Heidi Klum rose

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Rosa 'Tan00681'
Hybrid parentagesee text
CultivarRosa 'Tan00681'
Marketing namesHeidi Klum Rose
OriginTantau, Germany, 1999

The Heidi Klum rose is a modern Beetrose from the home Tantau, was bred in 1999. This variety was the first registration number RT00681. It was from 15 Rosenbreeding already in the autumn of 2003 Heidi Klum showing in 2005 during a public event of her personally baptized. Tantau they crossed from the Old Port and Barkarole.

It is a rich flowering rose, with a very compact habit. Under normal conditions it reaches a height of 40 to 50 cm. The flowers can reach a size of up to 9 cm, are strong and have filled up to 40 petals. The flower color is predominantly Violet. They distribute an intensive intoxicating fragrance. The deciduous leaves of rose have green and rich foliage. This rose is easily susceptible to mildew and Diplocarpon rosae. Therefore, it needs regular maintenance.