Henry Loaiza-Ceballos

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Henry Loaiza-Ceballos
Shipment of cocaine bricks confiscated by the DEA. The logo is pressumably a symbol of Loaiza-Ceballos.

Henry Loaiza-Ceballos aka El Alacran (The Scorpion) is a former Colombian drug dealer part of the Cali Cartel. Loaiza was in charge mainly of the military apparatus of the organization, but was also involved in the shipment of drugs. He surrendered to Colombian authorities on June 19, 1995.[1]

On August 4, 2006 a higher tribunal of Ibagué attempted to free Loaiza after serving 11 of the 18 years sentence to prison for the conformation of illegal paramilitary groups in Valle del Cauca and Tolima Departments. The National Penitentiary and Prison Institute, (INPEC) asked the Attorney General's office and the DAS Security Service if Loaiza had any other judicial processes against him.[2]

A local attorney pertaining to the Life and Personal Integrity Unit in Ibagué ordered a warrant once again against Loaiza for homicide, production, traffic and possession of illegal weapons and munition. He was accused of participating in the murder of former Colombian Army captain Ignasio Luis Arteaga on April 28, 2004 in Ibagué. Captain Arteaga was Security Chief of a local company called Cooperative SERVIARROZ. Loaiza is currently serving his sentence in a prison in central Colombia located in the town of Cómbita, Boyacá.[3]

On December 19, 2006 Loaiza was again accused by Colombian authorities of being responsible for the homicide of more than 100 persons, after pressumably co-authoring the Massacre of Trujillo in the southern town of Trujillo, Valle del Cauca Department in order to benefit the Cali cartel and his shipments of drugs. Most of the bodies were thrown into the waters of the Cauca River.[4]