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Herbert Lytle (9 July 1874 Malone, New York – 7 March 1932 Warsaw, Indiana) was an American racecar driver. He was injured in a crash when he struck a tree on the road approaching West Mattituck.[1]

Herbert Hartland Lytle (age 58) died on 4 March 1932.[2] His wife Josephine Della J Leer Lytle (age 36) died on 5 March 1932.[3] They both died of pneumonia. A dual funeral service was conducted on 7 March 1932.[4] He was previously married to Gertrude Fannie Harbord Lytle who predeceased him on 23 May 1926 Warsaw, Indiana[5]

Lytle began racing automobiles circa 1900, and first teamed-up with James Bates, who became his riding mechanic. He competed in multiple racing venues and won a 50-mile race at the Atlanta Motordorome, which was a 2-mile dirt race course.[6][7]

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