aidensfield newcomer Vivienne Mackay is found battered to death in her own kitchen after announcing her intention to marry a local businessman - who has not yet separated from his current wife. When Mackay's son is placed in his care, Joe receives an unwelcome reminder of his own mother's tragic murder, and personal feelings threaten to cloud his professional judgement as he becomes obsessed with getting justice for the youngster. Meanwhile, Dawn seizes an opportunity to make a fast profit using her cousin's hot dog van on the day of the Ashfordly cup final but finds herself in cut-throat competition with Peggy and her baked potato operation, leaving David caught in the middle when he agrees to assist the plucky young barmaid.

Guest cast: Matthew Hall, Anna-Jane Casey, Andy Williams, Janet Dibley
365 (17) "The War of the Roses" Jonas Grimas Susan Wilkins 25 July 2010 5.07

Joe and Miller call a meeting of local farmers to bring to an end their harassment of a neighbour whose unacceptable farming practices have made him deeply unpopular, but it proceeds to make things worse. Meanwhile, Dawn falls for good-looking new barman at the pub, but discovers his charming manner conceals a tortured past that produces sudden angry outbursts, leaving Gina and Blaketon concerned for her safety when she becomes desperate to help him be rid his demons. Elsewhere, David helps Peggy to compile an inventory of house contents of a recently deceased woman, but fears his aunt's dodgy dealings have upset the restless spirit of the former resident.

Final Appearance of Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly

Guest cast: Marjorie Yates, Zig Byfield, Michael Stevenson, Phyllis Logan
366 (18) "Ties That Bind" Judith Dine John Flanagan 1 August 2010 4.71

Joe is recruited by CID and finds himself working with old flame Rachel Dawson on her final case as a CID officer, after she faces demotion following an affair with a senior colleague, to investigate a spate of violent robberies at a number of post offices. Rachel's reappearance also causes trouble in Joe and Carol's blossoming relationship when she catches them in a clinch, despite his protest of innocence - and Carol's not the only one who's on the warpath about Joe and Rachel's chequed history. Meanwhile, Peggy and Blaketon form an unlikely alliance when they discover the wife of an old friend is a kleptomaniac and try to return a cupboard filled with strange items to their rightful owners without attracting the attention of the constabulary, whilst Dawn inadvertently causes a stir when she finds a source for gossip on a girls' night out.

Final Appearance of Clare Wille as DS Rachel Dawson

Guest cast: Rodney Bewes, Keith Ladd, Matthew Wait, Jay Simpson
367 (19) "Deadlier Than the Male" Dominic Leclerc Peter Gibbs 8 August 2010 5.06

A women files for divorce when her violent husband destroys her family heirlooms after a dispute gets out of hand, and her hard-nosed solicitor does little to calm the situation and only serves to make the abusive couple worse, forcing Blaketon and Joe to step in to play peacemaker. Meanwhile, the daughter of Peggy's old friend takes an instant dislike to her and tries to ruin her close relationship with David by wooing the hapless handyman with the intention of turning him against his aunt and taking her place at the cottage.

Guest cast: Michelle Holmes, Sam Kelly, Samantha Bond, Hugo Speer
368 (20) "Jobs for the Boys" Roger Bamford Jane Hollowood 15 August 2010 5.14

Blaketon's golfing friend asks him and Ventress to investigate the disappearance of his estranged son, who left home after a blazing row with his overbearing father, but chaos ensures at a local nightclub when they rely on David to track the wayward youngster down and he has his drink spiked, whilst the Ashfordly police go on the trail of a modern-day Robin Hood and end up at the same nightclub on the same night - as does an angry Peggy!

Guest cast: Emma Bispham, Max Dowler, David Horovitch, Gareth Derrick
369 (21) "My One and Only" Gerry Mill Shaun McKenna 22 August 2010 5.29

A disgruntled client falls under suspicion when an insurance salesman is found murdered, but the victim's complicated private life gives Joe a lot to think about before the case is solved. Meanwhile, Ventress makes himself at home in the Aidensfield Arms while his house undergoes repairs, and soon overstays his welcome, while both Peggy and Miller attempt to stop a drunken war hero who has fallen on hard times from drinking himself to death, and Blaketon is suspicious about Gina and Wetherby's closeness.

Guest cast: Gwyneth Powell, Samantha Power, Neil Madden, Ken Drury
370 (22) "The Open Door" Tim Dowd Jonathan Critchely 29 August 2010 5.34

The man-eating Sgt Jennifer Nokes arrives to fill in for Miller when a lorry driver is savagely beaten and his consignment of condemned meat is stolen on the way to the incinerator, causing a health alert in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Carol fears one of her senile patients is being targeted by a conman posing as her son, who died 20 years previously. Elsewhere, Peggy is asked to house-sit Mrs Grant's mansion and takes advantage of the opportunity by opening a makeshift B&B while the owner is away, with one of her first guests being none other than Alf Ventress after he outstays his welcome at the pub, but she and David later find themselves under arrest for handling stolen goods.

Final Appearance of Georgia Glen as Sgt Jennifer Nokes

Guest cast: Freda Dowie, Janice McKenzie, Ben Elliot
371 (23) "Pass the Parcel" Judith Dine Mark Holloway 5 September 2010 6.06

Dawn's birthday party at the Aidensfield Arms turns into a hostage situation when Joe thwarts the schemes of gang of safe robbers who go on the hunt of a bag of explosives that David accidentally switches with Dawn's birthday present. Meanwhile, Blaketon bets Younger and Ventress that he can get to the bottom of what Wetherby gets up to every lunchtime, leading him into an embarrassing situation.

Guest cast: Elizabeth Rider, Bill Thomas, Lee Jackson, Christopher Chilton

, Neil Conrich
372 (24) "Sweet Sorrow" Roger Bamford John Flanagan 12 September 2010 6.00

The arrival of a traumatised and wounded stranger in Aidensfield coincides with the discovery of a woman's body on the moors, and sets off a treacherous chain of events that leaves Oscar Blaketon's life hanging in the balance.

Final Appearance of Derek Fowlds as Oscar Blaketon, William Simons as Alf Ventress, Tricia Penrose as Gina Bellamy, David Lonsdale as David Stockwell, Peter Benson as Bernie Scripps, Steven Blakeley as PC Geoff Younger, John Duttine as Sgt George Miller, Gwen Taylor as Peggy Armstrong, Lisa Kay as Carol Cassidy, Joe McFadden as PC Joe Mason, Rupert Ward as PC Don Weatherby and Nikki Sanderson as Dawn Bellamy

Guest cast: Nicholas Farrell, Pip Torrens, Toby Gaffney, Clare Holman,


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