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How to add margins in infoboxes[edit]

I have searched all over to find a solution to this problem. I want to add horizontal margins in an infobox. Meaning, a line after a header or sub-header or any other section in infobox. I did not find any way to do this. Could someone please instruct me how to do it. Or if I've missed out any help article on this topic then please do provide me the link. D'pak HKadam (talk) 05:06, 19 July 2014 (IST)

WikInfoboxer: A tool to help users create infoboxes[edit]

The current creation of Wikipedia infoboxes is based on templates that are created and maintained collaboratively. While templates provide a standardized way of representing infobox information across Wikipedia articles, they pose several challenges. Different communities use different infobox templates for the same category articles; a template designed for a specific category of articles is used for other different categories and its attributes are miss-understood; attribute names differ (e.g., date of birth vs. birthdate), and attribute values are expressed using a wide variety of measurements and units. Finally, templates are free form in nature; when users fill attribute values no integrity check is performed on whether value is of appropriate type for the given attribute, often leading to erroneous infoboxes.

Guiding contributors in the creation of infoboxes would mean creating richer and more correct information.We are working on the Infoboxer system, which is a tool grounded in Semantic Web technologies that overcomes challenges in creating and updating infoboxes, along the way making the process easier for users. We have developed a simple research prototype of Infoboxer to test our ideas ( However, as a research prototype, it is not ready to be used by Wikipedia editors yet. Therefore, we are applying for a Wikimedia Individual Engagement Grant which would enable us to transform a simple research prototype in a useful tool ready to be used for editors to create infoboxes for Wikipedia pages.

Please give us your advice in the discussion board of the proposal:

--raqueltl (talk) 17:25, 5 April 2016 (UTC)