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Henri van Zanten (2003)
As the Master of the Scream in ’u’ (2010)

Henri Carel van Zanten (born March 18, 1957) is a Dutch artist, based in Rotterdam.

Van Zanten spent a large part of his youth in Canada and South Africa. Because of that he could easily adapt to new environments and languages.[1]

He studied Slavic linguistics under professor Karel van het Reve.[1]

Van Zanten was introduced to the Stanislavski method by Piet Eelvelt. His mentor was the Belgian theatre reformer Jan Decorte. Since 1982 Van Zanten is active as an artist, actor and director. Because of the many art disciplines he engages himself in (such as theatre, performance art, street theatre, independent television production, sketch comedy, stand up comedy, acting and directing[2]) he calls himself an "omni artist".[1]

He appeared as the Master of the Scream (narrator) in ’u’, the first Klingon opera.[1]


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