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Heavenly Sovereign (天皇, Tiānhuáng) was the first Chinese legendary king after Pangu's era. According to Yiwen Leiju (藝文類聚), he was the first in Three Sovereigns.


According to Book of History (史記),

  • After the heaven and the earth were founded, there was Tiānhuáng who had twelve heads, cast his magic to fill the earth with water. He lived until his age of eighteen thousand.
  • Or, Tiānhuáng was a king of many achievements, lived to eighteen thousand years old. His twelve children supported him in reigning the world.

His greatest achievement was suppressing all the chaos, divided the world to many tribes with choosing the best person to rule his tribe.

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Heavenly Sovereign
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Mythological Emperor of China
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Earthly Sovereign