Henri Cihoski

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Official portrail of Cihoski from 1918.

Henri Cihoski (October 2, 1871 in Tecuci – May 18, 1950 in Sighet) was a Romanian Lieutenant-General during World War I, of Polish origin.


Henri Cihoski's house in Bucharest

In 1917 Cihoski became a general officer, commanding the 10th Division which participated in heavy fighting at the battle of Mărăṣeṣti. He was decorated with the Order of Michael the Brave. He served as Minister of War from 1928 to 1930, and was a member of the Supreme Council of National Defense in 1943. In 1945 he was arrested and sent to Sighet prison, where he died in 1950.

He lived in house that he had built himself on Dacia Boulevard in Bucharest.


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