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Hect (ヘクト) or Hector was a Japanese video game developer and publisher. It had a Virtual Boy game in development, entitled Virtual Battle Ball; however, it was eventually canceled.[1]

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The game sold few copies in its limited release, due its timing late in the Famicom's lifespan.[4] Upon release, the Japanese gaming publication Weekly Famitsu gave it a score of 24 out of 40 and praised the smoothness of the character animations.[9] 1up.com and Retro Gamer retrospectively considered the game's graphics and animation of a higher quality than the many Zelda II clones for the Famicom.[6][7] A North American version was planned and previewed publicly,[8][10] but was ultimately cancelled, possibly due to the NES's waning popularity in the region and the rising popularity of the Super Nintendo console.[6] The game has never been released outside of Japan,[11] nor has it been re-released in emulation for other systems.[3] Its rarity has made it a collector's item in Japan's used games market.[4]

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