Heby Municipality

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Heby Municipality
Heby kommun
Coat of arms of Heby Municipality
Coat of arms
Heby Municipality in Uppsala County.png
Country Sweden
County Uppsala County
Seat Heby
 • Total 1,225.6 km2 (473.2 sq mi)
 • Land 1,166.81 km2 (450.51 sq mi)
 • Water 58.79 km2 (22.70 sq mi)
  Area as of January 1, 2014.
Population (June 30, 2017)[2]
 • Total 13,771
 • Density 11/km2 (29/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
ISO 3166 code SE
Province Uppland
Municipal code 0331
Website www.heby.se

Heby Municipality (Heby kommun) is a municipality in Uppsala County in east central Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Heby.

The first municipality with the name Heby was created in 1952, during the first of the two nationwide municipal reforms in Sweden, through the amalgamation of three original units in Västmanland County. The name was taken from the settlement Heby, which had been a municipalsamhälle (a kind of borough) since 1887. In 1971 three more former entities were added.



The Dalälven River forms Heby's northern border. The municipality also has substantial forests with animals such as elk, deer, fox, bear and lynx.


Heby used to be part of Västmanland County, which borders Uppsala County to the west. In September 2005 it was reported that the municipality was permitted to be part of Uppsala County after intense lobbying in the late 1990s, following a municipal poll in 1998 where the majority was in support of the county transition. The transition took place on January 1, 2007. There were, however, forces who worked for the transition not to take place.


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