Herdsman Lake

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Herdsman Lake
Herdsman lake gnangarra.jpg
looking across dredged section towards Perth
Location Western Australia
Coordinates 31°55′12″S 115°48′25″E / 31.92000°S 115.80694°E / -31.92000; 115.80694Coordinates: 31°55′12″S 115°48′25″E / 31.92000°S 115.80694°E / -31.92000; 115.80694
Basin countries Australia
Max. length 2.5 km
Max. width 2 km
Surface area 3 km²

Herdsman Lake (also known as Herdsmans Lake) is a groundwater lake located 6 km north-west of Perth, Western Australia, in the suburb of Herdsman.

The lake is encompassed by Herdsman Lake Regional Park. It measures 2.5 km from north to south, and 2 km from east to west, totaling over 3 km² (300 hectares).[1] The perimeter of lake is dredged to provide permanent open water, 15% of the area,[1] during the dry summer months. The lake is a wildlife sanctuary, with birdwatching a popular activity.

The Herdsman Main Drain (HMD) is a 4 km x 1000mm underground pipe drain carrying excess water from the lake to its outflow at City Beach.[2][3]


Attractions within the park include the Olive Seymour Boardwalk, Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre and Settler's Cottage. It also contains a statue created by Pietro Porcelli, which formerly sat atop the now demolished AMP Chambers building, which was rescued and placed on one of the islands. Walking, cycling, picnicking, bird watching and wildflower spotting are popular activities in the park. Disabled access is provided.


Black Swan in flight Herdsman Lake
  • Almost 80% of the lake is covered with Typha rush (Typha orientalis), an introduced weed.
  • In summer, most of the lake is dry.
  • 15% of the lake is permanent deep water.
  • In the 1830s, the lake was a possible water supply for Perth.
  • In 1936, the lake was almost used as an alternative airport.
  • Herdsman Lake was declared a regional park in 1999.[4]

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