Her Bright Skies

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Her Bright Skies
Origin Jönköping, Sweden
Genres Post-hardcore,[citation needed] pop punk[citation needed] Emo
Years active 2005–2016
Labels Burning Heart
Website www.herbrightskies.com
Members Matthew Kjellberg
Niclas Sjöstedt
Petter Nilsson
Past members Albin Blomqvist
Jonas Gudmundsson
Joakim Karlsson

Her Bright Skies is a Swedish post-hardcore band based in Jönköping.


HBS consists of Johan "Jaybee" Brolin (vocals), Niclas "Nikki" Sjostedt (guitar), Petter "Pete" Nilsson (guitar, vocals), Jonas Guddmunson (drums), and Joakim "Jolly" Karlsson (bass guitar, vocals). The first CD was released in 2007 and is called Beside Quiet Waters. The EP was produced on their own.

Just one year later their debut full-length album called A Sacrament; Ill City followed. The album was produced at District 19 Records. Their second full-length CD is called Causing a Scene and was produced at Swedish Independent record label Panic & Action. Causing a Scene was released in 2010. The same year HBS played at Pier Pressure Festival together with Thirty Seconds to Mars, HIM, Pendulum and Paramore. The Used cancelled their gig at Pier Pressure.[1] The band shared stage with Swedish Metalcore band and label mates Adept through Germany and with Bring Me the Horizon through Scandinavia.[2][3]

HBS co-headlined Panic & Action Tour with Kid Down through Sweden. The band played concerts in Germany, Norway, Austria and the Netherlands.[3][4]

In June 2011 HBS shared stage at Siesta Festivalen together with Asking Alexandria, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, August Burns Red, Adept, Bullet and many other bands.[5]

They recently finished their second tour around the United States, and released their third album "Rivals."



  • 2006: Her Bright Skies[6]
  • 2007: Beside Quiet Waters
  • 2012: DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Panic & Action, half acoustic EP)
  • 2015: Prodigal Son [7]


  • 2008: A Sacrament; Ill City (District 19)
  • 2010: Causing A Scene (Panic & Action)
  • 2012: Rivals (Panic & Action)


  • 2010: Little Miss Obvious (Panic & Action)
  • 2011: Ghosts Of the Attic (Panic & Action)
  • 2012: Lovekills (Panic & Action)
  • 2014: Bonnie & Clyde (Panic & Action)

Music videos[edit]

  • 2006: Synapse Year
  • 2008: Burn All the Small Towns
  • 2010: Sing It!
  • 2010: Little Miss Obvious
  • 2011: Ghosts of the Attic
  • 2012: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
  • 2012: Lovekills
  • 2013: Rivals
  • 2014: Bonnie & Clyde (The Revolution)
  • 2014: Hurt (NIN cover)


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