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Helge Schneider
HelgeSchneider 2009 2 amk.jpg
Born (1955-08-30) 30 August 1955 (age 66)
Mülheim an der Ruhr, West Germany
Occupationcomedian, jazz musician, actor, author, film and theatre director
WebsiteOfficial homepage (German)
Helge Schneider. Zelt-Musik-Festival 2017 in Freiburg, Germany

Helge Schneider (born 30 August 1955 in Mülheim an der Ruhr) is a German comedian, jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist, author, film and theatre director, and actor.

He frequently appears on German TV, and is probably best known for his song Katzenklo (Kitty Litter Box): "Katzenklo, Katzenklo, ja das macht die Katze froh" ("Kitty litter tray, kitty litter tray, that's what makes the kitty gay [happy]."), which spent 17 weeks on the German music charts in 1994, peaking at number 13.[1]


Helge Schneider 2002
  • 1987: The Last Jazz
  • 1989: Seine größten Erfolge (His greatest hits)
  • 1990: New York, I'm Coming
  • 1991: Hörspiele Vol.1 (1979–1984) (Radio dramas)
  • 1992: Hörspiele Vol.2 (1985–1987)
  • 1992: Guten Tach (Hello there)
  • 1993: Es gibt Reis, Baby (We're gonna have some rice, baby)
  • 1995: Es rappelt im Karton (Rumble in the cardboard box)
  • 1997: Da Humm
  • 1998: Helge 100% live – The Berlin Tapes (live album)
  • 1999: Eiersalat in Rock (Egg salad in rock, released as Helge and the Firefuckers)
  • 1999: Jazz (& Hardcore)
  • 2000: Hefte raus – Klassenarbeit! (live album; Workbooks out – exam time!)
  • 2003: Out of Kaktus!
  • 2004: Füttern verboten (live album; Please don't feed)
  • 2007: I Brake Together (a complex German-English wordplay: The German expression for I am collapsing (Ich breche zusammen) can be literally translated as I break (not: brake) together)
  • 2007: Akopalüze Nau (live album; parody of "Apocalypse Now")
  • 2013: Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus (Summer, sun, cactus)
  • 2014: Live at the Grugahalle – 20 Jahre Katzeklo (Evolution!) (live album)
  • 2017: Heart Attack No. 1 (feat. Pete York)
  • 2019: Partypeople (beim Fleischer) (Partypeople (At the Butcher))
  • 2020: Mama


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