Vintilă Brătianu

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Vintilă Brătianu

Vintilă Ion Constantin Brătianu (16 September 1867 – 22 December 1930) was a Romanian politician who served as Prime Minister of Romania between 24 November 1927 and 9 November 1928.

Vintilă and his brothers Ionel and Dinu were the leaders of the National Liberal Party of Romania (founded by their father, Ion C. Brătianu). Born at his family's estate of Florica, in Ştefăneşti, Argeş County, he studied in France and after returning to Romania entered politics.

He was an adviser on economic affairs to the Liberal government led by his brother, Ion. During World War I, he was Minister for Munitions and after the war, he served as Finance Minister (1922-1926).

After his brother Ion died, he assumed the post of Prime Ministerof Romania until he was forced to resign in 1928 to allow the new PNŢ (National Peasants' Party) government of Iuliu Maniu to take office. He died in Râmnicu Vâlcea.

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