Hejiaqiao, Liling

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Hejiaqiao Town(simplified Chinese: 贺家桥镇; traditional Chinese: 賀家橋鎮; pinyin: Hejiaqiao Zhen), is an urban town in Liling City, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, People's Republic of China.


The town is divided into 9 villages and 2 communities, the following areas: Yunyan Community, Mingyue Community, Xintai Village, Qixing Village, Heshi Village, Huma Village, Miaoquan Village, Hongluo Village, Sichong Village, Shuikoushan Village, and Dangzaishan Village.


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Coordinates: 27°25′12″N 113°20′54″E / 27.4199°N 113.3484°E / 27.4199; 113.3484