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Heraclides, Heracleides or Herakleides (Greek: Ἡρακλείδης) in origin was any individual of the legendary clan of the Heracleidae, the mythological patronymic applying to persons descended from Hercules. As they were of the legendary tribe of the Dorians, the name in the classical age could mean anyone of Dorian background. The Dorians had their own group of dialects, which may or may not have been spoken by given individuals. Usage of the name was concentrated at Syracuse, a Dorian colony, Tarentum, a Spartan colony, and central Greece, legendary ancestral homeland of the Dorians, but they colonized the islands, Crete, and Anatolia as well. As a personal name, Heraclides may refer to:

Political or military leaders and related[edit]

At Syracuse[edit]

Several political leaders from ancient Syracuse, Sicily




Fine arts[edit]


Several ancient physicians were named Heraclides:

Other uses[edit]

  • Heraclides, a grouping of swallowtail butterflies within the genus Papilio